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Old October 18th, 2009, 06:59 PM
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NHSD Monsters in Mahomet Tourney 2009

I can't thank everyone enough for helping me with this tournament. I appreciate everyone's patience with me as a pretty inexperienced tournament organizer. I'm sure I could have done things better, and if you have any suggestions -- don't hesitate to PM me and let me know. I won't hold it against you.

I'm listing the standings now, and I will provide info on everyone's armies and a brief of their day (sorry vminer -- you'd probably rather I not do so). I will also have photos, although probably not until the end of the week.

If anyone wants to add more specific battle reports to this thread or photos of their own, I'd encourage it. I didn't get many photos of the final round, and I wish I had.

In the standings, I used heroscapers handles wherever, I could. Otherwise I used first names and last initial.

1st place Jdtenor 4 wins 0 losses
2nd place Clarissimus 3 wins 1 loss
3rd place Lord Orich 3 wins 1 loss
4th place Steve Z. 3 wins 1 loss
5th place Einar Gen. 3 wins 1 loss
6th place ProtoFury 2 wins 2 losses
7th place Dennis S. 2 wins 2 losses
8th place Nathan C. 2 wins 2 losses
9th place Jorge G. 2 wins 2 losses
10th place King Kreigh 2 wins 2 losses
11th place Miguel C. 2 wins 2 losses
12th place Chidorri1111 2 wins 2 losses
13th place Martin G. 2 wins 2 losses
14th place Matt Z. 1 win 3 losses
15th place Justin C. 1 win 3 losses
16th place vminer 1 win 3 losses
17th place Me (playa1) 1 win 3 losses
18th place Corey C. 0 win 4 losses

First Place Jdtenor 4-0
Laglor, Krav Maga Agents, Major Q10, Zetacron, Deathreaver x1

Range dominated the tournament, and Laglor made this army the best at it. In a field of Protectors and Stingers, having a range of 9-10 was key to many battles. Jd had some close calls, though. In his game against ProtoFury, time was almost called as Proto's last Marrden Hound killed Q10, and Jdtenor's last figure, Zetacron, had to power himself up to hunt it down. Cornering him on the Swamp Thing Board, Zetacron manage to get height and blast the last Hound for the win. It was a very close game. In the final battle against Clarissimus, Jd cleverly used his rats on the Table of Giants board to prevent the Templar from charging while the Krav shot from height. I could tell that he wanted to win this tournament, and he played very competitively against some very good players.

Second Place Clarissimus 3-1
Templar Calvary x2, 4th Mass. Line x3

A very simple army that proved challenging for Clarissimus to play. I think he found the Templar difficult to play competitively. They seemed to die just too fast. Of course, having 12 Minutemen doesn't hurt. Clarissimus did not disappoint the spectator as he played carefully and effectively. In a very close game against Jorge on the Swamp Thing board, he managed to use his last few calvary to reach the elusive Raelin. In an unexpected turn of events, he rolled a single skull against the badly wounded Kyrie. With time being close, it looked bad for Clarissimus as Raelin could easily have gained height on the soldier and taken the game. However, Jorge rolled zero shields, and Clarissimus won. It was one of many close games in the tournament.

Third Place Lord Orich 3-1
Nilfheim, Airborne Elite, Krav Maga Agents, Marro Warriors

A classic collection of figures, this army proved very effective against some, but vulnerable to others. I think Orich was pleasantly surprised at his record. This was one of his very first tournaments. I think he was overwhelmed at the variety of figures in his opponent's armies, but played his classic Heroscape army very effectively. Of course, he defeated me in the first round, killing 4 out of 5 Shades of Bleakewoode with a singly well-placed hand grenade. I didn't follow most of his other games closely, but his only loss was to JD (the tournament champion) who seemed to dispatch him quickly. Hopefully, Lord Orich can add some of his experiences to this thread as I'd like to hear how the game went. Also, I hope to see Orich at other tourneys!

Fourth Place Steve Z. 3-1
Mimring, Krug, Swog Riders x2, Arrow Gruts x1, Syvarris

Steve obviously found bonding a central assett to the game. It was good to see some classic figures like Mimring make a comeback at the tourney. I wish I had had the opportunity to watch more of Steve's games, and I hope he and others let me know how his games went on this thread. His only loss was to close friend and competitior Lord Orich (3rd place finisher), and I know that that game went pretty quickly. I can imagine Orich's range took out the Arrow Gruts early enough to eliminate the flexibility of Steve's army. Still, I wonder how Krug went down so fast.

