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TTO VI Battle Reports

First off I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Codeman and Jormi for running the show. I had a great time as usual. Also another huge THANK YOU to War Gamers Head Quarters. They did an awesome job with the prize support.

Me and twotongues had been practicing armies for about the last month and a half. Usually when I start to practice for a tourney Ill go through about 10 different armies sometimes never settling on anything until a few days before. One of the armies I tried was Phantom Knights. I dont remember what I paired with it at first but the bonding melee armies were giving me fits. So I talked to Fomox a bit to find out how the PK's worked for him at GenCon. He liked them but something needed to help them out. I started txting Ken to see what he would suggest and his response was 10th. Well duh! Why didnt I think of that? The 10th were the perfect guys to support the PKs. With the Knights move I was pretty much assured to get the glyphs before anyone else, and there were some sweet glyphs (Common attack. Attack, Move, Summon), and the 10th do awesome against melee. The Qbros were still giving me a hard time. So while at the hotel I kept going over other possibilities. Two other armies I had debated on were Cyprien, Sonya, Marro Warrios, 4x PK or 4x PK, 2x Hydra. Neither of those really solved my Q problem and I felt it made the army worse against the Melee groups. So I took:

3x Phantom Knights
3x 10th Regiment

Game 1
Unknown map (hodge podge of 5 jungle trees 1 bush and alot of water in the center)
Nilf, AE, 2x Stingers, Krav, Isamu, Otonashi

I was worried about Nilf going into this but nothing else bothered me too much as long as I didnt loose all my Knights to Nilf. The mistake I made in this game that almost lost it for me was I sent PK out first. My thoughts were to grab the height so the AE didnt have any good spots. Well Nilf came out and by the end of the round he taken out a squad of Knights I believe. With NIlf so close now I started moving my 10th up. NIlf was sitting in water so I got 4 shots of 3 on him. This put 2-3 wounds making sure he wouldnt want to disengage from Realin and 2 other Knights. I think Nilfs next turn put a wound on Realin and maybe killed the Knights but I was able to get 4 shots of 4 with my tenth the next turn to put Nilf in his grave. The next round the AE dropped. I still had plenty of PKs in position but then he got the Initiative. I believe he was able to take Realin out Im not sure though. My PKs started doing their thing but before I knew it I was short on PKS and he still had 2 Krav an AE and some stingers. My 10th had to make a charge to one side so that even if his Krav killed figures Id still have more to replace. It was a close battle and I was concerned leaving the two unique squads in tact because that was 210 points for him. Once I took out the remaining AE I felt better and by this time the Krav had no where to run to.


Great game Tristan. Last year was a close battle too. If you hadn't dropped Nilf in the water for the Glyphs (Brandar) you probably wouldve done some serious damage to my army. I was happy to have finally won a tournament game against the AE though.

Game 2
Slash and Burn
3x 10th, 3x Dividers, Q10

Oh boy, one of the dreaded Q bros. I was happy Realin wasnt backing him up though. I sent PKs out first to see what the Glyphs were. One side was a fake the other side was Common attack. My army is just sick with either of the Attack glyphs. My 3rd was still PK so I reinforced around the Glyph. My opponent had moved Q10 and some 10th. Round 2 I moved Realin over to give my Knights 6 defense or 9 if he shot with his 10th. I then flew some PKs in to try and put some wounds on Q10. By the end of the round Q10 was dead and I was low on PKS but they were on the Glyph and blocking his movement up the middle. From here my 10th did their job. With the Attack glyph and Realin support it was a tough battle for my opponents 10th. He had moved a few dividers up but they weren't getting divides. I think towards the end of the game he got 2 divides. He had also tried to sneak a few 10th around to get at my 10th that didnt have Realin support. I felt that once Q10 was down my army had a huge advantage over his. Realin and attack is just way too good for my army.


I think the battle wouldve been much different had it not been the attack glyph. Taking Q10 out was a must for my army. My opponent played smart though and it was still a pretty close match in the end.

