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Old October 25th, 2008, 11:08 PM
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Florida Frenzy 2.0 - Sisyphus' Battle Reports

Florida Frenzy 2.0 was held at Sci-Fi City in Orlando, Florida. 26 attended this event organized by NecroBlade, James, and Himsati.

495 point armies.
5 swiss rounds followed by quarterfinal, semifinal, and final rounds.
+1 to strength of schedule for armies not containing any of spider_poison's A+ rated units(Raelin, Q9 4th Mass, Deathreavers, and now Stingers)
+1 to strength of schedule for armies not containing more than three cards worth of any common squads
+1 to all Frenzy rolls

Qualifying Maps:
-Road Rampage
-Stroll Through the Park
-Crystallized(With heavy snow/slippery ice)
-Broken Skyline(remake)

Elimination Maps:
-Badru Valley

The Glyphs :
Crevcor – Common Attack +1
Ulvaniva – Unique Attack +1
Gerda – Defense +1
Valda – Move +2
Dagmar – Initiative +8
Lodin – D20 +1

My Army:

220 = Tor-Kul-Na
090 = Marrden Nagrubs(3x)
185 = Zelrig

Roller seemed rather surprised when he saw the army had brought. I suppose going from armies containing hoards of high ranked common squads to an army based on a couple of high priced and comparably lower ranked unique heroes is surprising. But I had my reasons:

-I didn't want to use any A+ units or more than three of a common squad
-The Nagrubs are the only common squad that I have three of, are really good with only three, aren't A+, and aren't the 10th Foot
-I wanted to bring Tor-Kul-Na and Nagrubs to the last Frenzy but I chickened out at the last moment
-I waited to the last moment to pick my army so the last army I had vigorously play tested was my Tor-Kul-Na/Nagrub from the last Frenzy
-I needed Zelrig to handle Glad/Blast armies and I had expected Blue Dane and family to attend and bring a bunch of 10th Foot and/or Stingers and I would be able to show them Zelrig and laugh maniacally. Unfortunately, Blue Dane and family didn't come.
-I thought Zelrig, a figure with a seven range special attack and flying. would shine on the semifinal and final maps.
-I like my army to be cohesive and fit the maximum number of points exactly. I do not like my army to require filler and leave 5 points left over(like last time).
-I expected my army to be original. But NecroBlade brought the same army except with Nilfheim instead of Zelrig. Oops.

Round #1

I faced off against Rennix on Road Rampage:

200 = Microcorp Agents(2x)
170 = New Drake
100 = Krav Maga Agents
010 = Isamu
010 = Onatashi

Rennix won the first initiative and started to climb his Krav Maga Agents up the bridge and my Nagrubs and Hivelord followed suit on the other side. My opponent's second turn was on the Microcorp which allowed me to charge Tor-Kul-Na across the bridge and obliterate the female Krav Maga Agent from height. One Nagrub then uncovered the defense glyph and the others followed after their leader. My opponent then used his KMA to grab the unique attack glyph and fire up at TKN but did no damage. It was my turn and TKN was in position to stomp the remaining Krav Maga with ease but I instead chose to charge down the bridge to start stomping Microcorp and sent a Nagrub after the agent on the attack glyph. The Nagrub failed to kill the Agent but with one dead and another tied up, putting order markers on the Krav would not help my opponent next round.

I won initiative and continued killing Microcorp. The only thing that could really deprive me of victory at this point would be for Drake to show up with two or three spectacular attacks on TKN in succession so I did all I could to prevent this from happening. I tied Drake up with Nagrubs as soon as possible and made sure that if Drake did attack TKN it would not be from height and that he would be vulnerable to trample stomp. Doing this resulted in some very strange movement paths that required rulebook consultation to determine their legality since a failed trample stomp ends movement and could leave TKN in a vulnerable position(they were legal). I need not have worried though since Drake never rolled enough skulls to kill a Nagrub much less damage Tor-Kul-Na.

Eventually I killed all but one Microcorp, stomped both ninjas and captured the unique attack glyph with Nagrubs. Then Tor-Kul-Na crushed Drake and I had several free turns to kill the last Microcorp Agent sitting in the water. The matched ended and all that I had lost was 20 points of Nagrubs from heeling Tor-Kul-Na's only two wounds. I had never before more decisively won a match.

