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C3G Interview - January 2018

Posted January 28th, 2018 at 08:04 PM by HS Codex

C3G Interview
Good Pig
Author: LordEsenwienIV

Here is another classic interview, this time with Good Pig. This interview originally aired January 24, 2011.

As a C3G Sidekick, do you have some words of advice for the allies?

Sure. Just try to find your niche within the C3G community and be willing and able to help out wherever you are needed. Iím still a pretty new member to C3G myself, and Iím looking to grow my skills in design and would love to possibly get into map making if I had the time.

How did you get chosen to be a sidekick?

I canít say for sure; the heroes decided on that in secret. Iíve been trying to make use of my graphic design talents within the Art Department and Iím sure that has played a hand in my fast promotion.

Do you have a favorite unit? Why is he/she your favorite?

Itís hard to say since I havenít had a chance to use, like, half of the C3G units yet. One unit that Iíve grown to really love is Magneto (thus the avatar). I had a rough couple of games with him early on, but once I learned how to balance out his regular attack vs. using his Throw Iíve been able to do some serious damage with the master of magnetism in my games. The runner up would be Blob. He always will get his points worth.

If you could change one thing about C3G, what would it be?

Probably the three play testers and only the first two getting points rule. I donít like it, but I can see why it was enacted. Thatís life I guess.

Any C3G member you would love to play against?

Iím cheating and picking two, Griffin and CharosInCharge. Based on their posts, they both seem pretty formidable in the strategy department. Iíd consider myself an average to above average Heroscape player when it comes to being competitive. However, I love a good challenge even if there is no chance Iíd be able to win.

Favorite aspect of C3G?

It has made Heroscape gaming nights a blast for myself and countless others. C3G has carried the torch of the failed Marvel product and done a better job with it than Hasbro would have in my opinion (blasphemy I know). Letís face it though: most of the Marvel set figures are just okay. When I think about which superheroes get me excited to play the game, itís the C3G ones. When there is even the slightest mention of Iron Man being redesigned Iím salivating to see what is in store. This is a credit to the heroes and all the playtesters who have helped make the project what is today.

As both a C3G designer and a C3V designer, which do you prefer? C3G or C3V?

Well Iím a C3G designer in that Iíve got a few potential designs in the wings. Iíve actually yet to have the privilege of being a Lead Designer on anything yet. Iím very excited for this opportunity though. In the last few months I feel like Iíve learned a lot by being involved with some very smart people that participate in C3G, C3V or both. Right now C3V is in its infancy stage and has its own challenges, but Iím confident that youíll be able to see some of the great work weíve been doing there very soon. Wow ... I didnít really answer the question, did I?

Who do you like more? the ďgood guysĒ or the ďbad guysĒ?

Bad guys! Iíve always gravitated towards the evil spectrum of the scale. I was the only one to make my Santa custom for the C3G contest an Utgar evil brute who terrorizes adults and children alike.

What do you like most about being on the art team?

I like being able to create cards for iconic figures that Iíve always loved. Hopefully youíll get to see one of them soon. Also, graphic design is what I do for a career, so it comes pretty natural to me, as Iíve been using Photoshop for years.
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