Game 3
Unknown map (Mostly flat with a hill in the middle and one to the outside of each start zone.)
Q9, Krav, 2x Micro, Otonashi, Guilty

Ugh Q9! Well this map was pretty stretched out and even though Q bypassed the PKs Insubstantial I still felt itd be best to go all PKs. He moves his Q9 up on order marker 1 but leaves him sitting next to height. My PKs grab glyphs which end up being another Brandar and another ATTACK! My PKs make a beeline to Q9 and put a wound on him in the first round. Next round my opponent loads up OMs on Q9 to try and deal with the ghost issue. I got initiative though and put another wound on him and got more PKs up in range to engage. I think he took out the one PK on him but then 2 more came and finished the robot then finished the Krav. At the end of round 2 he had 2 sets of Mirco left with his filler and had only killed 1 PK. I decided to go after his Micro that were sitting on low ground since he had all the high ground covered with his other Micros. Micros never once hit their stealth armor. He tried taking shots at my glyph guy. 4 on 7 isnt horrible but he wasnt getting much for skulls either. So eventually he marched down the hill to engage. 2 on 4 really aint much better either. By the end of the game he had killed only 2 Phantom Knights.


Phantom Knights are absolutely sick against vydar. The attack glyph helped speed up Q9s death but he also made the mistake of leaving him next to height. I think I still wouldve been able to deal with Q9 with out the attack glyph because of this mistake. I do feel bad though when games are this much of a blow out. I only moved 7 Pks in all and only lost 2.

Game 4
Hot Heights
Torkulna, 3x Grubs, Keamon, Eldgrim

When we sat down we knew what the outcome was going to be. I really wish we had gotten a different map because this was just completely unfair for Hoju. He did the best he could and I dont think he couldve done anything different. He lead with eldgrim and revealed the Attack glyph. I moved Realin out to support the center where Id pod up my 10th. He then sent out Marro Warriors and tried getting shots on Realin. My 10th had moved up and was able to engage. I kept as many as I could inside Realin's Aura. I got Eldgrim off the glyph which forced Hoju to send a warrior down there. Eventually the warriors were gone and Keamon came up. Keamon has always been a stud in the games Ive played and watched. This time though when facing down a bunch of 10th with height and Realin he just couldnt do much. The game was pretty much over after Keamon went down. I already had most of my 10th up on height just waiting for Hivelord to come to me. There was a couple turns where I didnt have any shots but I didnt want to move either. I kind of felt like a jerk just sitting there so I started to move out PKs to finish off the Grubs and Isamu.


Hoju maybe next time we can get a rematch on a map thats more in your favor. You played it the best you could and you were awesome sport the whole time.

Game 5
Landbased AE
Unknown map from my first game
Grimnak, Marcu, Tornak, 4xHeavies

I felt pretty decent about the matchup. He was all melee so he had to come to me. Grimnak scared me a bit though. I didnt want to start off with my 10th because I wanted to see which side he was going to commit to. Well he sent Tornak to one side and Grimnak to the other. So I started setting my 10th up on the side with Tornak. Things were going basically according to plan. My 10th took out Tornak and a few orcs. I tried slowing things down on Grimnaks side but eventually he started getting closer. On one crucial turn I wanted to move my Realin to reinforce my 10th sitting up on the hill. Well LandbasedAE got init and just started tearing through my 10th. I finally got my chance to move Realin but it really wasnt worth going where I had planned. So I grabbed height on Grimnak hoping to finish him off. I think he was at 4 wounds at this point. Well Realin missed and Grimnak ate her for lunch. I had less than a squad of 10th to work with. Somehow I took Grimnak out but now Im left with maybe 2 squads of PKs 1 10th and Ismau while hes got a few Heavies left in his start. He played it smart and positioned his Orcs so I couldnt get height on him. I tried sending a few after Marcu but they didnt do much. Eventually it came down to Marcu in the start zone versus 1 PK and ISamu. SO I moved my PK back to my start zone to protect the 70 points and force him to have to deal with a few Eternal Hatred. During this time Marcu turned 2-3 times taking a while to get up to my figures be eventually was able to take out my PK. Then the little red ninja everyone loves to hate did his thing. Marcu was sitting with 3 wounds when Isamu started to attack. He vanished a few times and was finally able to finish off the vampire.


That last 10 minutes of our game was the most intense Ive played. Had Marcu not turned a couple times or Isamu failed vanish it wouldve turned out differently. After thinking about the game I never shouldve moved Realin when I did. I had plenty of 10th on height to take WTF shots. You played very well and it was great enjoyment to meet you. We need to make time to play INvasion or LNoE sometime.

