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Writing Update #4 - February

Posted February 26th, 2024 at 02:29 PM by TGRF
TGRF's Writing Updates - February

February is nearing it's end, so that means it's time for another writing update. I know, your month is now complete.

Fan Fiction
February started off with an actual idea for a possible fan fiction, namely a sequel to Dawn of Darkness. It's a good idea, with quite a bit of potential. It has some issues which I could likely fix pretty easily, but doing so - and working on it in general - would require me to take time away from working on my novels.

There could of course come a time when I need some time away from my novels, and at that point, a diversion into a DoD sequel might be just what is required. At the moment however, I am not working on the story. I've written down the premise and important details, and will keep it for if I return to fan fiction.

I will say that it would likely feature an adult Taelord, several years into the war, after all the units we know and love have been summoned. I'm curious if readers of DoD would prefer such a setting, or if you would rather pick up where we left off, with the war just getting off its feet and familiar units coming through the Wellsprings. Let me know.

Novel work has continued to progress. Much of this month was spent hammering out the stakes for the trilogy, which - after much head-banging - I feel finally work.

I've only just begun work on characters. Once the main character is in place, I want to turn my attention to the important side characters, and get them sorted out. At that point, between everyone's arcs, I should have the basis for a good-sized plot. I should then be able to begin outlining for real, which is my equivalent of writing the first draft.

I would still put the finish date for writing the first novel at the end of this year.

The Future
Training in the dental field has progressed, and I'm anticipating graduating in mid-March and getting a job in an office. It should be a good change of pace, which will hopefully help me to keep my writing batteries recharged when I'm not working.

We'll see where things are in another month.

Until then, keep writing.

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TheAverageFan's Avatar
A DoD sequel still sounds interesting, though I'd prefer a story set years down the line rather than where we left off (for reasons you yourself suggested as to why we didn't see Utgar's progression to summoning at the end of the last story). Of course, the whole point of these prequels—or so I've always assumed—was to show Utgar's story before he went bad. Where then would a third entry with Taelord years down the line when that's already occurred lead?

Posted February 28th, 2024 at 12:12 PM by TheAverageFan TheAverageFan is offline
TGRF's Avatar

Well the point of the first story was definitely to show Utgar before he went bad, while hinting at how it happened. DoD was always constructed with Utgar in mind as the character the story was 'about', showing further how he finally started summoning and how the war happened. But I also tried to show how 'bad' is often a point of view in war, and that Utgar might not be any more villainous than Jandar.

However, DoD obviously had Taelord be the main character, and this sequel would likely not concern Utgar at all, and rather focus entirely on Taelord and his struggles.

I suppose when you look at the series as a whole, there's a definite shift of focus (assuming you include this proposed third installment). Which probably isn't the best for a series. I've always seen these stories as more of a recounting of the war in general, from multiple points of view, rather than Utgar's personal tale.

Posted February 29th, 2024 at 02:57 PM by TGRF TGRF is offline
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