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Old December 8th, 2016, 07:57 AM
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Re: A look into Heroscape name pronunciation and backstory

Originally Posted by Xorlof View Post
Originally Posted by Majora's Incarnation View Post
Originally Posted by Xorlof View Post
I've started listening to this. It sounds like, @Majora's Incarnation , that you have done quite a bit of research on this, but are you guys punking us on some of these pronunciations?
I looked up and listened to people speak Old Norse, and how the sounds were made, and specifically how they compared it to the Spanish vowel system, it made it easier for me to understand it that way.
So in a nutshell, sure there are specific ways for the names, but in any event, depending on the world, time, and setting, the way to say it would be different so any pronunciation could go in a multiverse context. I wanted to make it seem that way despite the best way people could say it if they had the prior knowledge of such, aka in the scene where Raelin says Jandar with a Y and the Airborne Elite earlier called him Jandar with a J.
Thanks. Yes, you were very clear, but as I implied, some of the supplied pronunciations seemed counter-intuitive (although I have no problem believing it should be, as you said, YAN-dar for example) and I wondered if you were using your pronunciation of other words as a wink to us that you're pulling our legs in certain spots.

For example, both of you consistently even said the word pronunciation (prə-nŭn'-sē-ā′-shən) as if it were pronounciation (prə-noun'-sē-ā′-shən). At first, I chalked this up to a regionalism (we've all got them!), but later I wasn't so sure and after I heard the talk about Einar, I started developing a theory that maybe you two were sometimes joking around a bit. In part of that Einar discussion you said, "The E-I in Einar is pronounced liked the A-I in rain so [...] that's EH-nar." I don't pronounce "rain" as "rehn" (rĕn, homophone of "wren") and neither did you. We both say it like "rayn" (rān, homophone of reign) so I assume Einar should be AY-nar (ā′-när or perhaps ān′-är), not EH-nar (ĕ′-när or perhaps ĕn′-är) using the "rain rule," right? But I think you consistently said EH-nar. Perhaps that was just an error and not a joke? Or maybe I just need better ears! I was listening in a noisy environment...

In any event, I am very much enjoying Tales of Valhalla and looking forward to more. I'm sure your contributions make it that much better and it's really cool that you guys are paying this much attention to detail!
The main focus of making this video was to provide a reference for my voice actors to pronounce words/names correctly for whatever character they will be voicing. (Even though we will probably still mess things up half the time) So this discussion was very specific and serious but it is really hard to stay serious when you are having so much fun. lol Thanks for your support Xorlof. We are all looking forward to working on Seasons 2-3 in full force starting 2017 and creating more introduction videos as well to provide you guys with more stop motion content.
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