Fifth Place Einar Gen. 3-1
RotV Raelin, Krug, Krav Maga Agents, 10th Regiment x2, Isamu

Einar's only problem seems to be in having a tough draw at the tournament. Having to first face Clarissimus in the initial round, he went on to play some of the lower place finishers which hurt his Strength of Schedule record. It happens to the best of us, unfortunately. I know that Einar's love of Krug (a particularly bloody repaint of his by the way) and 10th regiment meant he was very much at home with this army. He excels at using his 10th reg.'s bayonet ability and decent range. I know that his redcoats were very effective against an advancing Heavy Grut charge in the last round. He was smart to take down Chompy early. Other than that game, I was only able to catch a few glimpses of his Krug charging across the battlefield. Hopefully he'll add to this thread so I can hear more.

Sixth Place ProtoFury 2-2
"Infection Injection"
Ne-Gok-Sa, Marro Stingers x3, Marrden Hounds x2, Isamu
I'm happy that Proto and his friends have recently decided to take their 'scape to the next level and start going to tournaments, and I'm glad they live so close. It turns out that Proto was playing without his complete army. He listed 3 sets of marro stingers, but only fielded 2. Considering that, his placing is pretty impressive and I wish I saw more of his play. He loved using his hounds. I saw several instances where his Hounds' high defense rolls were effective against a barrage of ranged attacks. Unfortunately, Jdtenor's Zetacron proved too much for him in his second game. Overall, I hope he reveals more about his experience at the tourney on this thread, and I hope to see him play again soon.

Seventh Place Dennis S. 2-2
Aubrien Archers x2, Kozuke Samurai, Sonlen, Dumutef Guard x2, Isamu

Dennis brought an interesting and balanced army of range, special attacks, and strong melee. I don't think the Frenzy Gods were with him today, but I do know that he pulled off a surprise win against King Kreigh on the broken skyline board. It was quite a game -- Kreigh's protectors had height and range on a board that seemed to be made for him. He took out Dennis' Aubriens quickly. Sonlen could only do so much against the Kyrie army, but in the end, the Kozuke's charge proved deadly and effective at climbing ladders! He was sure glad he brought the Samurai today.

Eighth Place Nathan C. 2-2
Grimnak, Heavy Gruts x2, Krug, Arrow Gruts x2

Having placed last in last year's tournament, Nathan was determined to prove himself. He did so with a vengence. Using a melee-heavy Orc army with a nearly indestructable Troll, Nathan found tough competition, but held his own. In a very close first game, Nathan's last few orcs fell to some lucky rolling dividers. He won his next two games, but fell to Einar Gen.'s redcoat/Krug combination. In a funny turn of events against Mathew's Charos army, Nathan dismayed as Krug fell to the Dragon on the Embattled Fen board. On the very same turn, however, his three remaining orc archers managed to score three hits on the giant green beast, defeating it and claiming the game!

Jorge G. 2-2
Nilfheim, Fourth Mass. Line x2, Raelin, Marro Warriors
Jorge faced a tough schedule, having to play against the 1st and 2nd place winners of last year's tournament. Jorge is a pure strategiest, who carefully considers each move and weighs all options. He is truly amazing to watch play as he positions each of his 4th mass soldiers to best take advantage of the terrain. I would like to hear more of his battles, but I did see him soundly defeating Vincent in the first round. He seemed troubled on the Broken Skyline board, finding it difficult to maneuver Nilfheim between the various terrain obstacles. However, his very close loss to Clarissimus' Templar was described earlier. If Raelin had rolled one shield against the pathetic Templar attack, it may have been very different for Jorge.
I'll have more details later

King Kreigh 2-2
"Two of these things are not like the other"
RotV Raelin, Protectors of Ullar x2, Dumutef Guards x2

King brought the new heavy guns to the table. The protectors scared the heck out of me, and he used them like a champion. I got to play King on the Arctic Divide board. I thought it was a good board for my ghosts with places to hide and the ability to be everywhere at once. I also love demoralizing opponents when I can take both glyphs on turn 1. I gained the first initiative and did so, but it turned out to be my biggest mistake. King positioned his Protectors precisely so that they could remain in Raelin's aura and yet peg me off both glyphs. Since one was the Move +2 glyph, like a sap, I kept moving ghosts to take advantage of the extra movement. Raelin was my only option for soul devour, and I felt that I wasn't going to outgun his protectors. I only managed about 3 soul devour attempts the entire game, as my ghosts simply lined up to get shot. It was a quick game, and one that left me stunned as I had not seen the protectors in action before. A move of 4 and a range of 5 means that he gets three attacks of 3 (often with a height bonus) at 9 hexes away. This outmaneuvered my ghosts and left me with only 50 points killed the entire game.

