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C3G Interview - February 2018

Posted March 1st, 2018 at 02:19 PM by HS Codex

C3G Interview
Author: Tornado

This time around I thought it might be fun to get a new perspective and finally present some new material for the year. Sometimes you can get too close to a project and you need a fresh pair of eyes. It is my honor to present my first fan interview for C3G.

What led you to playing Heroscape and C3G?

I think I must have first heard of Heroscape from one of Tom Vasel’s Dice Tower videos, and eventually I grabbed three of the master sets (RotV, SotM, Marvel) off of eBay. The big draws for me were the easy rules, the wide variety of options for army building, and the tactical element of jockeying for height advantage.

The first play was a bit of a flop; my wife (my main gaming partner) in particular didn’t seem too enamored with the kitchen sink nature of the Heroscape universe. She usually loves geeky stuff, but it kinda has to be her kind of geeky stuff. I consigned Heroscape to the shelf, and told myself when the kids were older, they’d probably like to play, and maybe at that point I’d add to the collection.

Still, the game stayed in the back of my mind. Tom Vasel had mentioned custom figures, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to look into them. Clicking through the heroscapers forum, eventually I stumbled upon C3G. Holy salvation, Batman! Not only have I been a fan of these characters since I was a kid, my wife is a big fan of the MCU, particularly Guardians of the Galaxy, so this seemed ideal.

Well to cut a long story short, our first C3G game went a lot better than our first vanilla ’scape game—in fact her Guardians of the Galaxy team beat my Ronan the Accuser team. In later games, She-Hulk has risen as one of her favorite figures to field, and a consistent thorn in my side.

Marvel or DC or Indy?

Throughout my life, Marvel has taken up the most time and space, easily, but these days you’re more likely to catch me reading a modern self-contained indie comic like Rat Queens. (What can I say? “Event fatigue” is real.)

I have nothing against DC as a whole, in fact Justice League: The Animated Series is probably one of my top three favorite animated cartoon series, but on the comics front, Marvel has had the recent advantage of Marvel Unlimited being a great way for me to read a ton of comics from all kinds of periods without breaking the bank.

Is there a battle that stands out among the rest? Perhaps snatching victory from the jaws of defeat?

I think I tend to remember my defeats more, I like to tell myself it’s so I can learn from them. And no, it’s not because I always lose, I’m about 50-50.

But to actually answer the question, that first battle is still one of my most memorable, in the end it was down to my wife’s Gamora and my Iron Man MK II. You can probably guess which way that went (R.I.P. Iron Man), but ol’ Tony put up a valiant fight, and managed to take a few order markers off of Gamora with the Monobeam along the way.

Are there any army builds you are looking forward to trying out?

I’m a sucker for bonding abilities, so anything that involves that is going to appeal to me. I have yet to try out a mutant build around Professor X ... so many options there. Aside from that, I really want to try out an insane build including one of the versions of Joker alongside his goons. If nothing else just to have an excuse to obnoxiously quote Heath Ledger’s Joker at every opportunity.

Is there anything you would like to see created for C3G?

Oh man, how much time do we have? I think I’ll have to arbitrarily limit myself to a top 10.
  1. Squirrel Girl—She’s a favorite for both my wife and myself, thanks to North and Henderson’s awesomely fun current run.
  2. Gwenpool—Criminally underrated character, now cancelled. Sigh.
  3. Frankencastle—Seriously awesome.
  4. Rogue (II)—Carey’s X-men run with art by Bachalo propelled Rogue to being one of my favorite mutants. Rogue in the role of a team leader = awesomeness.
  5. Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force team, somehow? All the most important characters are already represented; I’d just love to see some kind of synergy for that team lineup.
  6. All of the Young Avengers, but especially Kate Bishop, Wiccan, and Stature.
  7. Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan).
  8. Monet St. Croix.
  9. Sentry.
  10. The U-Men from Morrison’s New X-Men.

What are some of your favorite movies?

That’s a tough one to answer, at least without rambling endlessly about fifty different movies.

I hold a love undying for the old comedies that are just absolutely saturated with jokes, such as Airplane!, Naked Gun, Hot Shots etc, but I also love basically any of Jim Carrey’s comedic works.

I love a good western (spaghetti or otherwise), among my favorites are Tombstone and the “Dollars” Trilogy (Fistful of Dollars, etc.), as well as your standard action movies, Die Hard, Boondock Saints, anything with Arnold. Also pretty fond of war movies, WWII in particular, such Enemy at the Gates. When it comes to sci-fi, I prefer them action-y: Aliens, Equilibrium, etc. Also fond of Star Wars.

For superhero movies, Captain America: Civil War ticked the right boxes for me, but I’m also very fond of X-men and X2.

Do you have a favorite place where you have travelled or is there somewhere you would like to visit someday?

I’m not that well travelled: I like the comforts of home, and familiar surroundings. I’d like to visit Japan or South Korea some day.

Is there anything you would change about C3G?

I’d put a “For purposes of determining height advantage only, this is considered to have a height of 0” on the card of the manhole cover destructible object. But in general, I don’t have any major complaints.
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HS Codex's Avatar
One day late, hence the 'February' in the title. Be sure to comment and let us know what you think of Tornado's first interview with someone outside of C3G!
Posted March 1st, 2018 at 02:21 PM by HS Codex HS Codex is offline
Ronin's Avatar
Cool to hear the perspective, Qualizium. I also got into Marvel in a big way via Marvel Unlimited.

You can count on me to get Gwenpool on your table just as soon as I can - just waiting on WizKids to come through with a mini.

Where does your username come from? Did you by any chance name yourself after the famous qualizium in Rome?
Posted March 5th, 2018 at 11:59 PM by Ronin Ronin is online now
Qualizium's Avatar
Ronin, awesome to hear, I'll keep my fingers crossed for WizKids putting out a mini.

As for the username, one of my old internet friends came up with it when he was sending me a Gmail invite (this was back when Gmail was still a new thing) and it sort of stuck.
Posted March 7th, 2018 at 10:03 AM by Qualizium Qualizium is offline
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