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Chas Scenarios

Chas Scenarios

At least once a month for the past 16 years (excepting Covid), The New York City Gang of Four has played games using custom scenarios in rotation. You can see most of our scenarios on our thread, which has a link down below in my signature. I've posted a few of them here downthred as well, but they are very far back This thread will include the very best of my own scenarios!

Note that in scenarios where a Freebuild map was used (and others as well) the group thread often includes photos so you can rebuild one like it if you wish! There are also usually lists of the armies we all used to play them. Check out posts just before or after the Thread Post Number for related posts including game session reports and other related information and comments by both us and various visitors!

There are also scenarios and all kinds of other posts by the rest of the gang in the NYCG4 thread. We are Chas, Sherman Davies, Taeblewalker, Kolakoski, and now Thrasher Darkrai.

Yesterday we played a particularly fun one of mine, and I'm going to copy it to the next post. I'
ve now put more here as well. Every month we play, usually with 3-5 players. So rather than tournament style, our maps are usually large ones. We'll start out with Switcheroo, which we played yesterday. You can also find it on Post #1700 on our thread linked below in the signature line. Feel free to browse, lurk, or offer comments there. And if you are coming to NYC, let us know and join us for a day of gaming!

All questions and comments are welcome, especially if you've tried some of these scenarios out yourself.

Scenarios On This Thread Include

Road Rally
Illusory Walls Rules For Age Of Annihilation Play
Faction Flags
The Infinity Gauntlet (Superscape)
The Hills Are Alive!
Isle of the Dragons
Trained Armies
Faction Scape
A Wintry Mix
Sensational Squadscape March
Generalscape: The Battle For Utgar's Wellspring
(Dadscaper General Cards and My Valkrill)
The Lost Altar (Volcano)
The Three Room Campaign
Scape Of The Rings: Mount Doom (Sherman Davies' LOTR customs)
Heroscape The Gathering: Is General Tso Chicken?
(Blender Rules For Combining Heroscape with Magic The Gathering:
Arena of the Planeswalkers
Mars Needs Air!
Criss Cross Scape
X-Men vs Shiar: Battle For The Throne (Superscape)
The ChasScape Challenge (Superscape Power Levels)
The Illinois Smith Memorial Treasure Hunt: A Pulp Adventure Superscape Scenario
[Game Master File: The Illinois Smith Memorial Treasure Hunt (Seperate Post)]

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Re: Chas Scenarios


By Chas

Armies: This is a free for all game. Players field armies of 500 Points, occupying a maximum of 12 spaces, set up in individual 12 Hex Start Zones.

Use Partial Card Scoring; players should keep all figures they defeat in front of them. Each squad figure is worth the point total of the card divided by the number of figures in the squad rounded up. Once a full squad is taken by a single player, he gets the card score instead if it is different.

It is useful to keep score during the game. After 10 Rounds, the player with the highest score wins. If there is a tie, only the players who tied play one more Round, without switching cards. If the game is still tied after this Round 11, this is the final result.

Classsic, VC and AOA cards may be used, but no Marvel/Supers. Duplicates of AOA cards may be used for the very first time now in different players' armies.

The Map is ORTHOPTERA by Sheep. Add five hexes to each of the six start zone shown depending on the number of players from 2-6 to make 12 spaces. For a 3 Player game, use two outside zones and the inside (middle) one on the opposite side of the map. This is a link to the download on his map thread:


The Switch At the beginning of Rounds 3, 6, and 9, before Order Markers are placed, make a Special Initiative Roll (“SIR”), In this order, players will make their switch. Powers affecting the regular Initiative Roll, which will be made afterwards normally, may not affect the SIR.

Making The Switch

All switches are voluntary. But if a player passes on switching, he will not get another chance that round.

Take 1 Card. One at a time in SIR order, each player may take one card from any other player who still has at least two cards left. They may not take the card that costs the most Points which their victim has on the table at the present time. Since this "protected" card will change if the original one becomes a casualty, the owner may declare which new one is now "protected" if there are two or more of the same point cost after the original one is removed.

