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Custom Units & Army Cards Fan-created HS army cards for units, glyphs, and equipment

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Old February 15th, 2007, 08:05 AM
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Robaula's Customs 15th March - ZOMBIE AGENT CARR STATS!

Welcome to my custom figure thread! So far, we have:

Xoan (with card) - A Shadow (son of Robaula) Creation
Agent Carr (having defected to Utgar)
Xephon The Dragonlord
Saint George
Grimnak Jnr (with card)
Spider Horde (with card)

Pictures are all below!

Willing to trade - PM me!

Xoan - The Winged Serpent

Agent Carr, serving Utgar

Twilight in Valhalla. There had been a great battle - the forces of Vydar had fought bravely against Utgar's Grut and Marro armies, finally prevailing against the horde, capturing the Turnok Wellspring for their General. The cost had been high - many a hero had fallen.
Down in the dark depths of the Turnok canyon, there was movement. A shattered form shakily pulled itself to its feet, swaying gently in the twilight.

"I have brought you back. Vydar has abandoned you - I give you new life. A new purpose. Under my banner you will help me conquer Valhalla."

The figure rose up, using a broken sword to steady itself, compensating for its shattered left leg, the splintered bone protruding from its leg.

"Serve me. I am your new master. Vydar has abandoned you."

The figure bent down, looking at the floor, searching. It reached down and picked up a thin silver object, that catched the gleam of the moonlight. The figure straightened its back, and placed the silver visor on its disfigured face. A seething rage was hidden behind the visor. A rage that could only be sated by revenge.

"My lord Utgar. I am yours. Those that follow Vydar must be eliminated. Agent Carr pledges his allegience to you."

The Marro Hivelords are in Valhalla...

Te-Bar-Ax is a Marro Hivelord, the sole surviving follower of Utgar from the battle of the four plains. He was critically injured during the battle, struck down by Jandar's finest. Utgar himself rescued the Hivelord from the scene of the battle, and entwined Te-Bar-Ax's whole essence with that of a fallen Zettian Guard. Now, both physically and spiritually combined with the Soulborg, Te-Bar-Ax is stronger than ever, prepared to bring his influence and skills to the battlefield, ready to wage war on his masters enemies.

5 Life
5 Move
1 Range
4 Attack
3 Defense
100 Points

Marro Leadership 2
Before taking a turn with Te-Bar-Ax, you may first take a turn with Marro Warriors.

Laser Assault
Range 7. Attack 1 or 2.
Te-Bar-Ax starts each turn with 8 attack dice. Choose any figure within range and attack by rolling 1 or 2 attack dice. Te-Bar-Ax may keep making special attacks with 1 or 2 attack dice until he has rolled all 8 attack dice. Te-Bar-Ax may target the same or different figures with each attack.

Ga-Nax-Sa, a Hivelord from Marr. A great warrior, vicious and precise is dealing out death to his enemies. Believed captured and executed by an Einar force led by Marcus Decimus Gallus, Ga-Nax-Sa's return to the field of battle is shrouded in mystery. Now only a shadow of his former self, Ga-Nax-Sa has, like Te-Bar-Ax, become merged with the whole essence of a Zettian Guard. With his new found strengths, Ga-Nax-Sa brings a whole new flavour of pain to the battlefield.

5 Life
5 Move
1 Range
4 Attack
3 Defense
100 Points

Marro Leadership 1
Before taking a turn with Ga-Nax-Sa, you may first take a turn with Marro Drones.

Slashing Assault
Range 1. Attack 3.
If Ga-Nax-Sa inflicts a wound with Slashing Assault, he may attack again with Slashing Assault.

Ka-Zet-Ba, a third Hivelord from Marr. Taken from his homeworld, Ka-Zet-Ba reappeared in Valhalla as a shadow of his former self. Joining his altered comrades, Ka-Zet-Ba is ready to serve his master as the third member of Utgar's Elite.

4 Life
5 Move
8 Range
2 Attack
4 Defense
100 Points

Covering Fire
Any Marro wthin 8 clear sight spaces of Ka-Zet-Ba roll one extra dice when attacking with a normal ranged attack.

Missile Assault
Range 10.
Roll 12 Utgar Valkyrie Dice. Each Utgar symbol rolled counts as a hit that can be placed on any figure within range of this special attack. The hits can be split between as many or as few figures as the attacker chooses. The defending player rolls their normal number of defence dice against the attack seperately for each figure.

Together, the three Marro Hivelords are known as Utgar's Elite. Rallying Utgar's forces behind them, they will take Valhalla by storm!

Xephon The Dragonlord

Havent done some stats for this guy yet... A simple combination of Mimring and DW9000 from the Master Set. I'm looking into ideas as to what the MS figures can be used for, seeing as they are all unique they tend to gather dust quite alot at my house!

Saint George

Grimnak Jnr

Spider Horde

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