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FFC #74 - The plan

Posted June 16th, 2021 at 10:36 PM by The Grim Reaper's Friend
TGRF's Fan Fiction Chronicles - Entry #74

Writing is a field of unknowns. Take this entry. This could be my last entry for a good while, or I could be back in two weeks. I have no idea which.

Why could it be my last entry for a long time? Because I finally did what I've been saying I need to do off and on for a while now. I got a job. We'll see if this magically sparks my writing powers - so far they are sapped more than they have ever been.

However, getting a job isn't why I wanted to write this FFC. Throughout the later half of my writing years, I've posted various 'roadmaps to novels'. As a whole, they've been fairly inaccurate. But, because repeated evidence clearly has no effect on me, I'm going to post another one.

As I've said elsewhere, I've been nailing down the remaining issues my writing consistently has. I've noted everything I can find, and for the most part I know how to deal with all of them. It just remains to put my theories into practice.

I've also investigated a field I had previously ignored: publishing, and locating an agent. Because I do intend to go the traditional publisher route.

All of this has led me to a revised roadmap. As a new author trying to sell yourself to an agent, it's great if you have a sample of writing you can point to as a showcase of your ability. Despite the fact that I have written quite a bit, the bulk of my more recent works are - in my eyes at least - not up to scratch. So that's definitely something I want to rectify: I want a story, preferably at least two, which are devoid of any major flaws, and which I can be proud of.

Further, I obviously need to make sure my theories on dealing with the lingering writing issues I have discovered hold up. So those stories need to test those theories thoroughly.

Finally, I'd like to have a series, even if it's only a small one. This is because some of the theories I have pertain to series, and I will likely be pitching a series to an agent, so it's a good idea if they can see I can follow through on one.

So that leaves me with a series (three or more shorter stories), and maybe one or two single stories, time and inspiration allowing.

By my (notoriously inaccurate) calculations, I could write those up in 1-2 years, max. That's assuming that I don't have any month-long dry-spells, and can maintain interest throughout. Which is entirely possible. Once those things are written, I would then feel comfortable starting work on my first novel.

The obvious question then is: when do I start? And that's what I don't know. I got a job largely because my current situation was not letting me write. I needed to change something, and getting a job was something I needed to do for other reasons. As I said above, this has caused my writing inspiration to dry up to the point of being nonexistent, but that could change. It could also remain as it is, in which case I will need to further examine what I can do to respark it.

However, once I do get my writing ability back for good, I'm going to start the clock on that 1-2 year period. Once that happens, we'll see where the writing takes us.

Until then, keep writing, keep reading, and I'll rejoin you eventually.

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