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Sunken Ruins of Kahm

Posted October 7th, 2014 at 01:33 PM by kolakoski
Updated October 7th, 2014 at 04:11 PM by kolakoski (P.S.)
Well met!

The Gang of Four will be meeting on Wednesday, 10/8/14, to play Taeblewalker's

Sunken Ruins of Kahm

THE SETTING. It's time for the expedition into the sunken ruins of Kham, a sacred land of ancient empire and great natural beauty. The ruins of this once magnificent civilization have just been discovered, and legend says that they had many secrets - secrets which could be used to further the war in Valhalla.

Jandar and Utgar both had the same idea - plunder the ruins for any advantage they may gain in the war. But some of the other Generals, notably Ullar, Einar and Aquilla, take umbrage at the destruction of this site of natural and historical significance.

The idea of carelessly plundering the ancient ruins offends the sensibilities of Einar, who sees great value in the archaeological treasure that the ruins represent. He wants to stop either force from tearing up the landscape in search of artifacts. Ullar and Aquilla likewise want the site preserved - for its natural beauty, and because it is a rare ecosystem that it home to many plants and animals that exist nowhere else.

THE ARMIES. The Jandar player chooses 500 points of Jandar figures (and Vydar mercenaries) and the Utgar player chooses 500 points of Utgar figures (and Valkrill Mercenaries). These two armies are each playing for their own victory points.

The Ullar player chooses 500 points of Ullar figures (with Aqullia allies, if desired). The Einar player chooses 500 points of Einar figures (again, with Aquilla allies). These armies are working together as a team, and gain victory points together.

THE RULES. There will be eight glyphs scattered among the ruins, and the Jandar and Utgar players gain victory by first unearthing, then bringing the glyphs to their start zones. To unearth a glyph, a figure must make a successful attack while adjacent to or standing on the glyph against a Defense of 4 (1 life). If successful, the (unique) figure may pick up and carry the glyph away. Commons may attack glyphs, but only uniques and uncommons may carry them. When a glyph is successfully unearthed, it is turned power side up.

At the end of eight rounds, any glyph that Jandar or Utgar is in possession of is worth victory points. It is worth one point if it is not in the player's start zone, and two victory points if it is in that player's start zone. Glyphs may be dropped in a start zone so the unit carrying it can go off and rejoin the battle.

At the end of eight rounds, any glyph that was never unearthed at all is worth three victory points to the Einar/Ullar team. If it has been unearthed but is in possession of the Einar/Ullar team, it is worth only one point (the damage was done in unearthing it, but at least the team recovered something sacred to the site).

Glyphs not in Jandar or Utgar start zones or in possession of any player are worth only half a point to the Einar/Ullar team.

For this scenario, treasure glyphs will be used. Temporary glyphs may only be used once, but they retain their value for victory points (they can be recharged at a wellspring later...)

The Einar/Ullar team's defensive position is strong. The Utgar/Jandar team has a wider variety of viable units. Our feeling going in is that, all things being equal (which they, of course, never are) the defenders should win. Anticipating 2 games, we will be matched up as follows:

Game 1

kolakoski - Jandar/Vydar

Taeblewalker - Utgar/Valkryl

Sherman Davies - Einar/Aquilla
chas - Ullar/Aquilla

Game 2
chas - Jandar/Vydar

Sherman Davies - Utgar/Valkryl

kolakoski - Einar/Aquilla
Taeblewalker - Ullar/Aquilla

My armies for these 2 games are as follows:

180 Q9
120 Siege
120 Agent Skahen
80 Raelin
500, 5 spaces

A longer ranged counter to my own Einar/Aquilla army. Playing all heroes to ostensibly pick up Glyphs.

A good chance to play Agent Skahen.

150 10th x 2
150 Cathars x 2
100 Marcus
100 Jarek Guy
500, 18 spaces

Although allied with
Taeblewalker, we have not, and undoubtedly will not, consult each other about anything before the game. Anyways, how hard could holding out for 8 Rounds be?

A good chance to play Jarek.

P.S.: Jandar/Vydar and Utgar/Valkryl are on the side of Evil in this scenario, and so am I.

Are the Cathars really broken?

When I fight in Delta+, it just feels right!

