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Old April 14th, 2008, 05:41 PM
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AAR April 12th 2008

AAR April 12th 2008

Game Type: Free for all
Board Type: Random – Non symmetrical
Glyphs: None
Players: 3 (Me, Dave, Tim)
Army Points: ~500
Army Type: Faction Only (No cross factions)
House Rules: Road wraps around entire perimeter

Team Dave (Vydar) SW Corner
Blastatrons x2
Agent Carr
Krav Maga Agents
Major X17

Team Tim (Einar) NW Corner
Tagawa Samurai
Izumi Samurai
Tagawa Samurai Archers
Guilty Mc Creech
KaeMon Awa
Empress Kiova

Team Me (Ullar) SE Corner
Shaolin Monks x2
Warrior of Ashra
Aubrien Archers
Deadeye Dan

Commotion and chaos filled the air as the armies assembled and formed ranks on three corners of the battlefield. Chaos gave way to silence as each leader viewed the landscape that would ultimately decide their fate. Peering further to opposites ends one could see the masses eager to force their will upon their victims. Like a schoolyard fight the leaders would size up the foes. Silence still rang true as the only sounds were that of brainwork as the leaders devised their strategies, plots and ploys, each envisioning a grand campaign of absolute dominance of their kind. Sadly for two, their best laid plan will falter along with the lives of their army.

Silence turned to whisper, whisper turned to rumblings, rumblings to roars and then with one fell swoop, roars turned to horns blowing and bugles sounding signifying the order to charge. Einar began by moving KaeMon Awa, archers and samurai onto the battle field. Vydar moved their Blastatrons and Gladiatrons, Major X17 and Blastatrons with another movement of Gladiatrons. Ullar moved the monks and then the archers twice.

Flow of the battle favored meeting in the middle for an all out rumble. However, Ullar’s archers were covering the left flank of their army and were within range of the robots of Vydar. Steadily they pulled back on their bowstrings and unleashed the first strike taking down two of the Glads. This move eased the fear of many as getting cyberclawed by Glads and blown to pieces by Blasts was all too common and a deathly combination that had to be eliminated. The Monks moved to the Eastern side of the wall with 1 Monk in support of the left flank and another in between the middle and left flank.

Einar quickly began positioning themselves on the western side of the wall and the western road. Vydar, now confronted with a two front battle began to split forces. The main force moved northward to the river bank and the other moved eastward along the southern road. Exchanges of fire between Vydar and Ullar caused no further casualties but did result in negotiations of a ceasefire. Both sides agreed in theory to pull back troops out of range and focus the efforts beyond the rivers in the middle of the region at the great wall.

Einar seeing an opportunity to fortify his recently acquired land began to move the rest of his troops toward the middle. Ullar kept his word by pulling the archers away and sending them to the middle. Strategic talks between Einar and Ullar made Vydar upset as Einar shot down one Glad. Vydar reneged on the ceasefire with Ullar and assaulted the lone monk with Major X17 with no success and moved Agent Carr into position. Ullar, feeling betrayed, moved two monks and Solen into position on their left flank and wounded the mighty robot leaving him with one health while taking three wounds of his own. Agent Carr took down a monk and gave two wounds to Solen before receiving a gravestone from Solen. The last monk knowing death was imminent jumped into the middle of the fray with three Blasts a Glad and Major X17 and took the life of two Blasts and the last Glad before submitting to taking a dirt nap. Negotiation of another ceasefire took place as the two sides realized that the followers of Einar were solidifying their hold of the strategic area on the western side of the wall and their heroes were badly bloodied.

Solen moved to the ruin shelter in his starting area to attempt at healing his wounds. He was guarded by the Warriors of Ashra. Deadeye Dan climbed the tower and loaded his rifle. Anyone attempting to enter his area would be met with the chill of lead in their veins if he was called upon. The archers took position just east of the great wall. The opening in the wall was guarded by monks on both sides. The archers shot at the Empress Kiova over and over and over for three consecutive frenzy attacks dealing her four wounds. Kaemon Awa stepped into range and missed the archer. The archers again frenzied one time dealing Kaemon Awa 3 wounds. Ullar positioned another monk on the northeast side of the great wall to cover the northern flank from the ever advancing counterstriking army.

On the western side of the wall a battle took place with the Krav Maga agents and a few Blastatrons of Vydar and the Archers and Samurai of Einar. The western bridge was place for cannon fodder. After the dust settled, Vydars force was eliminated and Einar had lost Empress, one archer, two Isumi Samurai and one Tagawa Samurai. The only people left for Vydar were X17 badly wounded and three Blastarons. Feeling a bit suicidal the leader of Vydar decided to go all out. He moved X17 to attack the monk guarding the doorway of the great wall and moved his Blasts in formation down the southern road to hunt down Solen. X17 quickly fell to the gound with the sound of grinding gears from the assault of a monk. The Blasts got within range of the Warrior girls and two shots met their targets before the last warrior stopped the final assault of Vydar.

The Tagawa Samuai were now as powerful as they can be from their gained experience of killing the Vydars. The two Einar archers were held in place by the Monks guarding the door way. As the samurais charged the doorway the Einar archers had fallen to the archers of Ullar and the two monks had fallen to the mighty Tagawa. As anticipated by Ullar, Guilty Mc Creech approached on the northern road but traveled to far as he was within striking distance of the last surviving monk which took him down.

The Einar army had finally broken through the wall and had the advantage it seemed. The Einar leader gave boisterous cheers and drank heavily from his cask of ale while the Ullar leader vowed to fight on to the bitter end…who also was drinking heavily from his cask of ale.

The battle placements didn’t bode well for Ullar. In the middle were three Archers to face two Tagawa and Kaemon. On the northern road was one monk to face off with one Izumi samurai. Solen lay wounded. Deadeye was waiting on the tower and now guarded by the lone warrior girl. The stage was set. The time had come, who would win Ullar or Einar?

Kaemon Awa took out one archer before being frenzied and laid to waste in retaliation. The lone Izumi samurai dealt the killing blow to the last monk. The Tagawa rushed toward the archers and sliced and diced them to pieces. Solen, sensing the end time had come stepped out from behind his shelter and moved toward the battle. The Tagawa moved southward toward their next victim. Solen was able to heal but tried in vain to shoot the Tagawa. A big hit from them would end his life. Solen was now engaged with one Tagawa with the other one a space away. The Tagawa attacked and dealt a wound to Solen. Solen was ready for death but will he be able to muster up enough strength to take one last attempt?

Ancient elfish words rang through the air as the Tagawa looked on in awe as Solen’s dragon flew above him while an aura enveloped Solen giving him precious strength. Solen looked at the Tagawa in his eye, pointed and said the word familiar only to his Dragon. The Dragon swooped down on the Tagawa piercing his armor. The dragon licked his talons and appeared to smile at the final Tagawa. Solen turned to the now last Tagawa and lighting shot forth from his hand electrifying the once mighty Tagawa. Solen knew his duty was not yet finished as only the complete and utter destruction of his foes would satisfy. He traveled swiftly along the eastern road and chased down the last surviving member of the Einar army, the Izumi. Exhaustion, fear and shock appeared to have affected this usually heavily defensive samurai as he gave no fight before falling victim to Solen.

Solen, Dan and Ashra gathered, embraced and quietly began traveling to their home land knowing that some day they will have to go through this hell once again.

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