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Re: Western NY Heroscape Club April Meet Up

Thanks again for building maps and bringing figures Sir D! Summary of my games below. In case anyone is confused by my report - we had a special rule today:

Complimentary Dund - The first player eliminated is given Dund in the proceeding round, placing him on any empty space in between rounds.

Game 1: 4 player FFA on a map with a huge bridge/road running through middle

Phil: Marro Warriors, MBS, Venoc Vipers x5
ML: Krav Maga, Mimring, Tarn Viking Warriors
Me: Finn the Viking Champ, Thorgrim the Viking Champ, Krug
Lady D: Charos, Arrow Gruts x2

My plan was to make Krug even bigger and angrier than he normally is with the two viking spirits, if you couldn't tell by my army. The game started off with Venocs, Arrow Gruts, Finn + Thorgrim, and Tarns + KMA rushing onto some high ground near the middle of the map.

After losing a bunch of Venocs to ranged units, Phil brought MBS up to poke KMA (all 3 of them died on their first defense rolls due to blank outs, not one successful dodge.) I walked my Thorgrim into the middle of everything and tried to get anybody to shoot him, but everyone wanted MBS + Marro Warriors dead ASAP, I went as far as charging him in between the arrow gruts and the venocs/MW (where he sat idle for a good 2-3 rounds...)

I soon walked Finn into the middle of the map, trying to get him killed, too. ML brought his tarns over for a fight, traded blows with Finn while Venocs and Gruts were still fighting. Charos and Mimring started moving out, Charos clearly heading over to my sleeping Krug. I freely disengaged Finn from 3 Tarns to take some shots at Mimring. Mimring swings back at Finn, but later disengages and lands next to his Tarns, uses fire line SA, and toasts a Tarn and two Marro Warriors.

At a later point, I left my viking champs idle and dumped all OMs on Krug, when Lady D’s Charos was getting close. I planted Krug on high ground and forced Charos to attack from low. While those two giants fought, Mimring was flying around and roasting the Marro Warriors that were respawning SO MUCH! After about a round or two, Charos takes down Krug and remains with 1 life, then he kills Finn (who goes on Thorgrim,) while Mimring falls to MW and Venoc attacks.

ML has one tarn left, Lady D has a 1 life Charos left, I have a 3 life Thorgrim left, and Phil has 3-4 Venocs and the MW still alive. We all turn on Phil with the intent to kill MW, cutting his vipers down to 2 snakes, and at various points getting his MW down to 1 troop. Phil kills the last Tarn, and enables ML to summon Dund onto the field. Dund is summoned directly next to Thorgrim and the last 2 MW. The MW die when Phil gets terrible initiative, and I use buffed Thorgrim to kill Charos and cut 3 wounds into Dund.

Final round of the game sees a 1 life Thorgrim, 1 life Dund, and 2 Venocs. Dund kills my Thorgrim, and I put his spirit on Dund, since I just had to get him used somehow. After some jostling for position, we force the two Venocs (26.6 points) to move in and attack Dund's defensive high ground position (27.5 points.) Rolling 7 defense, Dund survives their attacks even on an init switch that earned Phil 2 unanswered OMs of attacks in a row! ML wins the game with 1 life Dund.

All in all, no crippling gazes rolled, and only one frenzy came out of the venocs. The real stars of the show were the MW and their cloning and defensive rolls. I think we killed something around 12 Marro Warriors by the end of the game.

Here's the only other picture I took all day (picture of Sir D's 5 player FFA game while we played ours)

Game 2: 2v2 teams on a map resembling Highways and Dieways (that map in the pic above, anyway.)

ML: Raelin + Charos
Me: Omnicron Snipers x3


CJ: 4th Mass x4
Salty: NGS, Kelda, Anubian Wolves, Roman Archers

Preface - We did a big draft between all of the players, and then paired everyone up based on perceived army strength. We agreed that CJ had the strongest army, while Salty had the weakest, so they were a team. ML and myself fell somewhere in the middle, so we were paired up. We figured we could have Charos tank anything that tried to get the snipers, but realized NGS could be a problem.

Within the first round, Salty moves NGS out first, but NGS is promptly sniped for a few wounds and then finished off with a 5/5 skulls roll from Charos, while CJ slowly set all of his mass up on the edges of his start zone. Next round, Salty loses all of his Roman Archers and his wolves to my snipers, while ML just moves his Charos and Rae amidst the horde of snipers.

Salty eventually throws Kelda straight into the snipers on high ground, and she gets shot to death shortly after. With Salty off of the board (until beginning of next round where he summons Dund,) we push hard to work on the 4th mass horde, Charos up in front. At the end of the round, it's something like 6 life left on Charos, 4 life left on Rae, and 6 snipers vs ~8 blue coats and the incoming Dund. It was a slow and painful death for the 4th mass being out ranged by the snipers...

Except for Dund. Salty summoned Dund right next to my snipers, won initiative, and rolls an 18 for Cripple Gaze, and I get 0 turns for the round. Now, he's rampaging through my few snipers because Charos is engaged with 3 bluecoats near CJ's start zone. Over the course of the round, Charos takes 5 wounds (blanked out on 8 defense dice 2 times!) and I lose 2 snipers, all in trade for Charos killing 2 bluecoats.

Ok, so the game is getting hairy, it's definitely anyone's game still, new round. Until Salty wins init and rolls a 19 for Cripple Gaze on me, and I lose all of my turns AGAIN! Charos dies to bluecoat WTF, ML loses his OMs 1 + 2, and then Dund kills Rae, and ML loses OM 3. Next round, it's 2 snipers vs healthy Dund and 5-6 bluecoats. Not much else to be said about this game, I end up getting 1 wound on Dund before bluecoats and Dund use roads to get in range and kill my snipers.

Was really unfortunate that Dund put an end to an otherwise pretty good plan. After the game, ML and I both agreed that we should have destroyed Salty's army and then podded up, so we could gang up on and kill Dund as soon as Salty brought it in on the following round.

It was fun to play with some of the older units, I haven't used the snipers in a while, I was impressed with how well they did. Dund can burn in Valhalla's equivalent of Hades.

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