*Only 1 card can be taken from each player during each switch. If a player is playing multiple squads, only one squad, full if available, is taken. A second squad from a squad taken cannot be taken by a second player. Squad figures taken can be chosen by the Taking Player, and should be marked to show current ownership with markers colored by player.

*The taking player now controls the card they took. Figures with cards that are switched remain as they are on the board as is. They now treat only other cards in their new army as friendly.

*A card that is taken cannot be taken a second time that Turn.

*A card that is defeated (eliminated) cannot be taken.

*A card that is taken, if wounded, may remove 1 wound if a Hero, or add one figure if a Squad who has lost figures but has not been defeated. An added Squad figure can be placed adjacent to any friendly figure of the new owner, but not adjacent to an enemy figure (as defined in the moment).

*A card taken who has figures placed on other cards leaves them on those cards. A card taken with other figures placed on it previously may have these figures remain or removed as defeated at the choice of the new owner.

*A card that was switched on a previous SIR round can be taken.

*A card whose figures start the game off the board such as the Airborne Elite can be switched, either before or after it enters.

*A card with an Age of Annihilation multiple wound squad switched recovers first one wound on an onboard figure if possible, and if not one previously killed figure with one wound on it.

Note: This is the final version of the scenario, and has been modified to include answers to questions asked by the membership and a couple that came up during play. Now that the three games have been played, this now includes the minor changes made after Game 1 and used during Games 2&3.


Comments on Switcheroo

This scenario was inspired by my new board game The Last Kingdom, in which players may switch sides during the game. Also by some Snake Draft or other Scape games I've played where players choose to play armies or cards that other players or the Game Master have/has brought to the table as part of the game's pool to choose from.

Building Armies: as in these other types of games, you don't want to make your army too powerful, because others may steal some of your cards during game play. You may not want to take cards that are too dependent on other cards in your armies.

Choosing Cards To Take During the game, a number of factors will help you decide what to steal from other players. The order in which you choose, like normal initiative order, will partly determine which cards are available for you to take when your turn to take comes around. In addition, some cards may already be reduced by Wounds or if Squads, figure loss.

Everyone's second strongest card will probably be the prime targets for stealing. It occurs to me though that you may have an opportunity to steal them back during a later Switch!

You may want to 'hate draft' a card so an opponent doesn't get it, because it may be too powerful in combination with what that player has already in his army. This occurs in many other board games where Card Drafting is used such as Blood Rage or now The Last Kingdom.

Since you cannot get points for cards now taken into your own army, but others can, during end game Full Card Scoring, this is another aspect to be considered.
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Re: Chas Scenarios

(Draft 5.0, 4/13/23)
NYCG2 Post #1515

This scenario is made up of two games played one after the other in a Free For All. Only the victor of Game Two wins the scenario.

Armies Each player fields one 500 Point Army with Classic, VC, or AOA cards (no Marvel). There is no space limitation.

Not Allowed: no Fliers (or Sergeant Drake II), Teleporters--all powers that allow a figure(s) to be removed from the board and replaced elsewhere--although Carry is still allowed--such as Tul-Bak-Ra, Mika Connour, Cal the Smuggler, etc., or characters with immobilizing powers such as Cyberclaw are allowed. Also no Droppers (Airborne Elite) or Gliders (AOA Glider Strikers and Wing Commander Tuck Harrington). This is a race game. If you are unsure about a card's eligibility, check with the Game Master before Game Day.

The Three Checkpoints Each army must “Register" at each of three numbered checkpoint in order, by coming adjacent to its Glyph Space. To Register, the figure must end its movement. Only one Checkpoint can be Registered by a particular army on each game round.

The first Unique Hero to reach each Checkpoint will draw a Treasure Glyph from a restricted Pool of them chosen by the GM. Normal Treasure Glyph rules apply—they can be dropped, picked up, transferred, etc. Other types may Register for their team, but get no Treasure Glyph.