Record 1-0

Round #2:
I battled Peter(?) on Crystallized:

100 = Krav Maga Agents
100 = Syvarris
120 = Kaemon Awa
090 = Ne-Gok-Sa
080 = Gladiatrons

Peter told me had only played a couple of times before so I tried to explain all the things that my army could do. I realized it didn't sound fair at all. I had to explain that I had this one figure(TKN) who had as good or better attack, life, defense, and movement than all his figures, plus I could trample stomp, plus I get to move these Nagrubs with him, and oh, by the way, those Nagrubs heal the big beasty too.

Just like Rennix last match, Peter won initiative and lead out with his Krav Maga Agents and just like last match I brought out Tor-Kul-Na to counter them. My opponent then was able to fire down on Tor-Kul-Na from height and dealt one wound which was immediately removed by the sacrifice of a loyal Nagrub. TKN, with the help of road movement, stomped two agents and killed the third with the normal attack. This gave me a free turn which I used to run Tor-Kul-Na down to the edge of my opponent's starting zone and smash Syvarris from height. The result was a dead Syvarris. During this time my Nagrubs claim the D20 and unique attack glyphs.

I won initiative the next round and I had a commanding lead. And though Kaemon Awa was the figure in my opponent's army that can do the most physical damage, the only chance for victory to be snatched from me was a lucky mindsackle roll from Ne-Gok-Sa so I bypassed Kaemon to beat down Ne-Gok-Sa as soon as possible. Between trample, TKN's hefty normal attack, and Nagrub nibbles, Ne-Gok-Sa only got one (unsuccessful)attempt at mindshackle before he died. I get another free turn in which I used to trample and smash Kaemon Awa to death. All that was left do was trample the squad of Gladiatrons the next round. I won another blowout as my only loss was a single Nagrub.

Record 2-0

Round #3
I went up against LFVJH on Stroll Through the Park:

240 = Gladiatrons(3x)
120 = Blastatrons(2x)
120 = Kaemon Awa
010 = Isamu

This was the first time I put an order marker on Zelrig since I was not going to charge Tor-Kul-Na into a Glad/Blast army. I won the first initiative and flew Zelrig onto the turret where I was able to fry four robots sitting in my opponent's starting zone. My opponent countered with Kaemon Awa who gave Zelrig two wounds. Other than ensuring Kaemon couldn't engage, I ignored his futile efforts to stop me and used Zelrig to fry a seven hex of robots, and then flew up onto the other turret and roasted five more robots and Isamu.

The next round my opponent only had four spread out Gladiatrons and Kaemon Awa left so I load my order markers on Nagrubs. I won initiative and charged towards Kaemon Awa who put a wound on my Hivelord. The would was immediately removed by a Nagrub's Sacrifice and the match concluded exactly like the previous one. TKN killed Kaemon with a trample and a healthy attack roll and then I trampled the remaining squad of Gladiatrons. I won a third blowout losing only one Nagrub and two wounds on Zelrig.

Record 3-0

Round #4

My fourth match was against randomskyfears on Broken Skyline(remake):

110 = Ninjas of the Northern Wind
110 = Airborne Elite
100 = Marcus Decimus Gallus
100 = Sacred Band(2x)
075 = 10th Regiment of Foot

Since my opponent's Airborne Elite didn't drop the first two rounds I put my order markers on Zelrig with the intent of sniping at enemy commons from afar. Randomskyfears alternated between his 10th Foot and his Ninjas. He did a good job keeping his figures spread apart and just placing them in the most inconvenient spots for me in general. For my part I did a good job keeping out of the range of his Ninjas and the 10th Foot's bayonets and Wait Then Fire. The one blemish in my opponent's otherwise immaculate figure placement was to leave two 10th Foot members adjacent in the center of the map. One was on top of the lower center tower and the other was on the ground next to it and they were(although not obviously) adjacent due to the 10th Foot's height of five. I burned through the squad of 10th Foot who in return dealt two wounds to Zelrig. With their six movement and the roads, I couldn't keep the Ninjas off my back forever and I eventually allowed one of them to engage Zelrig after Zelrig had roasted a squad of the Sacred Band. The Ninja rolled four skulls and brought Zelrig down to one life.

Then came the next round and the Airborne Elite dropped along the towers so I knew Zelrig was toast. I could only put my order markers on Nagrubs and hope for the best. I won initiative and moved Nagrubs and their Hivelord towards the enemy held towers and braced for impact. The Airborne Elite finished off Zelrig and put two or three wounds on Tor-Kul-Na. My Marro were then able to close in on the AE but I found to my annoyance that my Nagrubs, with height of two, couldn't attack them from the base of the towers. Nevertheless, the fun for the Airborne Elite was over as I uncovered the common attack glyph and Tor-Kul-Na and the boosted Nagrubs took down the enemy soldiers in two turns.