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flameslayer93's Avatar
This looks like a pretty sweet scenario. The board is rather small, but it probably wont hurt. I'd suggest giving Jandar/Utgar some extra points, simply because they are working against each other at all times, as opposed to Einar/Ullar. Maybe another 100? 150??
Posted October 9th, 2014 at 08:18 PM by flameslayer93 flameslayer93 is offline
chas's Avatar
Yes, the defense had a field day, which is why I played one game on each side! Congratulations to Taeblewalker for finally getting a very old scenario to the table.

My armies:

GAME ONE: "Stop Thief!"

Morgrim Forgehammer 120
Axgrinders of Burning Forge (x2) 140
Wyvern 100
Syvarris 100
Theracus 40
TOTAL: 500

GAME TWO: "Cat Walk"

Sgt. Drake II 170
Greater Ice Elemental 130
Agent Carr 100
Kumiko 80
Otonoshi 10

The first army worked very well, having a presence almost where ever it was needed. It projected power from the central ridge out to both sides against both invaders. Teamwork with my fellow defender on both fronts proved very satisfying. Putting old wine (Classic figures) into a new bottle (the scenario) worked well. This game had everything from careful tactical decisions to giant monster vs monster battles!

The second army proved the best I ever lost badly with. Commandoes Strike At Dawn! Little Otonoshi, usually despised, got right out being next to a Tricky Carr and took a glyph; then got back only one hex from my start zone with it on the second turn. Then on the third turn Kumiko grabbed a second. Feeling that with an adjusted Victory Point score in Game Two, these two glyphs near my start zone would bring me 10 points and be at or near winning by themselves, I planned this Ninja grab, backed up by the rest of the team, to bring home this bacon and never even have to attempt the central ridge that had proved so deadly to the raiders in Game One. Not bad, considering that I'd built the team before even seeing the map clearly.

Surrounded by adjacent Protectors and their boss (totally the wrong tactic to use against her), Kumiko did her thing, killing two of them and bugging out. But she was suddenly defeated only one hex out of my start zone, as later was Drake going for her glyph as well. Although Atlaga missed early on with his Bolt of Witherwood, the others now scored three hits on him Drake initially with their first roll, and finished him off immediately!

Meanwhile Otonoshi climbed the ridge of my start zone and brought her glyph home. I still thought victory was within my grasp.

This caper that went so astonishingly well at first was totally demolished later on; the Protectors shooting the team apart. We resigned early, as I'd never taken out Atlaga, who could later have just flew over and recover Otonoshi's glyph once my raiding force had been blown right off the table. The second remained one hex out of the start zone. So near, and yet so far! Say it ain't so, Joe!

It was brilliant and cinematic, even though it didn't work. Partly because the Protectors got ridiculously successful initial wounds twice, bonusing up their Combined Arbalast power to blow their targets away on one turn.

Although the games proved pretty one sided, both were fun to play. And the Good Guys won. Save the Environment! Green Power!!!
Posted October 9th, 2014 at 09:55 PM by chas chas is offline
Updated October 9th, 2014 at 10:29 PM by chas
kolakoski's Avatar

Another Fine Mess . . .

Well met!

Yes, we had a fine time, but we knew going in that the attackers were going to take a beating - it was only a matter of how badly. The second month in a row with this - see When Worlds Collide III. Fortunately, at only 8 Rounds per game, we were able to get in 2 games of our new fave, Quartermaster General

I will be hosting next month's game, which will be a unique sort of 4-Player free for all, with victory points being bestowed only for killing (repeatedly) each opponent's designated regenerating super villain - 200 points or less - in an otherwise Delta+ 750 point game. It will also feature special low gravity movement rules (3 level climb costs only 1 movement point, making Castle Set height more viable) - thus the name of the scenario: The Mooncastle of Valhalla or Castle of the Moon or Moon Over Valhalla or just Mooncastle or The Moon Castle or . . .
Posted October 10th, 2014 at 12:36 PM by kolakoski kolakoski is offline
Updated October 10th, 2014 at 01:15 PM by kolakoski
flameslayer93's Avatar
Lunar Cathedral?
Posted October 10th, 2014 at 04:54 PM by flameslayer93 flameslayer93 is offline
kolakoski's Avatar

Lunar Something . . .

Well met!

Lex Lunar? Doctor Moon?
Posted October 10th, 2014 at 10:48 PM by kolakoski kolakoski is offline
chas's Avatar

(Starring Cher and Nicholas Cage)
Posted October 15th, 2014 at 08:17 AM by chas chas is offline
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