Miguel 2-2
Marro Stingers x2, Tul-Bak-Ra, Otonashi, Mimring, Marro Dividers x1

Miguel's army was the first time I saw the Dividers in action, and I was very impressed. The stingers of course, took more than their worth in points against my army, as I'm sure they did elsewhere, and I was relieved to have finally beaten them down. Miguel should have never let me get so many soul devours on Mimring. I was lucky and got him on the third try much to his chagrin. Mimring, as a matter of fact, became a powerhouse in my army, finishing off the stingers, Otinashu, two marro dividers, and badly wounding Tul-Bak-Ra before finally succumbing to Tul-Bak-Ra's 4 dice attack. It turned out to be a very close game. I tried placing my last ghost on the glyph of lodin. If I survived his attack and soul devoured, I would have won, however, I did not survive the first attack. It was a lot of fun! Miguel had a very interesting army and really scared me with the dividers. He is good at picking effective units, and may prove a very tough competitor next year!

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Old October 19th, 2009, 11:07 PM
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Re: NHSD Monsters in Mahomet Tourney 2009

This was my 1st time participating in NSHD. From the beginning building stages I was against the date chosen because it's "Sweetest Day" not that I celebrate it but let just say I work for small drug store chain with 7000 stores that makes a boatload of money on fake holidays, also means I'm working. We'll I had some vacation time to kill and was excited about making it a NHSD weekend in central IL. So I participated in the Peoria event and finished 5th link of battle report if interested.

I stayed the night in Peoria and took the 2 hour drive(went wrong way on I-55 so I lost 30 min) For the Monsters in Mahomet Tourney
My army was 1xDeathreavers, Krav Maga Agents, Laglor, Q10(large) & Zetecron(large).
I have been playing this army(slight variations)for a couple of years. So I hoped I would win a tourney with this army one of these days. Well my Hope became reality on NSHD Sunday edition.

My 1st match was against Martin G. who had Jotun, 3xWarriors of Ashra, Zettian Guards Otonashi.
It was a bad game for Martin since I out ranged him the whole game. all he could do was watch his army being destroy. It was a shutout, I lost 3 deathreavers and 1 or 2 krav.

My 2st match was against Photo Fury who had 2xMarrden Hounds, 3xMarro Stingers, Ne-Gok-Sa & Isamu
Photo Fury loves to play Hounds and plays them great he won initiative all game long and had the defense+1 and attack+1 most of the game. About half way into the game. I finished most hounds except for 1 aka Photo Fury's revenge . Lost my deathreavers early. Luckily I only lost 1 Krav to the hounds. Stingers vs Krav was able to take 4-5 Stingers, then Q10 took over and finished the rest of the Stingers. I went in for a hard attack on Ne-Gok-Sa, but I had this bad feeling I would loss Q10 so I stepped away and slowly pluck away Ne-Gok-Sa life.

Photo Fury was working Isamu around the board going after Zetecron. When the time was right I bought Q10 to Save Zetecron. Now Photo Fury charge Ne-Gok-Sa but I keep my distance and he backed away. Ne-Gok-Sa was dead. Next round he changed with Photo Fury's revenge(hound) and got 2 wounds on Q10. I should have disengaged and gotten defense+1 2 spaces away and pluck away even at risk of a wound. Well Q10 went down at the end of the round. Good thing I decided to save Zetecron. With 4 minutes to go if time expires I lose as I chased and shoot the hound he survived over & over great rolling from Photo Fury, He made the mistake of going to the other side of the map I was trying not to smile really bad because I saw my opportunity to win the attack+1 glyph was on that side of the map. I took attack+1 and rolled 3Skulls=6skulls(powershot ability) Photo Fury 7 Dice couldn't hold on 2 minutes left. I won't forget this game in a long time epic Heroscape before my eyes. This was the only game I used Zetecron.

My 3rd match was against Lord Orich who had Nilfheim, Krav Maga Agents, Marro Warriors & Airborne Elite.
AE dropped in the 1st round making me abandon the Deathreavers, went with Krav twice & Q10. Lord Orich rolled a 1 for initiative and dump all 3 markers on AE. I did quick work of them, lost a rat to a grenade, next round had to stay with Krav no rat help since they were so far from base, my 1st move was Laglor to boost my Krav. Lord Orich 1st was Nilfheim and I saw a chance to hurt the Dragon went heavy with height and extended range. Got 3 wounds before the Marro Warriors started to tie me up, after dealing with the Marro and killing Nilf. I charge in on Krav vs Krav I probably should have stayed away since Lord Orich was rolling horrible. In the end it cost me 2 Krav my last krav was placed on move+2 so Q10 could get his running shoes on. Q10 took care of his final 2 Krav and this was my 2nd shutout of the day. Only game I didn't use Deathreavers they were to far from the action. This was a hot rolling game for I had initiative all game and great skulls/shields rolling.