Game 6
Ben Ross (PCServbot)
Unknown map (Snow, Lava, Trees, Road)
2x PK, Grimnak, Nerak, 3x Heavies

This map was HUGE! My plan against Ben's army was to try and take out as many PKs as I could with my PKs since he only had 2 squads I felt I had an advantage there. I revealed a Brandar glyph while he got move. PKs with 8 is just plain ridiculous. I tried to get him off the move but it just wasnt working. I think I was was able to take out a couple but then then next round he was in my startzone. This actually played out in my favor since I had Realin and the Redcoats could just bayonett charge. Ben had slowly been moving Orcs up. Even with the move glyph all the heavy snow in the center was really slowing him down. I took Nerak out pretty much no problem since I had a hill next to my start zone I could WTF with height. Grimnak made his way up but really didnt get to do alot. Ben still had almost all his Orcs though and made one heck of an effort to whittle me down. By the end it was one squad of Heavies vs Realin Isamu.


This was my second tourney game against Ben and his a good guy to play against. He plays smart and is fun to talk to. Thanks for the game Ben. Maybe next year you can get revenge on me

I was really happy with the army I took. Im glad I didnt change the 10th out because Im sure I wouldve lost against those Orcs if I didnt have the 10th. I honestly feel like the PK need to be ranked at least an A-. They are great at grabbing and holding glyphs. They are absolutely sick against normal range. Give them any decent glyph and they are a serious power house.

Thanks again to Jormi, Codeman, WGHQ, and everyone that showed up to play some Heroscape. Thanks to Chris Dupuis(it was Chris right) for sending us the unrevealed Molten Claw to see in person.

I apologize for those names I forgot or if I got anything wrong in my report. Its hard to remember 6 games

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Re: TTO VI Battle Reports

I was your game 3 with the Krav and Q9. Not game two. I'll just say this much... Worst game of my life. It was nothing but bad moves and bad rolls for me.

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Re: TTO VI Battle Reports

Beautiful army, stubobj, and great battle reports! I love the theoryscape behind combining an antiranged melee squad (PKs) with an antimelee ranged squad (10th). It was the first PK army I thought of when the PKs came out, but fear of the Q-brothers eventually led me to use TKN+Grubs in stead of the 10th in the army. I'm glad to see you were able to handle the big soulborg with PKs (glyph-enhanced PKs, but still). With the strong glyphs at TTO, I think it makes a lot of sense to go with a squad-heavy build, and yours is one of my favorites. I should try that build sometime.

Big congrats on taking the title down!
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Re: TTO VI Battle Reports

Thanks dok! Actually your TKN build was the first army I started testing but since Codeman was using the same maps from last year I quickly dismissed TKN because there were a lot of maps that made movement for him difficult, as you can see from my battle with Hoju on Hot Heights. If he had PKs in his build though things mightve been just a bit different but I think I still wouldve pulled it out because 10th are still good against PK since they can get Bayonet Charge. PKs have quickly became my favorite unit!

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Re: TTO VI Battle Reports

Originally Posted by stubobj View Post
Hoju maybe next time we can get a rematch on a map thats more in your favor. You played it the best you could and you were awesome sport the whole time.
You are too kind... that match was a beat-down.
That was a great game and I'll take you up on that rematch anytime.
As I said before, if ya have to lose, lose to the best.

p.s. you still owe me for that "watch him roll a 1" with Landbase AE.
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Re: TTO VI Battle Reports

I wanted to say thanks to everyone who attended Tree Town this year. It always means a lot to me to see so many people coming and playing Heroscape. I don't get to play as often as I'd like and it's always awesome to have a day full of it. Special thanks to Jormi and Codeman for putting the tourney together and a special thanks to my cousin Scytale who provided me with an army to play.

I thought about a bunch of different armies coming up to the tournament, but I eventually decided I wanted to play a melee dominant army. I haven't played a melee army since my first TTO (which was TTO III), and my samurai and I didn't have a great showing that year. I seriously though about bringing along the warforged soldiers. I feel like they are a really strong unit and their tactical switch ability is powerful. After playing a game with them I realized that I wouldn't be able to get the hang of their tactical switch fast enough. I'm also terrified of Fen Hydras and thought I would see a lot of them, so tactical switch wouldn't help much anyway. I had only ever played Heavy Gruts once before but somebody said I should try them out. Also, I've had a bad history with agent armies, so I thought Phantom Knights would work pretty well...

