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Re: Chas Scenarios


The Following is known only to the GM:

1. Kree Security: Zettian Deathwings (new C3V Squads)
Two squads of Kree Zee Dees (or one ZD for each player) are hidden inside the shiprwreck. After the first sequence of Order Marker Ones are revealed, each player in turn other (which varies each turn) declares a target player other than himself (and one not yet so targeted by a ZD) and moves his ZD from any space next to the ship into the Radiation Zone through it (taking no effect from it) to at least one space beyond the RZ. The owning player may move that ZD as he wishes, but may only target figure(s) in that original player’s army. The The ZD is eliminated if its entire target army is wiped out. However, if a ZD detonates adjacent to a target player’s army figure, any other figures caught in the blast as well other ZDs, are also affected! If all of a players figures are killed, that ZD tracking his characters will go inactive and be removed from the board.

One ZD is run by each player against a different player’s team, such that only one ZD target’s each player. ZDs continue to move after each Order Marker sequence ends, in the sequence of that turn’s initiative turn order.

2. Kree Mutational Trap
The first non Tech squad figure of each player to trigger a glyph trap or pick up a glyph, if any, will instead transform into a D Level Super! If the glyph is still Trapped, the regular trap roll is made, with mutation only following a successroll disarming the trap. If the glyph is Untrapped, roll D20; 1-4 take a wound; otherwise mutate. Only one mutation may take place for each player army. A mutation immediately ends the figure’s turn.

The player will randomly choose this type of character card from the GMs fanned cards (one for each player), and replace his squad figure with a new one placed by the GM on the same space.

D Level Random Mutation Cards

1. Animal Man 150 (Garada)
2. Avalanche 145 (C3G)
3. Lizard 200 (C3G)
4. Mantis 150 (Drewman-chu)

3. The Shipwreck Radiation Zone
The crashed Kree spaceship is represented in the center of the map by an inactive Marro Hive. In a perimeter around it are lava hexes, which instead represent the radioactive zone around it. Any character entering such a Red Rad Hex must immediately roll a combat die, taking 1 wound if a skull is rolled. A separate roll must be made for each hex entered, whether entered voluntarily or involuntarily.

4. C3G Equipment Glyph Random Generation Table

Each time a glyph is analysed by a Tech Squad member, roll to see which glyph has been found. If a glyph is generated which is already in the game, roll again on the D20 There are ten different glyphs that can affect the game. Modifications are shown by (Mod); added or changed text is also shown in parentheses. If a player choses a character who starts with one of these glyphs, substitute another in its place. All glyphs should affect the scenario, but not be too powerful –hence the modifications made here.

1-2 Experimental Medicine After revealing your OM but before your turn, you may inject: Remove up to 4 wounds, but D20 roll 1-7: you are destroyed!

3-4 Holdir +1 on normal attacks.

5-6 Makluan Electromagnetic Rings After moving but before attacking, his figure OR one within 3 clear sight spaces teleport to any space within 3 of its current position.

7-8 Makluan Energy rings (Mod) (Once per round): Roll D20 after your turn. For a figure within 4 spaces 1-6: Nothing 7-12 1 wound + 1 on one figure adjacent to the target 13-18 2 wounds +1 to all within 2 clear sight spaces of the target 19-20 3 wounds on the target

9-10 Probability Manipulator Reroll your defense dice once on any attack.

11-12 Shield Belt If you are attacked and at least one skull is rolled, roll D20. 1-9 destroy glyph 10+ take no wounds.

13-14 Super Speed (Mod) +2 Movement (Yourself Only)

15-16 Team Up (Mod) After you reveal your Order Marker but before your turn, take a turn with (any one) Unique Hero within 8 spaces.

17-18 Utility: Infrared Goggles Nullifies Shadow or Jungle Piece defense bonus of a target figure(s) you attack.

19-20 Xipta At the start of a round, after Order Marker (OM) placement but before Initiative is rolled, choose an opponent who must move any two OMs to different cards from where they are placed.

5. Glyphs Number and Placement

Two glyphs per player should be placed in the central shipwreck area, with two actually in the Radiation Zone.
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