The GM will keep track of all Checkpoint Registrations as they happen. Only a member of an army which has Registered at all three Checkpoints can land on the FINISH space.

START and FINISH Spaces All armies start off the board, and enter through the same START space. You must move off the space immediately. All Army Cards are considered to have the Phantom Walk power for Round One. There is no combat allowed in Round One. No powers that affect other players' characters may be used.
Characters who enter the board may not leave it again.

In Between Games: When any one figures reaches the FINISH space at the opposite end of the board, Game One immediately ends. Remove all remaining figures from the battlefield. These and any figures remaining offboard that have not entered the battlefield during Game One are now reset to the second "Pit Stop" offboard position to enter on the Game Two Start Space only. The player of the winning army draws a Treasure Glyph if that army has at least one Unique Hero in it, even if it was defeated/killed.

Healing Phase (Modified "Second Wind") Each player/army will roll for Healing between games for each figure in their army. This is a gentler "Second Wind." Roll for each of your figures, whether killed in the previous game or not.

For surviving figures, roll an amount of dice equal to the Wounds taken during the last game. For figures previously defeated/killed, Roll one Attack Die for each Life. Each figure starts the next game with one Wound for each Skull rolled. After rolling for a defeated/killed Unique Hero, it still gets a minimum of two lives back, so add any not recovered during rolling to reach this total. All Squad figures whether previously defeated/killed or not roll normally with 1 die each, and if they roll a Skull their figure is removed from the campaign (race) going forward.

Game Two will consist of a Second Lap run backwards. All competing armies will start off the board and come onto the Game One Finish space, which is now the Game Two START space. The old Game One Start space is now the Game Two FINISH space. Game One Entry Rules Apply: During Round One all figures have Phantom Walk, and there is no combat allowed.

Treasure Glyphs The winner of Game One also gets to choose a random Treasure Glyph from the pool and place it with any Unique Hero surviving. All Glyphs may be transferred between figures in the same army between games. Up to four Treasure Glyphs may therefore be awarded in/after Game One, and are kept for Game Two if still held by a living Unique Hero when the game ends (not if dropped and left on the board when Game One ends, in which case they are removed from the game)

Up to three Game Two Treasure Glyphs will be drawn from the diminishing pool during Game Two, and will therefore be different from previous glyphs awarded during or after Game One.

The army with a figure who reaches the Game Two FINISH Space first wins the race/scenario. (Or the last army on the board wins automatically at any time).

The Map will be a custom build by the GM with a variety of terrain, but not particularly favoring terrain dependent cards. In line with my favorite type of "spectacle" map, it has large distinct zones, each with a dominant terrain type: Arctic, Desert, Forest, Rock, Plains, etc. There are two rivers, a bridge, ruins, a belt of volcanic lava field, pine and jungle trees and foliage, etc. The route between the Start, Checkpoints, and Finish across the map each lap is a big "W," to maximize the distances that need to be covered.

Since its a very large map, the idea is terrain variety without making passage too difficult at any particular point, so that the games will be of reasonable length. However, racing across it against fellow combatants should make it quite challenging.

Treasure Glyph Pool

Heroic Rune +1 Attack
Talisman of Defense +1 Defense
Brooch of Shielding Disengage

Potion of Healing -3 Wounds
Ring of Protection +3 Defense Dice
Whetstone of Venom If cause 1 Wound, +2 More
Belt of Giant Strength +2 Attack

Place Names

For those of you who like a little local color in your games, here are the names emerging as my freebuilt map comes together:

Start/Finish Hex: The Infinity Point

Area around The Infinity Point; Northwest Area: [I] The Plain

Southwest Area: The Hills

Checkpoint #1 (Southwest Area): The Hidden Grove

Checkpoint #2 North Central Area: Fort ZinderChas

Checkpoint #3 South Central Area: Hole In The Rock

Southeast Area: The Lake District

Finish/Start Halfway Hex and surrounding Northeast area): The Pit Stop
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Re: Chas Scenarios

Illusory Walls Rules For AOA Play

After the failure of the Hasbro Age of Annihilation offering, I started my own AOA Revival Project, based on Anitar's and a few of my own cards, the first scenario, glyphs, and even a map based on the AOA Display Photo on the offering page. My most original contribution was the following, which allows you to use this hinted at feature not given as rules at the time. So here they are; you can use them with AOA units or normal units, or even Supers.