2x Phantom Knights
3x Heavy Gruts

My battle reports won't be as exact as if I had done them the day after the tournament, but I'll do my best.

Game 1
Kyle Tomshen (Kaboomboomboom)
Tundra Map 3?
Sir Gilbert, KoW x3, 4th Mass x3

This was a scary army to me. I knew tht 4th Mass could just eat up my Gruts if I just left them alone, and I knew Gilbert and the Knights could take on my Gruts and Grimnak head to head. I grabbed the glyph on his side of the map since it was within reach of my PKs and it was a fake. I moved up my Gruts and took the other glyph and I think it was an attack glyph. My Gruts met with the Knights and battled it out. His 4th Mass were waiting down a couple levels and right across the river, so I kept my Gruts mostly out of range. After a bit I knew I needed to start dealing with the 4th Mass so I sent 2 PKs into his start zone and engaging his 4th Mass one at a time and picking them off. Eventually Gilbert and Grimnak fell, he was running low on Knights but the 4th Mass started firing pretty consistently. I tried hopping Gruts into the river to try and get to the other side, but the 4th kept them off the shore pretty well. Eventually the game came down to 3 Gruts vs. a 4th Mass and Knight. It was a close one, but I got height on his Knight and took out his last two units with 2 Gruts left I think. It was a great game and I think it easily could have gone his way.


Game 2
(?) I really wish I could remember his name, I loved his army! I've got something for wolves...
Jungle Map
Werewolf Lord
Wolves of Badru x4
Deadeye Dan

I was excited to see this army, I really like the Werewolf Lord and I've always wanted to see Wolves of Badru in a tournament. I moved my Phantom Knights to the glyphs to find them to both be duds. I was also surprised by a quick shot from Deadeye in the first round who killed a Grut. I found out quickly that he was a fan of using Deadeye a lot so I tied him up. I think I let my fear get the better of me, so I took Deadeye out right away to avoid his instant kill, but maybe I should have let him keep using OMs on him. I moved my Gruts up to the middle of the map while he moved up his Wolves. I drew his Werewolf Lord out with a little dinosaur bait, I don't think he could really resist getting rid of my bonding so he took the bait. Grimnak avoided being bitten once, and the Gruts surrounded the Werewolf and took him down quick. The wolves fell pretty quickly after that...except for the stubborn one who took out 120 points, including a one-hit kill on Nerak, which was awesome!


I was surprised by the fact that he didn't use the wolves special attack very much. I think he used it once the whole game. It's always a chance using their special, but he had a few opportunities where I thought he might and he passed it up. He has much better patience than I do, every time I play the wolves all I want to do is pounce on everything.

Game 3
Tundra Map 1?
Fen Hydra x3, Kelda, Saylind

When I got this match up, my jaw dropped. I had very bad experiences against Hydras in the past. I told Clarissimus that I had played the River of Blood Campaign probably 5 or 6 times and never made it past the second room (which is a Hydra +180 points). Those attempts also included one time when I had killed the "+180 points" and taken no damage, only to have my entire army die to it without inflicting any damage. Anyway, my bad past shook me up a little bit. I sent my PKs up to take the glyphs. The glyphs were on some ice surrounded by snow one tile higher, so the Hydras couldn't take them, which was kind of nice. One glyph was fake, one was an attack glyph. Saylind flew up and killed my glyph holder and summoned a Hydra right next to it. I was moving my Gruts up to the middle of the map as Saylind flew in and failed a summoning. This was huge since it was the difference between a Hyrdra attacking me as a climbed a hill, or fighting it on even height. The Gruts clashed with his newly summoned Hydra and the one behind it and ended up coming out of it with minimal losses with help from Grimnak's aura. I had some great luck fighting these Hydras including a turn where one Grut survived 4 straight Hydra attacks. I headed into his start zone and finished off the last Hydra and Kelda. I was lucky enough to finish off each of his Hydras fast enough that he didn't get a chance to use Kelda.


Clarissimus' army really was pretty cool. One Hydra is scary, three was absolutely terrifying. I wouldn't want to try my luck against it very often, but I was glad I got to play against it once.

