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Custom Units & Army Cards Fan-created HS army cards for units, glyphs, and equipment

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Old December 20th, 2006, 01:15 PM
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HALLS OF VALHALLA (Best Of Custom Units) - Discussion Anew!

With the new panel of Judges:


We are restarting the HALLS OF VALHALLA.

Here is our Mission Statement and the Rules for the Halls....



The Halls of Valhalla is a place to recognize and share the very best custom army card creations by the Heroscape community through the years.

There have been many great additions to the standard Heroscape units, but some stand out from the rest. Some deserve special appreciation as outstanding examples of fierce creativity, fun game play, imaginative characters, beautiful cards, and influence on the customs community.

Honoring our Roots

There is a special place in the Halls for those inspired creations of the past, the pioneering custom cards; the ones that we saw and said, “Wow! I can add that to this game!” The army cards of Historic importance may not have perfect graphics or the most balanced cost, but without them there wouldn’t be any of the cards we have today.

The Structure of the Halls

There will be a single Stickied or Announcement Halls of Valhalla thread. This thread will be locked and may only be added to by ‘Scapers admins. At the top of the thread will be links to the following threads:

The Nomination Thread (starting with these rules)
The Discussion of Nominees Thread
The Halls General Discussion Thread (for discussion of Halls topics - not nominees - also containing these rules)

Following those links will be the Halls – Divided into “Honoring Our Roots” and “Heroscapers Best”

The Halls Listings can include game notes from the creator or nominating member, biographies, in game photos, and of course, the card itself.


This is where ANYONE in the Heroscape Community can put forward an Army Card that they feel is one of the Best of the Best. You may not nominate a card of your own. If there are figures to go with the card, it is best to include their origin as that is one of the first things people ask.

The Nomination should consist of the following:

The creator’s name.
A picture of the card.
A picture of the figure(s) – if possible.
The origin of the figure(s).
Why you think that this particular card belongs in the Halls.

Guidelines for Nominees

Any card can be nominated but few cards get in. The Halls is for the top-of-the-line units that show extra creativity above and beyond the norm. It's tough to lay specific rules on what makes it in to the Halls. The cards must be taken on a case-by-case basis since a well-written ability may just not fit with a concept for one unit but be perfect for another unit. The judges should explain their decisions they made regarding specific army cards. Expect the nominated units to come under extreme scrutiny. Creators and nominators should understand that it is nothing personal but in keeping with the expected high standard already set for the halls.

A nominated card should have proper grammar, good spelling and the overall aesthetics of the card will be held to a high standard.

Mechanics - The unit must be well balanced, not too strong or too weak for its point cost, and must not contradict official mechanics. The mechanics are the most important category overall. If the nominee isn’t perfect people will ask for revisions to the card rather than just living with the flaws.

Theme - How fun does the figure and its attendant powers 'feel?' Do the powers and stats all match up with the actual figure? The ideal goal in this category is to create an example of Theme X that fulfills everyone's basic desire of what they would want a Theme X unit to do. This category can also tie in with the next one...

Graphic Presentation - The card should either look like an official Heroscape card, or have a visual theme that follows the theme of the unit. Sometimes even when a card looks far from official, but fits the theme perfectly, it can be quite impressive.

Originality - This is an area often neglected by card creators. How new are the mechanics of the card? How unique is your combination of existing abilities? How different is it from anything anyone's seen before? How does it stretch the boundaries of Heroscape to new horizons? You can only accurately analyze this category by having seen a whole lot of custom units, so if you're a card-creator who doesn't look at the threads of any fellow creators, you're pretty much doomed from the start unless you can do really well in the other categories.

Characters imported to Heroscape from other media are frowned on in the Heroscapers Best section.

In summary –

To be a good custom, a unit must at a minimum:
1) Contain correct grammar and spelling.
2) Have abilities that are clear and unambiguous.
3) Be balanced for cost and playability.
4) Be thematically consistent.
5) Bring something new to the game or do things better than they have been done previously.

To get into the Barracks you can have just 3 or 4 of those – as long as #3 is one of them. The Barracks also likes for the card to have figures that are easy to get. That is less important to the Halls.

To be accepted into the Halls, a card would have to go above and beyond in most if not all of those areas. In addition, it needs to have the WOW factor. That something that makes people say, "That is an incredible idea!"

It is impossible to quantify the WOW factor. It is likewise impossible to quantify how you are going to evaluate something that by its definition is outside the bounds of what you have seen before.

Once nominated, the Judges will then weigh in on whether or not the card should move forward to discussion. If 3 or more Judges feel the card should move on, then a Nominee Discussion Thread will be created when a slot is available and in order of approval.


There will be no more than 2 active Nominee Discussion Threads at any given time. ANYONE in the community can participate in the discussion on these threads.

After a minimum of one week of discussion, voting may begin. Sometimes the discussion will go on longer. During the discussion period, if there are issues that the creator wishes to address, they can post rebuttals to issues or revisions of the card. When the creator is satisfied that they will make no further comments or revisions, the Judges will vote.

When the discussion and voting are done, the creator will have the option to have the discussion merged with their own creators thread.

Historic Cards are voted in or not – editing of the cards should not happen. Many of the creators have moved on from the community and you wouldn’t ask for a retouch of a Picasso to straighten a nose. If the creator wishes to or already has updated the card, that new card can be linked.


As we restart the Halls, there will be 6 Judges on the Panel. When it comes time to vote, each Judge should cast their vote in the Nominee Discussion Thread and give the reasons for their vote. If more Judges join the Panel, the following requirement still stands; Two dissenting votes eliminates a nominee. The Panel shall have a maximum of 9 Judges.

To get into the Halls there has to be an overriding consensus that the card is deserving of a place with the best of the best. A minimum of 4 Judges must cast YES votes. There can be a maximum of 1 dissenting vote.

If one Judge strongly objects, the voting shall not be considered final until the objection is considered by the other Judges. Each Judge then makes a final determination as to their vote.

Judges may not vote on their own customs, but they may participate in the discussion of their custom.

Should the card be voted in to the Halls it will take its place either Honoring our Roots or with the cards representing the Heroscapers Best.

The words and work of Karkadinn, Reapersaurus, Rhydderch, LilNewbie, doesntcompute, Doc Savage, ArchonShiva, Euryon and others contributed to this document.

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