There are many, many posts, some with photos, on this project on our NYCG4 thread linked below in my signature line. We started out using armies entirely made of the new AOA units, usually from a single faction, against each other. We later added cards for the units not shown at all as cards: the SOTM Heroes upgraded and the Kyrie. There is a list of proxy figures we use for all of them from my extensive figure collections.

Finally, we've now integrated these units into our regular games, which include Classic and VC Customs regularly. See the thread link for many posts with the armies we used, game commentary, photos, etc., including a map as close to the Display Photo as I could get it with normal castle walls, used as Illusory walls!

Illusory Wall Rules 2.0
By Chas
NYCG4 Post #1480

This is a Scenario Rule, to be used in a particular game or not.

1. Wall Sections placed during map building may be Unglamored (Normal) Walls, marked as such by a White Marker, or Glamoured Walls, whose status has not yet been determined. They may include all other castle features (see below), but not be connected to Glamoured Walls. A Glamoured Wall Section connected by a doorway is one section. A Glamoured Wall section with a break, even if it is visually continuing the same wall in position and direction, is considered to be two separate Wall Sections; each of which requires its own D20 roll.

2. Wall Sections placed during map building may be Glamoured Walls. These may include doorways with or without doors, but not include any other castle features such as Caps (therefore no figures can land on them), Battlements, Wallwalks, Ladders, or any Custom Pieces. Glamoured Walls act as Normal Walls until their D20 roll is made. Glamoured Wall Sections must be free standing; they may not connect to Unglamoured (Normal) Walls marked as such.

3. When a figures comes adjacent to a Glamoured Wall, it may roll a D20:

If the number rolled is Even, the Wall Section remains a Normal Wall for the rest of the game. Mark it with a Blue Marker.

If the number rolled is Odd, the Wall Section is an Illusory Wall for the rest of the game. Mark it with a Red Marker. An Illusory Wall blocks Line of Sight, but may be moved through. Count the space that the Wall takes up when moving through it.

4. After the D20 roll, which may only be made for one Wall Section in a figure's turn, that figure ends its turn, and can take no further actions. If the figure was a Squad figure, the other figures in its Squad make take their turns, if they have not already done so.
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Re: Chas Scenarios

Here Draft 3 of the September ChasScape Scenario. Note that the Custom by Scytale for the Acquilla Flagbearer (we still don't have a VC one) is a dwarf.

By Chas

The Flagbearers Used

The Flagbearers used are:
Classic: Hatamoto Taro (130, Einar) Laglor (110, Vydar) Acolarh (110, Ullar) Sir Gilbert (105, Jandar) Ornak (100, Utgar) C3V: Gothlok (130, Valkrill) Custom: Dorrond Greatstone (110, Acquilla; Scytale)

Faction Flagbearer Force Fields: The Holy Banners of the Flagbearers are impregnated with magical Force Fields by their Archkyrie Generals. They cannot be moved by any other figure, friendly or enemy. They can only move normally under their own power, unless they are Captured (see below). They therefore cannot be teleported, flown, carried, thrown, chain grabbed, knocked back, or etc. They also cannot be mind controlled. Other types of powers will work on them normally.

Initial Draft Each player will draft one Flagbearer in an order randomly determined by the GM before building their armies.

Armies 600 Points/24 Hexes; at least half of those build points (rounded up) must be in the faction of the Flagbearer you choose. That Flagbearer costs no points; he is free! But remember to include him in your army hex count! He works as a regular figure for all purposes until he is Captured (see below).