My next problem was my opponent's Ninjas. One of them, using ghost walk and disengage, was able to slip through and land a three or four skull attack on Tor-Kul-Na that left him with two life remaining. It was immediately trampled but I was still in trouble. If I charged after the remaining Ninjas any survivors would have a chance at Tor-Kul-Na and given their penchant for rolling skulls my two life didn't seem very safe. Also I felt if I could heal my Hivelord completely I could easily take down everything my opponent had left. Usually I would set up a screen of Nagrubs in this situation but that tactic would be ineffective against the ninjas and their ghostwalk/disengage. So instead I decided to retreat Tor-Kul-Na to give him a chance to heal unmolested. I couldn't even attack with my Nagrubs since the movement granted by a successful Disappearing Ninja would bring them in range of TKN next turn.

My tactic worked as I got to remove a wound in peace and then Nagrubs and Hivelord were able to kill both Ninjas the next turn. All my opponent had left was a squad of Greeks and Marcus. Some of my Nagrubs played a delaying action against my opponent's soldiers while the remainder finished healing Tor-Kul-Na. I thought I had the game in the bag so I was careless and left Tor-Kul-Na next to the center towers. So once my opponent broke through my Nagrub screen with only Marcus and three Sacred Band members left he was able to pin TKN to the towers with two of his Greeks. I wasn't worried though because I had to chance to trample the remnants of my opponent's army away. However, the mighty Hivelord must have been feeling a little sleepy after such a big meal because he failed his first trample attempt and then his normal attack was defended. This allowed the remaining Greeks to take height on the center towers and deal several wounds to Tor-Kul-Na. I tried to bash it out with TKN but although he got three tramples against Marcus he was only able to kill two Greeks before he fell. Then the last Nagrub(who I had forgotten about) was hunted down and killed. It was close loss as I had gotten randomskyfears down to one Sacred Band member and a half life Marcus.

Record 3-1

Round #5

I went against Star Wolf on Road Rampage:

180 = Major Q9
150 = 10th Regiment of Foot(2x)
080 = Death Reavers(2x)
080 = Raelin

This was the first time I faced a Robot(Q9), Rat, Raelin army but I felt fairly good about the upcoming battle. Road Rampage is a very good map for Tor-Kul-Na and I was confident if Tor-Kul-Na could take down Q9 and Raelin that Zelrig would have no problems mopping up the rest.

I won initiative which turned out to be a huge break for me. I started climbing Tor-Kul-Na and Nagrubs up the bridge and Star Wolf sent three Reavers towards glyphs and one up the bridge. Then, after my Hivelord crossed the bridge and stomped the Reaver who had dared climb up, a Nagrub uncovered the defense glyph on my side one turn before my opponent could get there. The Reavers then took another turn and took the initiative glyph on my opponent's side and killed the Nagrub on the defense glyph. I couldn't be happier though, I had crossed the board with next to no losses and was ready to engage the enemy. TKN engaged and ineffectually attacked Q9, one Nagrub reclaimed the defense glyph and more Nagrubs continued on after their Hivelord.

Star Wolf won initiative the next round thanks to his glyph and brought his 10th Foot out from around Q9 to attack Tor-Kul-Na. The Hivelord then trampled his way through a couple of 10th Foot to get to Raelin and trample her, all while staying engaged to Q9. Then Tor-Kul-Na unleashed a five skull attack on Raelin but Raelin responded by rolling all shields. This was incredibly irritating because after I trampled her again the next turn she still had one life left. Since I wasn't going to waste an attack of six against a one life Raelin, I instead attacked Q9 and rolled another five skulls. But the dice gods were playing tricks on me and Q9 rolled five shields. I of course failed to trample the next turn and my attack on Q9 was again blocked. The turn after that, however, Raelin is trampled to death and I can attack Q9 without her aura boosting him. Star Wolf continued to alternate between Q9 and his 10th Foot and Tor-Kul-Na hacked at Q9 another couple of rounds before being killed. Tor-Kul-Na only managed to inflict one wound on the Major. However, in between grabbing glyphs, healing Tor-Kul-Na, and drawing enemy fire, my Nagrubs dealt two more wounds to Major Q9!

