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Old October 21st, 2022, 06:56 PM
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Re: Frostgrave, Halo Ground Command and other tabletop minis

Originally Posted by TREX View Post
Originally Posted by AMIS View Post
Fair points @TREX
My youngest has been dragging me into Legion. It's a good game and he does all the painting for it (he's far better than I've ever been - I think he enjoys painting while I hate it). It's actually a fun game but I've "heroscaped" all his figures as well. But when we play Star Wars scape we do not tend to mix them with non star wars figures.
My oldest is into warhammer painting (not the game but Orks, space wolves and halflings) so that gets heroscaped too and again it's not something we generally mix in.
Bloodbowl is the big game right now and we've all painted teams for that - it's a game I was into in the 80's so I've far more teams than either of them - but together we have 46 teams that we play elimination tournaments with on an annual basis. We'll play 3-team matches in Dungeonbowl for 5 various cups then we each chose a team (not allowed to choose the same as last year) and put the winners and our choices into an 8 team elimination final. Lot's of yelling and fun.
Heroquest is another fun game that I've started painting the figures to after a year of using proxies from my old D&D and Heroscape collection.
That's awesome that your kids play these games with you. I have an 11yr old daughter that will only play minecraft along with the occasional other video game. She likes to paint and draw but I'm yet to get her mini painting on the regular. I've been trying to tantalize her with the airbrush lately. The answer is always, you do it better dad, can you just paint the stuff in question. I guess on the other games they could live in their own games and heroscape. I guess I just am tired of making customs and prefer to just play the game they came with. I don't play 40k but am very interested in the kroot models. I found and downloaded a bunch of awesome stls that I could build an entire kroot army with. I'm thinking I'll just make some smaller crews of them for stargrave or something. I've never played dungeonbowl. That sounds neat. I have been trying not to get into too many new games lately. But since I pretty much have all the middle earth strategy battle game pdf manuals, a bunch of models already, and a ton of stls, combined with my unnatural love for Tolkien stuff, I can't help myself.
My kids are 15 and 19 yr old football playing boys so war games and football is easy for them to get into. I think you'll have a bit more of a tough sell but hope I she learns to enjoy the hobby for your sake. I'm actually amazed my kids took to painting miniatures (I hate painting).
Dungeonbowl is just an underground version of Bloodbowl (fantasy football) and is faster paced and more chaotic with 3 players. Whoever discovers the ball first generally loses as the other 2 need to take him out. But if you take over the ball too quickly then you get taken out.

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Good trades with - Porkins / xraine69 / mac122 (x2) / frylock / Ztimster (x2) and probably others I forgotten to mention...sorry.

Last edited by AMIS; October 21st, 2022 at 06:57 PM. Reason: Each team has rivalries so if two of those get in the dungeon together the third team generally wins.
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