Game 4
Tiny Timmy
Tundra 2?
Marcus, Morgrimm, Me-Burq-Sa, Roman Legionnaries x5

I sat down to this match and knew it was going to be a long one. I thought it was pretty awesome that someone was playing an army of all Legionnaires. I'd seen a bunch of Legionnaires/10th Reg armies, but it had been a while since I'd seen them without the 10th Reg. The map was basically a single tile bridge through the middle and two paths along the sides, both players having an easier side to climb on their right. I figured he would be going up his right side, so I decided to race him to the top of that hill...but not before grabbing the glyph. The glyph I got was a Summoning one, I decided to grab Morgrimm, hoping that I could finish him off quick. I did two damage and he grabbed the other glyph...also a summoning glyph, so he grabbed Morgrimm back. We met at a choke point on the board, which is really just the situation I wanted. I could get my Gruts to 4 attack and 5 defense, and I just had to hope they could survive longer than the Legionairres. I stuck Grimnak behind the front line to give his bonus, and my Gruts held pretty strong. It really was just a game of dice rolling, death, and refilling our frontlines. This game came to time, and I edged out with the win, with Morgrimm's death putting me over the top.


I think he had a tough choice between grabbing Morgrimm, or grabbing Grimnak when his summoning glyph came up. I think that if he had grabbed Grimnak, this game would have gone in his favor. I would have had to start using the Gruts right away, and left Morgrimm alive for quite a while, and Grimnak would have been dead. Also, I had one guy on height in the front lines the whole game, had he backed up and made me come to him, I'm not sure what I would have done, but things definitely would have gone differently. This was a close one! Good game Tiny Timmy!

Game 5
Cole Reedy
Hot Heights (I'm pretty familiar with this one)
Gilbert, KoW x3, Q9, Marcu, Isamu

I was pretty excited about this match. I'm pretty sure Cole had beaten two of my friends that day and I was ready for some revenge! Heh, just kidding, Cole was a great guy and figured I had to fight Q9 at some point that day, so I was ready to get the game underway. I sent my PKs up to grab the glyphs as per usual. I grabbed the move glyph and the dud, and then sent the PKs close to his start zone to distract him for a bit. They did a pretty good job and slowed him down enough for me to catch up a bit. Unfortunately, I had sent Nerak up a bit too far and he died to a single shot by Q9, well I was already sick of that, but there wasn't too much I could do about it at the moment. With the movement glyph and disengage, my Gruts were getting pretty good positioning. I surprised Cole by moving Grimnak up onto height and onto some lava fields on the 3rd turn of a round. It game him awesome position and he was in perfect position to dish out his aura, I felt like it was a fair trade. The battle was pretty back and forth, but Q9 was blocking Gilbert's way into the battle, so Gilbert was forced to swim through the water to get to the battle. Grimnak took 4 wounds from one of Q9's attacks and eventually died to lava, but the Gruts were getting attacks from height on both Q9 and Gilbert and took them out.


Had Grimnak taken damage from lava the first turn I sent him up there, I think I may have lost this game. Having him there to chomp 3 more knights and give his bonus for 3 turns instead of 1 was pretty crucial. Cole was a lot of fun to play against. I hope we get to play again sometime.

Game 6
Sterling Johnson (Stubobj)
Unknown map (Snow, Lava, Trees, Road)
Raelin, 10th Reg x3, Phantom Knights x3, Isamu

This map was awesome, but I took one look at it and knew I was in trouble. It was big, which worked against me, and on top of that the middle of the map was all heavy snow, which would make it a lot harder to get over to his army. We both used out PKs to grab the glyphs, I ended up getting the movement glyph, while he ended up getting Brandar. I sent my PKs into his start zone, to attack a 10th Reg or two. All day I had been sending my PKs into the middle of people's armies just to distract them and absorb some attacks while my Gruts move up. This may not have been optimal use for them, but it had been working pretty well all day, and I definitely needed some time to get my Gruts moving across snow in the middle of the board. I eventually made it across the snow and got to his side of the board without taking too much damage. I had also moved Nerak up to possibly absorb some attacks, but unfortunately he died in the process. I finally got the Gruts and Grimnak up to fight his 10th. I decided to take my chances on not trying to kill Raelin and hope I could kill off his 10th even with her bonus. He killed Grimnak in one turn, but my Gruts still put up a good fight. I was attacking down on the 10th from height a lot of the time, but 5 defense is hard to crack. The fight eventually came down to a few of my Gruts against Raelin and Isamu and then time was called. It was such a close game!