Victory Goes to the individual player in a Free For All or a team in a Team Game. Victory goes to the first player/side who can defeat and “Capture” a Flagbearer, and escort him back to the Capturer's Start Zone (“Jailed”), or either friendly Start Zone in a Team Game. No other victory conditions apply.

Game Length A game lasts until a Flagbearer is Jailed. A game can be called if it becomes obvious that one side can do nothing to prevent the other side Jailing its Captive Flagbearer.

Flagbearer Capture, Freeing, and Jailing

Capturing A Flagbearer A defeated when taking its last Wound. Instead of being removed from the battlefield, he is considered “Captured.” He cannot take any action or use any Power for the rest of the game, except for regular movement after being freed, and cannot use special movement powers he might have originally had. A Captured Flagbearer is moved by any adjacent enemy figure to remain adjacent to his captor, up to the Flagbearer's movement rate, and must end on a hex where he could normally end his movement. The captive can be transferred to any other adjacent enemy figure as his captor if both enemy figures are adjacent to the captive at any point during movement. The Flagbearer cannot, as during the preCapture segment of the game, be moved by any other power or ability of another friendly or enemy figure. A Captive Flagbearer cannot receive or use an Order Marker—even if no enemy unit is adjacent—during the round after he is captured.

Freeing A Flagbearer A Captive Flagbearer is Freed by having its captor moved to nonadjacency,or when the only adjacent enemy is defeated and removed. In this case, the Flagbearer still retains the limitations of being captured, other than that he can now move normally under his own player's order markers. This change of condition takes place on the start of the next round after he is Freed, if no enemy figure is adjacent. Due to the nature of its rough imprisonment, it cannot Fly, Teleport, or use any other special power, Attack or Defend for the rest of the game. A Flagbearer, once it has been Captured at all, cannot leave adjacency from an enemy figure for the rest of the game, and cannot be moved other than by regular movement (such as a power of a friendly figure).

A Flagbearer, once it has been Captured even if later Freed, cannot be moved by anyone if he is adjacent to both friendly and enemy figure(s!) No Order Marker can be placed on such a figure by a friendly player.

Jailing A Flagbearer When an enemy captor brings a Flagbearer to his own Start Zone(s), the game immediately ends, and that captor playe/team wins the game!

Scenario Session It is suggested that one Free For All is followed by a Team Game. The teams are chosen randomly. Two different armies should be built by each player, using the same Flagbearer for both—one intended for each type of game.


FAQ Clarifications

The following were drawn up during the two 3 Player "practice games."

1. A captured Flagbearer (FB) does not creat adjacency with other figures except for its captors.

2. A captured FB can be moved by its captor if no other players unit is adjacent to the captor, even if it is adjacent to the FB. (?)

3. If two captors unfriendly to each other are adjacent to an FB, the FB cannot be moved.

4. You only move your own FB by itself, not by another of your figures.

5. No FB is ever taken out of the game! Once captured, it takes no Lava or Falling Damage, etc.

6. If you capture an FB, your movement ends.

7. A freed FB is not considered to be "under your control" for power purposes.

Note: This scenario was played several times with multiple players on different occasions. Maps used included The Forgotten Waters, an original official ROTV map.
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Re: Chas Scenarios

Well met!

From 2014:


This is a new scenario draft (no map built or chosen yet) using the new C3G Christmas releases of Thanos and the related glyphs Infinity Gauntlet and the six Infinity Gems. Its very experimental and cutting edge for a game I'm planning for my local group, The New York City Gang of Four. Of course, you can play this scenario with Supers only if that is your preference.

