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Re: Sunday Scape Game 2 vs Salty!

After we had finished our first game, we were thinking about swapping opponents and maps, but we decided to keep the same opponents. So Salty and I went to the table where Andy and Jay were just playing, and Andy and Jay went over to the triangular map.

I was already getting lazy with my game tracking at this point, plus I was eating pizza and drinking cream soda, so general summary is what you guys get! Anyway, if anyone missed the other post, these were the armies at the table for this map:

Army 1: Knights x3, Sir Gilbert, Eldgrim, Nilfheim, 4th Mass. x2
---670 points, 24 spaces
Army 2: Armoc Vipers x3, Venoc Warlord, Aubrien Archers x3, Hydra, Kyntela
---665 points, 22 spaces
Army 3: Axegrinders x3, Darrak, Mogrimm, VC's Mok, Black Wyrm x3
---690 points, 21 spaces
Army 4: Zombies x5, VC's Zombie Hulk x3, Cyprien, Sonya
---675 points, 23 spaces

I chose army 2, the snakes and elves.
Salty chose army 3, the dwarves.

Round 1: I sent out Armocs and mittens early. Mittens kills a dwarf, and grabs the healing potion treasure glyph on OM 2. The armocs land on the wannok glyph. Salty’s OM 1 was black wyrms, he melted one armoc. His other Oms were dwarves and then Mok. My OM 3 was archers, I believe they took height and shot down a black wyrm and a dwarf. Salty puts a wound on Mogrimm for wannok.

Round 2: Mok moves forward again, shooting at Mittens for two wounds and shooting down an armoc. Mittens heals the two wounds with the heal potion, and he goes onto a lava field tile to take height on Mok and attack him. Armocs move in to kill a dwarf, while Darrak hides in darkness from an Armoc attack. Mok also climbs onto a lava field tile to get even height with mittens, and Mok grabs the permanent attack +1 treasure glyph! He rolls 5 skulls/8 dice on his normal attack at mittens, and puts another wound on him with the dwarf gunner attack. Armocs engage and attack Darrak and Mogrimm that were in shadow spaces, they inflict 2 wounds on Mogrimm, and mittens attacks Mok again, I think Mok has 3 wounds at this point. Mogrimm Commander Strikes an Armoc, while Dwarves mobilize, finish off mittens, kill another armoc, and take the wannok glyph. Archers shoot down the last black wyrm and another dwarf. I put a wound on Kyntela for wannok.

Round 3: At this point, I was getting low on armocs (and they had no hero to bond with) and salty was low on dwarves. Mok moved and was still basically in the center of the map, but he was able to shoot down two elf archers with his gunners. Elf archers inflict one wound on Mok, and one of them takes the initiative +8 glyph near Mogrimm and Darrrak in the shadows, and he inflicts a wound on Mogrimm. I get a frenzy here, and score another wound on Mogrimm with it. Mogrimm moves onto a lava field to grab height on the elf on the glyph, and he slays the elf. Elves shoot Mok twice and Mogrimm once, and get a hit on Mok. Mok moves onto shadow spaces and disables a trap to get the bracers of teleportation! He also shoots down Kyntela Gwyn and an elf archer. I decide to engage Mok with two elf archers, and they inflict one wound. Mogrimm takes lava field damage at the end of the round and dies.

Round 4: I really wanted to kill Mok at this point, because he had that teleport glyph. I realized that my Fen Hydra could move into range of Mok in one OM, so I put my #1 on the Hydra. Luckily, I win initiative, and using reach, the Hydra takes height on Mok and kills him in 3 attacks of 5. Mok never succeeded in sacrificing either of his dwarf gunners to save some of his life, so the giant takes two dwarves down with him. Salty had Darrak and one dwarf left at this point. I think lost OM 1 on Mok. My elf archers all shoot at darrak, who hides in darkness for two of the attacks, but takes a wound from another. Darrak climbs up onto a lava field to take height on an archer, and kills him. My last three elf archers fill Darrak full of arrows as he fails to hide while on the lava field space. Salty only has a dwarf left now.

Round 5: Well, there isn't much to this, I spammed OMs on the elves, and salty had to use the dwarf. That midget was ingloriously murdered by a storm of arrows.

I had an Armoc, three archers, and a healthy hydra left. This was my first time using Armocs, and I was not impressed. That may be because I lost Mittens to Mok in the middle of round two, though. Mittens never helped the elves’ frenzy roll, either. The archers seemed to pull their weight for me, even though they only frenzied twice. Mok is intimidating to play against, we were calling him “the beast” while we played. He demands to be the center of attention for both players, especially when he is loaded with two dwarves. He can do so much damage, he’s like a walking fortress of freaking destruction, everywhere he goes, things die. He seems decent at squad killing, and great at hero killing, with the potential to hit a single figure with 7 attack followed by a dwarf gunner shot. I was really hoping to knock the dwarves off of his card so I could run and gun with my elf archers, but it never happened.

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