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Re: Tournament Armies Played

The Gathering- August 24th, 2013 (Battle Report)
(510 points, VC)
Army= Major Q9, Marro Stingers x4, Raelin (RotV), Isamu
Results 4-1; 5th place/21 participants
Heroscapers defeated: Luke, Nick Sweeney, Seth, OrcElfArmyOne
Lost to: Taeblewalker

Online Heroscape Season 8- June/July, 2013
(440 points, Reverse the Whip in Playoffs)
Army= Nilfheim, Greenscale Warriors x2, Raelin (RotV), Marro Warriors
Results 4-2; 6th place/46 participants
Heroscapers defeated: Eraguy816, garrettclubb, itsbuzzi, Dysole
Lost to: Dhyanam, vegie's dad

Online Heroscape Season 6- March/April, 2013

(VC, Four rounds each with a different format)
Delta= Arrow Gruts x4, Swog Riders x4, Krug, Raelin (SotM)
Lightweight= 4th Mass x3, Sam Brown, Edlgrim
Heroes Only= Jotun, Fen Hydra, Migol, Preyblood Thrall x2, Deathstrike Thrall
General Wars= Knights of Weston x4, Sir Gilbert, Raelin (RotV)
Results 2-2; 19th place/47 participants
Heroscapers defeated: KeepCalmAndDraftHulk, Toogwick_tuk (forfeit)
Lost to: kevindola, infectedsloth's brother

Online Heroscape Season 3- October/November, 2012
(530 points, VC, Take Two)
Round 1= Arashara Goshiri, Sacred Band x3, Parmenio, Raelin (RotV), Isamu
Round 2= Sir Gilbert, Knights of Weston x4, Raelin (RotV), Johnny "Shotgun" Sullivan
Round 3= Cyprien, Sonya, Skeletons of Annellintia x3, Marcu
Round 4= Charos, Greenscale Warriors x3, Phantom Knights x2
Round 5= Cyprien, Sonya, Marro Stingers x4, Raelin (RotV), Isamu
Results 4-1; 3rd place/54 participants
Heroscapers defeated: vegietarian18, Deroche, Dhyanam, Boromir96
Lost to: kevindola

Heroscape's Very First Online Tournament- December/January, 2012
(520 points, VC)
Army= 10th Regiment of Foot x4, Raelin (RotV), Brunak, Marcu, Isamu
Results 3-1; 4th place/16 participants
Heroscapers defeated: Garenex, Son of Arathorn, sixthflagbearer
Lost to: Lefton4ya

The Beast of the East- August 20th, 2011

(520 points, B-List Tournament)
Army= Arrow Gruts x3, Swog Rider x4, Krug, Mimring, Guilty McCreech
Results 3-1; Approximately 6th place/20 participants
Heroscapers defeated: OrcElfArmyOne's dad (aka Dragon Ruler)

Overall Record: 20-8 (71.4%)

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