So far we've been experimenting with mixing Supers and Classic/VC Custom Scape in limited ways. You can see the latest game designed by Sherman Davies on Kolakoski's blog and older solo attempts of my own in the nonsupers Battle Reports section. For a long time now I've wanted to treat Supers as just more available Army Cards for the game, although I think the scenario should set up a structure for this so that they do not overwhelm other possible army builds. By keeping the point builds limited, you allow Classics to hold their own, and Support Supers characters (lower pointed supers, non-supers, etc.) to shine. One of my earlier explorations included, for example, what I call "Pulp Adventure" games, where supers were maxed at 200 points, and descriptions of some of these games are onsite as well.

This will be my very first "UNRESTRICTED" supers scenario, in that it not only mixes Supers with Classic/Custom Scape, but also allows supers from various sources. The idea is not that players have to flip through thousands of cards to make the best possible unit selections (although they can), but to be able to play some of their favorites by using cards available from the site or from my own very large private collection (see Chas Quickscan Master Lists in Custom Comic Creations).

I'm balancing this by having a known major villain the other (2-4) players can build against, and structuring the teams to limited guidelines.

All positive comments are very welcome indeed! I'm going to start a thread to discuss combining the two types of Scape as well.


A Single Scenario by Chas

The evil Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet, a hi tech/magical glove that can absorb the powerful, mystic Infinity Gems as he finds them. Each gem gives its holder great ability. Together, they would be invincible. Thanos must be stopped, or he will be able to reshape the universe to his will! Trust me, you wouldn’t like it!


This is a Semi Cooperative Scenario. Each player is out for himself, but all others need to stop Thanos from winning to score. After 15 turns, the player with figures in possession of the most of the six Infinity Gems wins. Players are ranked in the order of how many they control. However, if Thanos wins, all other players lose! Gems once absorbed by the Infinity Gauntlet can only be counted by a figure who possesses the Gauntlet.


The Game Master will play Thanos (C3G) and his army (only Evil characters). He begins with the Glyph of Infinity Gauntlet. Should he lose the Gauntlet by damage or defeat, other Unique or Common Heroes may equip and use it. The six Soul Gem glyphs are scattered around the board. Once the Gauntlet absorbs them, they are kept with it permanently.

The Thanos player will use two identical sets of Order Markers for his single army, and activate two Army Cards with the same number Order Marker at the same time, in the turn order as assigned to him each turn after initiative rolls. No one Army Card may be given a pair of identical OMs on the same turn.

Info File 1: Thanos C3G

*Eternal*Unique Hero*Conqueror*Nihilist*Medium5*

*7 Life*Move 5*Range 1*Attack 7*Defense 6* 500 Points*

Permanent Death Special Attack: Range 4 Attack 5 Choose a figure to attack. You may also choose up to two other figures adjacent to the chosen figure to be attacked by by this special attack. Roll attack dice once for all affected figures. Each figure rolls defense dice separately. Anytime a figure that is not an Event Hero or destructible object is destroyed by this special attack, remove it from the game. It cannot return to the game by any special powers or glyphs.

Spurned By Death: At the start of any round after Thanos is destroyed, if you place all Order Markers on this Army Card, you may place Thanos on any empty space within 3 clear sight spaces of any figure you control and remove all Wound Markers from this card. Spurned By Death can only be used once per game.

Super Strength

Info File 2: Glyph Of Infinity Gauntlet

This figure may also equip Infinity Equipment Glyphs (The Six Soul Gems). When an Infinity Equipment Glyph is equipped by this figure, this glyph immediately gains the special powers of the Infinity Equipment Glyph and the Infinity Equipment Infinity Glyph is destroyed. This glyph cannot be chosen for any special power on any Army Card and cannot removed from the card of this figure by any special power on any Army Card or glyph unless it would be lost by this figure receiving wounds or being destroyed. If this figure would lose this glyph by receiving wounds, roll the 20-sided die. If you roll 7 or higher, this figure does not lose a glyph this turn.

Info File 3: Glyphs of Infinity: The Six Infinity Gems

1. Mind Gem: Mental Shield/Order Marker Reveal
2. Space Gem: Teleportation
3. Reality Gem: Order Marker Rearrange
4. Time Gem: Additional Turn
5. Power Gem: +2 Attack, Super Strength
6. Soul Gem: Unnatural Resurrection

These numbers correspond to those on markers initially placed on the board blank side up to indicate the position of a glyph without revealing its identity.


