HS Online - Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Time Tracking Mechanism work?

For your convenience, the time used in-game is tracked for each player. When a user sets Order Markers, the game clock is started; the next person to set Order Markers incurs the time between the initial OM placement. The same thing happens when rolling for initiative. This is to dissuade players from wasting time between rounds.

Additionally, users can incur time after completing particular actions. As such, users should press the 'Done' button when finishing an action, such as Scattering. In the case of Scatter: when the attacking player initially attacks a scattering unit, his dice roll assigns the time that passed between the OM reveal and the attack roll to the attacker. The player who is actually scattering should then press the 'Done' button after scattering any figures; this will assign to him any time that passed during their scatter, and reset the game clock.

For other actions, such as Engagement Strike, the corresponding quick menu button should be used in order to allocate the time that it takes a user to roll for the action (in this example: Engagement Strike).

If a game needs to be paused, players can simply leave the game. Once all active players have returned, and have pressed the 'Resume a paused game' button, the game clock will be reset accordingly.

Where can I find online versions of unit cards?

Check out Mythacle for cards and army building info.

When I logon to my game, a different map/Google Doc loads in my browser.

You need to close all open browser sessions. Then, go to HS Online main page and click on Logout. This will clear your existing session, and you can then login to your game.

How can I roll blanks?

Under DICE TOOLS, place a check next to Roll Valkyrie dice. This will display the symbols rolled, which are the same as blanks.

So, what is the Google Doc string that you are referring to?

If this is your Google Doc URL: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1MHPjonnEtiK73rALXVDITJerej897dfjkdsJo/edit
the bold part is the Google Doc string that you need to paste into HS Online.

Why won't my Google Doc open up in HS Online?

You first need to sign in to Google Docs in order to open up the doc. Please do this before logging on to HeroSkype. Maybe in the future, we will figure out a way to tie in the login with the Google Doc API...

What if I don't want to open up a Google Doc?

No sweat! You don't have to open one up, and you can even resize your browser so that only the left column of HeroSkype tools is viewable. That way, you can set it next to another browser window.

When using FireFox, the Google Doc won't size to the full height of my browser!

Try loading the page in Google Chrome browser.