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Old April 15th, 2013, 01:15 AM
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My personal top 5 after 17,000 pts of Heroscape.

The three of us played through two "seasons" of Heroscape recently spanning about 17,000 points of units, each. The boards were huge, the games epic. We took factions- Utgar, Ullar and Jandar, with some "mercenary" units from the other factions thrown in . So, most of the gameplay centered around faction vs. faction. I'm not saying that these guys are the best, but they were the best in these games.

Here, from this series of Heroscape are the top 5 units who showed the most value.

1. Sonlen - the guy was almost always a major player in ever game with both staying power and vast utility value. A unit to build an army around. In one particular game, he controlled the center of the board for 70% of the actual game.

2. Cyprien - with the exception of one game in which he was overwhelmed in one turn by vipers, this guy showed great value in both taking down other units and maneuverability. whenever the guy was on the board, it seemed like the whole battle shifted focus on him, what he was doing, where he was going, etc. He took down Charros in two turns.

3. Sentinels of Jandar - huge players everytime they were used. Crazy staying power. One Sentinel lasted turn after turn all alone as he held a glyph against oncoming attackers.

4. Venoc Vipers - granted my friend had great rolls with them, but still, these guys can be used to serve a purpose in mind. When those frenzies are coming up and you have multiples out there- it's bad news.

5. The Phantom Knights - in two separate games these guys were used to great, game-changing success. In one scenario they held off the procession of a horde of Aubrien Archers by taking up the high-ground with Torin behind them. They went on to blindside a gang of elf heroes in the center of the board who had held it the whole game- slaughtering the bulk of their force.

Notable omissions-

Major Q9 - although used a lot and to good affect, did not stand out as a consistent game-changer like the above 5.

Nilfheim - again, did well, but did not strand out.

Iron Golem/Frost Giants - there were games where these guys didn't do a point of damage.

Notable surprises -

Runa - Runa + Cloak of Invisibility + landing in your opponents soft underbelly of units + rolling 5 20's taking out Taleord and others = AWESOME

Granite Guardians - after playing three squads of these guys and with a little time on my hands- these guys were game changing. Tough as nails and dangerous. I will play them with the Warforged Soldiers in the future.

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Old April 15th, 2013, 08:55 AM
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Re: My personal top 5 after 17,000 pts of Heroscape.

Can't say I agree with the Venocs or Phantom Knights. My top 10 would hafta be:

Zombies of Morindan




Minions/Sentinels (Basically do same thing, one attacks well, one defeneds well)


Kozuke Samurai

Airborne Elite

Elite Onyx Vipers

And finally, Isamu. Yea I know I'm biased, no I don't care, Lol.

Just my

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