Each army totals 2,000 points in 24 spaces. The Thanos player may only use Evil figures. "Evil" is defined as Supervillains or Classic/VC army cards working for Utgar or Valkrill. (There are a few cards that I allow either side to use, such as Civilians, Bad Cops, and J. Jonah Jameson).

All other players may use both Good and Evil figures. Each army may be composed of one A Character (351-500 points), one B Character (241-350 points) three C Characters (201-240 points) and the rest D Characters (Up to 200 points). 'Characters' while usually Unique Heroes, may also be any type of army cards such as Uncommon or Common Heroes or Unique or Common Squads, as usual. Note that these are maximum strengths; you can take more characters/cards of lesser point values if you like. Supers can come from the DC, Marvel or other "Universes."

Supers: Superheroes, supervillains and their related support figures may be drawn from three sources:

1. C3G Customs
2. Sherman Davies Customs
3. The Chas Quickscan Master Lists (two lists; Heroes and Villains) These lists include all Chas customs, and also duplicate many C3G and Sherman Davies customs, as well as those from many independent designers; all have been approved as reasonably play balanced and costed (by Chas).

Classic Heroscape: All Classic and VC custom characters are eligible.

Proxies may be used for any figures as necessary.

A particular Unique Hero may only appear once in the scenario. For example, no other player besides the Game Master may take Thanos. All other players may coordinate their team lists as desired, but must submit them to the GM before the game begins. In the case where any other player duplicates choices by the GM, they will have to replace those figures. If notified of the need to replace duplicate figures not taken by the GM (but taken by more than one player) they may decide among themselves who will replace them on his team. In general as GM, a "first come first served" practice will apply if more than one player wishes to use the same character. Different designs for the same character may not be used together in the same game.


Glyphs used include the Infinity Gauntlet possessed by Thanos at game start, and the six Infinity Gems scattered around the board randomly. Each gem glyph will remain unidentified until it is equipped (picked up) by a figure, except for the last one.

Unique and Uncommon Heroes may equip and use glyphs. Common Heroes and all squad figures (Unique and Common) may carry, but not use them.

No figure may pick up/carry more than one glyph at a time, except for the wearer of the Infinity Gauntlet. No glyphs may be destroyed. Glyphs may be transferred between adjacent figures at the end of either adjacent figure’s movement during their use of an Order Marker.

Because this scenario may be used by players not familiar with the basic C3G glyph rules (or just to save you looking it up), here is the one you need to know about the most: "Losing Equipment Glyphs: If a figure you control that is carrying an Equipment Glyph is destroyed or wounded, choose one opposing player to immediately place the Glyph power side up on an empty space within 5 spaces of the space your figure last occupied." (Heroscape World's Finest Rules: Darkseid Has Arrived! page 5, 2010 C3G).

Otherwise, normal Heroscape Treasure Glyph Rules are in effect.

5. MAP

The mapboard will be 32 x 23 spaces, and include my often displayed “Multpalooza” of almost every type of Heroscape terrain, in this case excepting lava and castle wall. At game start, 24 space corner Start Zones will be selected in turn by a player die roll order, except for Thanos, who will have a raised Start Zone at the center of the board.

Light Green (grass) and Dark Green (swamp) will count as normal movement; costing one movement point per space. Snow (Heavy Snow), Ice (Thick Ice), Sand (Shifting Sand), and Rock (Broken Rock) will cost double movement (2 spaces per hex). Snow and Sand also represent No Fly Zones, due to frequent snow or sand storms. Rock additionally provides +1 Defense Die against any non-adjacent attacks/powers. Start zones are in Swamp (Dark Green). All other terrain with special effects are as usually played. A few exceptions are for visual effect: asphalt (road), concrete (normal), and dungeon (normal).