My 4th match was against Clarissimus who had 3x4th Massachusetts & 2xTemplar Cavalry
Clarissimus Has been beating me up for a couple of years now. I was not looking forward to facing him in a unbeaten match. But I got this far. I started by bringing out Laglor (mistake) Clarissimus changed Templar into him, Clarissimus knew how dangerous was Laglor's range boost for me and he took him out but in the meanwhile rats tied the Templar as the Krav work on them. Clarissimus said got 110 points and lost 240 points. By then I slowly moved rats and krav at safe distance not giving many WTF(no, not that one. Wait then Fire). I slowly wore the 4th Mass as their numbers went down. I was all smiles when Clarissimus was down to 3-4th Mass. This was a great win vs a great opponent, like they say I played with one of the big boys and won. (sounds like a country song )

Playa1, thanks for hosting and everything you did, thanks everyone, it was good seeing everyone and hoping to come back to proudly defend the title next year.
Respectfully George-jdtenor

Here are some pictures of other games, sorry for the quality of the pictures, my camera lens won't open and this was a cheap last minute replacement.

Game in Progress King Kreigh vs DomoSamurai

Game in Progress Jorge G. vs Vminer

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Re: NHSD Monsters in Mahomet Tourney 2009

Even though I've been playing Heroscape for five years, this is te first time I've gotten into the competetive side of things. My friends and I had a blast this weekend at the NHSD tourneys! I should have some battle reports of my matches up within the next few days, even though jdtenor already did a good job covering my match with him.

Hoever, I think it is worth noting about my army:
Whereas I signed up to run with three squads of Stingers, at some point before the tournamet when I was trying to decide between Infection Injection and Divide and Conquer (my Dividers army I was considering for the day), I made a mistake during the confusion of setting up four maps. When grabbing my stuff for Infection Injection, I mixed up the Stingers requirements with the ones for Divide and Conquer, and only grabbed two sets of Stingers, instead of three. Unfortunately, I didn't realize my mistake until about ten hours after I got home.

Essentially, I ran with the 400-point army of Ne-Gok-Sa, Hounds x2, Stingers x2, and Isamu for the whole tourney. I'm not really disappointed--I was happy to have placed 6th out of 18 in the first place, and even more when I realized I did so with a 400-point army in a 460-point tourney. I can't help but wonder how that third squad of Stingers would have changed my bad matches, though--especially the round with jdtenor.

I'm hoping that sometime I'll be able to go up against him under the same set of circumstances as Sunday (same map, glyphs, and armies), with just the addition of my last squad of Stingers to bring me up to what I normally should have been at. Although I doubt I'll be able to pull off a kill on a full-life Q10 with only one Hound again--tat was kinda a once-in-a-lifetime thing. ;D

I'll have those official reports up soon, though!

Proto's Custom Maps and Units!
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Old October 20th, 2009, 11:39 AM
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Re: NHSD Monsters in Mahomet Tourney 2009

Oh, my gosh, Proto, that's horrible!

I did the same thing at a less formal tourney years ago. I ran with Ornak and only one set of gruts instead of two! I was so mad at myself. I can only imagine how you feel about your results now! I'm surprised and disappointed at myself for not noticing it on your army tournament card. Still, two sets of Stingers was enough to make you very competitive. You should be proud of how you did.
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Old October 20th, 2009, 10:30 PM
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Re: NHSD Monsters in Mahomet Tourney 2009

Photo Fury, sorry you played short 60 points. But to me it felt like you had 1 extra set of stingers and 2 extra sets of hounds. Great job playing short.
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Old October 23rd, 2009, 02:15 AM
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Re: NHSD Monsters in Mahomet Tourney 2009

Hey! Dennis here. I finally became a member. Thanks for setting up that tourny. I had a lot of fun. Especially because I won some .

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Old October 23rd, 2009, 07:28 AM
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Re: NHSD Monsters in Mahomet Tourney 2009

Originally Posted by DomoSamurai View Post
Hey! Dennis here. I finally became a member. Thanks for setting up that tourny. I had a lot of fun. Especially because I won some .
Welcome aboard DomoSamurai good to see you on the boards!
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Old November 9th, 2009, 01:16 AM
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Re: NHSD Monsters in Mahomet Tourney 2009

I considered myself extremely lucky taking on Steve. Mimring took out 2 Krav and Airborne rather quickly, but my Nilfheim was able to finish that threat effectively. Krug already had 4 wounds when Steve was able to get him up against Nilfheim, while the dragon was on height. Nilfheim took out Krug, while my Krav and the last 2 Airborne made quick work of Syvarris. All in all Steve just had difficulty trying to move his characters around, where as Nilf could fly and the Airborne are well... the Airborne.
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