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Old April 7th, 2021, 10:48 AM
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Savanna Elves Comparison

Abua Shi has moved toward using Boost tokens instead of simple 'spend magic/use event and get X until end of turn'.

Abua Shi: Old: 5 life, 3 atk, ranged. Chant of Growth to give up his attack and raise an ally's attack by one.
New: 10 life, 5 atk, ranged. Spirit Bond: Also an ally-buffing unit, but it adds one boost token to an ally within 3 spaces, along with any other tokens on Abua.

Thematically, both buff allies, but new Abua Shi needs to be in the middle of the fight.

Miti Mumway: Old: 8 cost, 8 life, 3 atk, Melee, Trample
New: 8 cost, 11 life, 1 atk, Melee Trample. Ooh, I'm not a fan of the face on this card. I prefer my Miti just looking abstract and weird. New Miti is reliant on boost tokens to actually do damage. Trample remains unchanged.

Miti Kyru:
Old: 7 cost, 6 life, 3 atk, melee. Mount Up, such that your summoner can 'ride' him.
New Unit. 5 cost, 7 life, 4 atk, melee. Boosts adjacent allies after moving, and can retreat 1-2 spaces by spending a boost or magic.
Not bad at first glance.
Completely different appearance (I far prefer the old giant white cat to Aslan here), and completely different ability. Kyru used to escort the summoner. Now he runs away.

Makeinda Ru: Old: 6 cost, 5 life, 2 atk. ranged Power Shot (if she didn't move, +2 atk)
New: 5 cost, 9 life, 2 atk, ranged. Prepare/Swift Shot. Like the Border Archer, the new Ru is a combintion of old Ru and and Shikwa. Tricky.

Rhinoceros: Old: 3 cost, 3 life, 2 atk, melee. Tough (only takes hits from 4+)
New: 2 cost, 5 life, 2 atk, melee. Extra movement for boosts and Trample.
Another completely reworked common. Not a lot of overlap here, except both are rather bulky.

Lioness: Old: 1 cost, 1 life, 2 atk, melee. Hunting Pride means Lionesses don't cont against your move limit, but they move after everyone else.
New: 2 cost, 2 life, 3 atk, melee. After attacking, Lioness gets boosted, and has +1 life per boost token.
These are completely different, with basically no overlap.

Border Archer: 2 cost, 4 life, 2 atk, ranged.
In contrast to Shikwa's original 'Swift Shot', the Border archer's ability is reliant on a boost token (which they can earn by spending a move and not moving).
Kind of a cross between Makeinda Ru's power shot negative and Shikwa's positive.

Spirit Mage: 1 cost, 2 life, 3 atk, ranged. Summoned with a boost token already on it. It can pass boosts along to other units, or generate more. Also solid attack for a 1-cost. No analogy to any old unit. He's just here to get more boost counters on the table and offer some cheap firepower.

Chant of Power: (cost 1) Seems like a card version of original Abua's ability. It costs one magic and affects a unit within 3 spaces of Abua. Since Abua can also use Spirt Bond to add 1 boost, it is effectively a minimum +1 atk to an ally, but has the potential for +5.

Chant of Growth: Abua doesn't know what's going on. This just AOE boosts a few friendly units. Quite different fro the original summoner ability.

Chant of Weaving (cost 0): No analogy in OG Abua Shi's deck. You can build up boosts on a unit pretty quick with this, and get allies on the opponent's side. Perhaps an alternative to Chant of Haste and Chant of Deception. Haste got units moving quicker, and Deception allowed for hot swapping.

Chant of Entangling: 0 cost. 2 Friendly commons near Abua Shi share abilities. Tricky. Clearly designed for stacking boost token abilities, it is fundamentally the opposite of Abua's original Chant of Negation. That eliminated foe's abilities, while this increases your own.

Overall: Abua's deck has a completely different feel from before. The whole deck is hyper-focused on the boost token mechanic, and only Miti Mumway and Makeinda come through relatively unchanged.

Nukatha is Acolarh...
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