The following specific descriptions are in Building Units. A BU consists of 48 hexes; two 24 hex pieces placed together to form a symmetrical rectangle. The entire board is a rectangle 4 BU wide and 4 BU deep, with width being the longer dimension. BUs are described from left to right in four ranks from top to bottom.

* = contains a random Infinity Gem glyph.
**= contains part of Thanos Start Zone

First BU Rank (Top of Map):
Corner BU (one stwamp 24 hexer denoting a start zone and one grass 24 hexer.
Raised swamp divided by a river and swamp hexes with jungle trees and bushes.*
Snow and ice with glacier mountains*
Corner BU with raised dungeon seven hexer outside start zone

Second BU Rank (Below top Row)
First of Two Rock BU (veritcally) with shadow, rock outcrops, raised rock, and central lava field seven hexer*
Grass BU with raised low hills **
Grass BU with raised low hills **
First of Two Rock BU with raised rock and higher seven hexer (asphalt) with castle battlements and two short road sections *

Third BU Rank (Above Bottom Row)
Second Rock BU (vertically; see above)
Second Grass BU (vertically; see above)**
Second Grass BU (vertically; see above)**
Second Rock BU (vertically see above)

Fourth BU Rank (Bottom Row)
Corner BU with raised dingeon seven herxer outside start zone
Sand BU with ruin maze
Pine forest maze on grass base
Corner BU



As this scenario is currently being created as a template for "Unrestricted Mixed Supers" games, some specific gaming practices evolving for The New York City Gang of Four will be mentioned for your consideration:

1. Other sources for Supers cards may be considered if proposed by players. An example is the cards of Grey Owl, which are prolific and creative, but not necessarily balanced and sufficiently tested for game play. The GM will consider them on a one for one basis. Some of them are already on my own Quick Scan Master Lists.

2. Synergy Adjustment for cards by different designers may be considered in the future. The most common adjustment I make in my solitaire games is for Command Ability. I sometimes allow cards with Command abilities to bonus or synergize with other members of a game team/army. This is most common with Government Agencies, Military, Police, Terrorist, or General Criminal groups. For example, any superhero working a mission for a government agency may be considered an "Agent" of their commander for that mission if that commander has a special ability for the category "Agent." This may work vice versa, if the subordinate has synergy with a specific type of commander but the one being used is worked as a different type.


“And so it begins. Oh death, where is thy sting?”
--The Mad Titan Thanos

In a secret sector of the Galaxy where he has built his fortress base, Thanos assembles his legion of minions. On the huge multi screen viewer before him appear six varied out flung worlds, each of which, he has recently discovered, harbor an Infinity Gem. There is an icy polar planet, a desert surface with the remains of an unknown ancient city, a watered overgrown swamp, a deep pine forest, a volcanic vista, and a ruined castle tower left over from some forgotten war.

The mad god raises his arm, clad now with the Infinity Gauntlet, which he hopes will make him Master of All. In the gray hall of his palace, he looks down at the mysterious recesses inset around its surfaces. Each can hold a gem and make it one with its wearer’s will. If only he can find the mystic jewels! The diverse metallic holders, like incomplete pieces of a three dimensional jigsaw puzzle, glitter in the moonlight shining down through the ceiling.

He has plotted the best way to disperse his forces to find and seize the gems. Now, at the final hour, he calls to his council table his perverted and corrupt super powered host; weird beings both human and alien, waiting to be unleashed on the unsuspecting races of the galaxy. They are unique heroes, common heroes, and squad members. From low beast to talented human to rapacious super criminal, they listen to his instructions and prepare to deploy.

“Any interlopers who may have heard of your master’s quest and plan to thwart it for either noble motives or to seize the powers of the gems for their own selfish ends must be utterly crushed! Now go! The time for victory has come! ”

They bow and leave him. Thanos has chosen his elite force carefully. As he watches them move to their various tasks, he smiles. Let the games begin indeed!


Next Generation

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