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Architects of the Realms of Valhalla Discussion and presentation of the maps approved by the ARV.

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Old May 5th, 2017, 10:47 PM
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Sir Heroscape is hot lava death! Sir Heroscape is hot lava death! Sir Heroscape is hot lava death! Sir Heroscape is hot lava death! Sir Heroscape is hot lava death! Sir Heroscape is hot lava death! Sir Heroscape is hot lava death! Sir Heroscape is hot lava death! Sir Heroscape is hot lava death! Sir Heroscape is hot lava death! Sir Heroscape is hot lava death! Sir Heroscape is hot lava death! Sir Heroscape is hot lava death! Sir Heroscape is hot lava death!
NEW CONTEST - Marvel Scrolls


All right everyone, COVID threw things into whack, but we're back!! This time, with a fun twist. We’re calling on all map builders to come up with competitive, tournament worthy maps and to submit them here for scoring. In the end, 10 maps will be chosen as the best and of the 10, #1 will be given a very high quality prize. And believe me, you don't wanna miss out on this! We've designed and prepared custom ARV DICE for the winner! Here are the 2 options the winner will be able to choose from. The set will be a full set of 12, 6-sided dice.

Option #1:

Option #2:

Why are we doing this?
It's time to have another contest and keep the excitement going with new and fun maps. Specifically we want this contest to challenge map makers to be lean and deliberate with every terrain piece. Requiring one of your expansions to be a Marvel set can be quite difficult at times when trying to make a balanced map for tournament play, and we don't see the Marvel set used too often. Now, we will!

Submissions Accepted Starting...
October 4th, 2021
Submissions will be due...
November 1st, 2021 @11:59pm MST

  1. This map contest will have a few changes from our normal guidelines in the OP:
    • Map submissions MUST use the Marvel set (either as an expansion, master set or the extra one). Your submission can contain 1 EXTRA Marvel set.
      ex. BftU (MS), RttFF (Exp), Marvel (Exp), Marvel (Extra)
    • Submissions can be previous maps you've built
    • Maps MUST have a backstory as you submit the map. Help us envision being there, and the story behind it. It can be as simple as a couple sentences or much longer, but we want to see more than just the map itself.
    • Remember to keep map design focused on the theme. This theme is fairly vague because we'd like to see some unique creativity with this one.
Classification of Heroscape sets:
Spoiler Alert!


ALL maps submitted will be revised and scored according to the following Rubric:
  • Aesthetics/Creativity(originality of build/looks good): 10pts
  • Balanced (doesn't favor one build over another): 20pts
    Maps should not heavily favor any one special ability to the point that it makes the map non-competitive if an army does not contain that ability (i.e. range, flying, etc.)
  • Fits Theme & Good name: 10pts

    Total: 40pts

*The sitting judges scoring the maps:
@Sir Heroscape @heroscaper2010
@TREX (Emeritus)
@Tiranx (Emeritus)
@BiggaBullfrog (Emeritus)

*Each map will have a rubric filled out, one from each judge. All the scores will then be averaged for one final score for that map.

*At the end of the deadline, the top 10 maps will be chosen and posted. A PUBLIC POLL will then be opened for the community to vote on the best map out of the top 10. The map winner will be posted after a week long poll and the prize awarded.

Map Building Tips for Competitive Design (from the judges)
1. avoid putting Power Glyphs on height (exceptions may be made depending on the build)
2. Double-spaced figures must be able to access all glyphs
3. Glyphs should not be able to be reached turn 1 by 5 or 6 move figures
4. avoid too much elevation close to the start zone (exceptions may be made depending on the build)

Map Building Checklist: For Competitive Balance
Take into consideration:
  1. Does Raelin break this map?
    Look for spots she can fly to on turn 1. Can she get onto a single-hex height position? Can she get next to a jungle bush? Can she protect a glyph holder, or two glyph holders for that matter? Can she remain on height on an easily defendable position? These are types of things you want to look for
  2. Does a Dragon build break this map?
    Can a Dragon fly and turn 1 attack the opponents startzone? Not always unbalanced, but can be if the position is easily defendable or on height. You also have to consider how dragons fly and shoot. Could a dragon fly from perch to perch and remain unengaged while shooting an opponent?
  3. Do rats break this map?
    Look for choke points. Are there any areas where 1 or 2 rats could block an oncoming army and virtually lock the board down without much of a contest? Are the glyphs too easily obtained/defended by rats?
  4. Is it impossible to place the hive in the start zone?
  5. Is it too easy for pods to set up?
    There are many competitive builds that are played by finding a position and simply holding it while the opponent advances to attack. Consider finding areas where an army could easily set up their pod without being contested by an opponent, or where a position is too easily defendable from height.
  6. Is it too easy to defend/control glyphs?
    Generally speaking, you'll want at least 2-3 positions where an opponent can attack a glyph holder and even better if from height. Glyphs should be in a spot relatively equidistant from each startzone and in a fairly weak position. Glyph holders should be at a disadvantage.
  7. Is there elevation in the start zone?
  8. Can move 5 or 6 figures reach glyphs on turn 1?
  9. Are there too many choke points?
    Basically what was stated on the rats question. Look for too many narrow areas where map flow could get clogged down and hinder an army's ability to move and develop.
  10. Are you unable to develop armies quickly?
    This is harder to describe...but basically maps should allow your army to reach midmap at least by turn 3. Maps that hinder movement so much that fighting doesn't happen till Round 2 will make games slow and arduous. Develop maps that figures can move through without too much restriction. Too many elevation changes can cause problems with development.

If you can answer yes to 2 or more of these questions, you’ll likely want to revise your map. For more details on the above list, refer to Biggabullfrog's recent article on 10 Tips for Map Building
ARV custom dice set (pick 1 option)!
Spoiler Alert!

Known Mapmakers
@TheSparkleInYourWater @Cleon @Skylord163 @TheEpicAlpaca @capsocrates @Tornado @Dad_Scaper @Colorcrayons @Dignan @All Your Pie @Annerios @arp12 @Bengi @BiggaBullfrog @Blodshogams @Browncoat @Buddy Lee @Cavalier @cavie @dok @Eclipse @Elstree @nyys @Fedex worker @Filthy the Clown @GaryLASQ @GeneralRolando @Hahma @Nadi @Hex_Enduction_Hour @hivelord @j-Bird @Jexik @killercactus @Killometer @kolakoski @kriegskeks @Lamaclown @legoboy @lonewolf @mad_wookiee @master4sword @MegaSilver @Mooseman @NecroBlade @Obsidian @ollie @pauldragon @peteparkerh @quozl @rednax @Retlaw @robbdaman @Robber @Rˇchean @rym @Ryougabot @'Scaper94 @Shades fan @Sherman Davies @skyknight @Scapemage @srmalloy @stubobj @SuperflyTNT @Swamper @Taelord @tannergx @The CEE @tom @twilkerson @Typhon2222 @Viegon @Warlord Alpha @Wind Lane @Yodaking @zanter
@A3n @vvildeyedjoker @heroscaper2010 @Herofly @Dr.Goomonkey @Leaf_It @rednax @TheTravelingScaper @GaryLASQ @Flash_19 @antmarchingroves @majofa

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