So I was down to Zelrig and two Nagrubs against a one life Q9, a half dozen 10th Foot, and seven Deathreavers. One Nagrub remained on the defense glyph and the other took up position to defend the bridge somewhat from the enemy. I flew Zelrig on top of the bridge and started roasting the 10th Foot and Deathreavers who were presumably trying to dislodge my Nagrub from the defense glyph below. Eventually my opponent started to climb Major Q9 up the bridge which gave me the opportunity to fly in attack the robot from height. I rolled four skulls and that was the end of Q9. Star Wolf's Deathreavers killed the Nagrub on the defense glyph and Zelrig continued roasting Deathreavers until the end all that was left was Zelrig and my last Nagrub who was engaged to Star Wolf's last Deathreaver. Zelrig's special attack killed both and the game ended with the unwounded Zelrig alone on the battle field, standing majestically in the exact center of the bridge. It was quite a picture and quite a victory.

Record 4-1

With a 4-1 record I easily qualified for the elimination rounds.


I battled Star Wolf again, this time on Broken Skyline(remake):

180 = Major Q9
150 = 10th Regiment of Foot(2x)
080 = Death Reavers(2x)
080 = Raelin

I had to face Star Wolf again, but this time the map didn't favor me at all. I felt I couldn't just charge TKN across the board again since my opponent could easily gain height around his starting zone with his 10th Foot. So instead I decided to start with Zelrig and clear out enough 10th Foot so that Tor-Kul-Na could do his thing against Q9.

I won the first initiative again but time it wasn't advantageous because after I advanced Zelrig, there was nothing in range for him to hit. My opponent sent two Deathreavers towards each of the glyphs. Since he had left both groups of Rats adjacent to each other I decided to target one of the groups to prevent him from getting one of the glyphs the next turn. However Zelrig whiffed his attack roll and my opponent claimed both the unique attack and movement glyphs. Using the movement glyph, one of the rats was able to engage Zelrig. I couldn't afford to waste my time attacking ten point figures so Zelrig broke engagement, took the hit, and flew over to target a pair of 10th Foot who were outside of Raelin's Aura but I whiffed another attack roll. Star Wolf then took a turn with Q9 and thanks again to the movement glyph he was able to engage Zelrig.

I lost the next initiative and my opponent took a turn with his 10th Foot and dealt a couple of wounds to Zelrig. So when I got my turn with Zelrig I was engaged to Q9 and the only 10th Foot that are still adjacent to one another were under Raelin's aura. I felt I was way behind at this point and couldn't get back in the game just by killing one or maybe two 10th Foot and I also felt I couldn't afford to risk another disengagement strike. However I knew it was just possible to have a big turn with a good attack roll against Q9 who had to leave Raelin's aura to engage me. But I rolled only a single skull which was easily defended. After the counter attack that left Zelrig with one life remaining, Zelrig made another anemic one skull attack against Q9. On my opponent's third turn, Zelrig went down and I hadn't yet inflicted a single point of damage.

Fortunately, I had predicted Zelrig's demise and put my third order marker on Nagrubs. I moved my Marro across the board hoping to ambush Q9 with an initiative win. I won initiative and attacked Q9 but couldn't do any damage. Eventually my opponent moved Raelin up to boost Q9's defense. Since I couldn't seem to do anything against a Q9 with just seven defense dice I broke engagement to take down Raelin. Raelin then broke engagement with Tor-Kul-Na to fly on top of the high center tower. If I had been thinking clearly I would have resigned myself to beating down a nine defense Q9 with Tor-Kul-Na but I was so pissed off at the map and had so little confidence in my rolling abilities that I took the time to kill Raelin first. But even after Raelin died I still couldn't roll anywhere near enough skulls to dent Q9's armor. Tor-Kul-Na kept on rolling two or fewer skulls which were defended by four or five shields. My dependable Nagrubs were almost always rolling all skulls but these attacks were also defended. It got down to a half dead Tor-Kul-Na and a single Nagrub hiding behind the ruins against Star Wolf's entire army less Raelin.

