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Old April 13th, 2014, 07:17 AM
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24 Hexers: Sand, Snow, and Rock Terrain and Rules

I just bought lots of custom sand and snow 24 hexers, neither of which were officially made by Hasbro in the old days. I had a few of each, but had always intended to add more. A pal got them on the internet for me when he bought some of his own. I've got sixteen of each total now, so I can cover half of a normal NYC Gang of Four map board (34 x 23 spaces for four players) with them. I can declare all of on type to make a complete large board, or extend them with the usual smaller hex combo pieces as needed for that monocolored effect.

I used a couple each of the new ones first for my recent Supers Infinity Gauntlet scenario, and they looked good on the table. Because I wanted to extend the board even more, I also added terrain effects that I haven't tried since the earliest days of Scape, to a board that had almost every type of Scape terrain that has since come out (for a description see Marvelscape/Maps and Terrain/The Infinity Gauntlet).

Being originally a wargamer, I was surprised when Heroscape first came out that the different colors didn't have different movement costs. This was also true of the later dark green Swamp hexes, although other newer terrain types did have special rules later on like Lava Field and Molten Lava, Jungle Tree and Bush, Shadow, etc.

Here are the old terrain rules, slightly modifed, that I used for the first time in many years:

Sand and Snow: count double for movement. No flying above them. This simulates sand and snow storms.

Rock: count double for movement. Plus one defense die against non-adjacent attacks. This simulates broken ground, where you can just duck behind a boulder.

The sand and snow areas were only one "Building Unit," large, each BU being of two 24 hex pieces connected mirror fashion to each other for 48 hexes total. The sand area was a maze of ruins, the snow had glacier mountains and some raised two hexers. These were in the extreme north and south, along board edges.

The rock areas were twice as large (2BU), one of which had a Lava Field seven hexer and rock outcrops, the other a raised asphalt seven hexer (treated as road) with castle battlements to form a low castle tower, connected to two short road sections leading right off one board edge. These were in the extreme East and West along board edges.

The rules worked just fine, as I kept these areas relatively small, and all the start zones in the corners (and one in the center) were connected by green (normal) terrain. I used Swamp (dark green) to mark the 24 hex player start zones.

I'm looking forward to building more with sand and snow on future boards.

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