I had no business hoping for comeback. Even if I managed to defeat Q9 without losing any more life, my opponent's 10th Foot would be more than able to finish me off. Then, at the start of a round, Star Wolf decided to break engagement with Tor-Kul-Na(and took the hit) to chase after my last Nagrub. I suppose my opponent hadn't noticed that once I had been whittled down to one Nagrub I put all my order markers directly on Tor-Kul-Na. Anyway this gave me a slight chance. I immediately reengaged the Major,this time from height. However I was exasperated again when I rolled only two skulls out of seven attack dice. Q9 and Tor-Kul-Na fought it out for the remainder of the round and Tor-Kul-Na was brought down to two life. I won initiative the next round and was finally able to unleash a monstrous five skull attack on Q9 which killed him. Since all of my opponent's order markers had been on that robot, I had two free turns with Tor-Kul-Na which I used to trample a squad of 10th Foot.

The next round I was able to stomp two more 10th Foot before one of the surviving soldiers used Wait Than Fire to roll a three skull attack and when Tor-Kul-Na could only muster one shield in response, he went down. The remainder of the match featured Deathreavers hunting down and killing my last remaining Nagrub. I had gotten my opponent down to two 10th Foot and a half a dozen Deathreavers but I was still knocked out in the quarterfinals.

Analysis and Thoughts:

I was very careful not to lose turns by having all my Nagrubs killed. I would hide one away and when I was down to one Nagrub I would put my order markers on Tor-Kul-Na. I realize now that I had to be more aggressive with my last Nagrub. Both my losses were very tight and one extra heal or even one extra attack at the right moment might have been able to turn the tide.

Tor-Kul-Na and Nagrubs are amazing and definitely underrated. The combination is very expensive but at the same time it does just about everything and has incredible staying power. Tor-Kul-Na with his great stats can beat down just about any hero including the Q9 and Raelin combo while trample stomp and Nagrubs can handle most squads. The Nagrubs play a lot like Deathreavers and not like the usual bonding squads. They grab glyphs and they tie up enemy figures and, of course, they heal Tor-Kul-Na.

Tor-Kul-Na and Nagrubs are very map dependent. Ideally they should be played on completely flat road maps. Zelrig is very opponent dependent. Ideally Zelrig should be played against an army consisting entirely of commons. In a tournament, I know ahead of time what maps I will be playing on, I don't know ahead of time what armies I will be playing against.

Road To Nowhere seemed like it was made for the army I brought. It has roads and is relatively flat which is great for TKN. Also I can tell immediately from how my opponent sets up his starting zone what his plans are. Whichever figures are on road spaces, those are the figures he will start with. However, with my army, I can just as easily fly Zelrig in as to walk Tor-Kul-Na up the bridge.

Broken Skyline, despite being a road map, seemed designed to screw my army over. It is very unkind to double spaced figures in general since the high points are inaccessible to them. Those towers give hight advantage to whoever I am fighting, prevent trample stomp, and my Nagrubs have to be able to climb up to to attack. Then there is that annoying one tile road hill thats only purpose seems to be to slow down two spaced walking figures for a turn. Finally the starting zones are stretched out which makes it easier and quicker for my opponent's to spread out and protect themselves from Zelrig.

I think a lot of people didn't have much experience fighting Tor-Kul-Na or Zelrig(I know I didn't). That was a big advantage to me.

The Q9s of this world are lot happier when there aren't hoards of Stingers around.

I once again was impressed again by how much I would rather face Kaemon Awa than Q10. I can't trample away Q10's life away and counter-strike doesn't mean much against six attack backed by six life. Kaemon Awa is forced to get closer to do any real damage and you really don't want to get close to TKN. Q10 can quickly kill Nagrubs if necessary.

With Tor-Kul-Na I can kill Q9 faster than I can kill Raelin and then Q9 so there are times that is better to not kill Raelin first. Especially if Raelin has height and I can't trample her.

And finally, links to previous tournament battle reports:
Florida Frenzy 1.0
June South Florida Game Day 2008
Florida Frenzy 1.5

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Re: Florida Frenzy 2.0 - Sisyphus' Battle Reports

Awesome battle report. I got so into it, I banged the table when reading that you lost your quarterfinal match in the face of a comeback.
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Re: Florida Frenzy 2.0 - Sisyphus' Battle Reports

I enjoyed hearing about how you prioritize your targets and the placement of your own order markers depending on the opponent's army selection - plus I enjoyed reading a Tor-Kul-Na battle report. Great battle report!
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Re: Florida Frenzy 2.0 - Sisyphus' Battle Reports

As always Sisyphus, great battle report!!! I missed coming up there and playing with you guys. Till our next encounter.

Can't find it? Try the Index | Live in Florida? Belated National Heroscape Day in SoFL
South Florida Game Days |
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