I really felt like the tide of the battle was in my favor when I finally got to his start zone with Grimnak and Gruts in tow, but when Grimnak fell in one turn I was pretty convinced I was going to end up on the losing side of the battle. Being able to chomp one of those 5 defense 10th every turn would have really given him some trouble. He deserved to win this one though, and I was happy that I got to play him in this one. Stubobj is a great guy, and I've had fun playing against him both times I've played. I was much closer to beating him this time around...I'm sure I'll get him next time

I've gotta say thanks again to everyone, especially the people I got to play against. I learned a lot this year and had a ton of fun. I'm looking forward to making the drive next year. Hopefully, I'll see all of you there again!

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Re: TTO VI Battle Reports

Hey Stubobj,

I thought I'd fill in your battle report a bit. You played my cousin (Perplexingcj) in your second game, and there's a picture to prove it.

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Re: TTO VI Battle Reports

A big thank you as always to Codeman and Jormi Boced for putting this together. Also a big thank you to WGHQ for prize support. And a big thank you to our design team. You guys rock!
I love the TTO. Fomox unfortunately is busy being a college professor or something lame like that so he couldn’t make it. And at home work has been crazy and my wife has been having a rough pregnancy so between that and not brain storming as much as I usually do with fomox, I decided to go the easy route and take Knights or Orcs. I liked the point total for both (Kngihts x 6 / Gilbert) and (Heavies x 5 / Grimnak / Nerak). Though I thought the glyphs favored the orcs s bit more. So I went with the orcs. I only play-tested 2 games against the Cutters and WF just to make sure there were no surprises when playing against the newer stuff. Other than I knew the orcs pretty well already so I was comfortable against almost anything. Though with all the new large and huge figures and common heroes out, I thought Grimnak may be a bit less effective.

So Tiny Timmy, Chris from NE, Aaron K, and I hit the road Friday afternoon and met up with ET86 and Clarissimus in our hotel room. Stubobj, Crazyangel, twotongues, and Supergeek where at the same hotel too. So of course we talked Stubobj into playing his championship army after I razzed him for playing girly redcoats. We got in some awesome games of Castle Ravenloft (where of course Tiny Timmy died twice), IfO + LNoE (Jo Jo the Bear was awesome!), and Battlestar Galactica (Go Cylons!). After we downed the 4 or 5 frozen pizzas ET86 brought and all the other food we could find we finally hit the sack at about 2:30ish.

Game 1 – I totally forget the dude’s name. He was a pretty cool guy. The map was small with some jungle terrain. His army was – Snipers x 2 / Taelord / Minions x 1 / Marcu / Isamu
Let’s see, Snipers who can get height and attack and be in Taelord’s aura all in one OM suck!! Nerak died in one attack, Grimnak in 2. Good thing I had 20 orcs to swarm with! Grimnak did manage to eat 2 snipers before he fell.


Game 2 – I think the dude’s name was Rafael. It was a very, very ugly snow map. Both of us new that for the most part we would have to skirt the edges of the map. He did have Zelrig, but his wings made placement difficult with all the glaciers in the middle. His army was – Zelrig / GSW x 2 / Shurrak / Zetacron. Lots of large figures that Grimnak can’t do much about…

He led with Zelrig and the GSW while I tried to vacate my start zone ASAP. His GSW uncovered the move glyph on one side, so I sent Chompy and some orcs that way. Nerak takes 2 wounds from a majestic fires. Then his OM 3 was on Shurrak and I think that’s where his mistake was. I was able to Chomp and take the glyph and then swarm. I also uncovered another move glyph on the other side of the map, so I had 9 move orcs and 12 move Nerak with Snow Strength!! I just kept swarming Zelrig and Shurrak and taking a few chomps with Grimnak. He actually was the glyph holder for most of the game.


Game 3 – Hoju on Ticalla Sunrise. Hoju’s army was – TKN / Grubs x 3? / Eldgrim / Kaemon / Isamu ?

Hoju led out with Eldgrim and he discovered the Brandar glyph. So I just ignored him and headed for the sand hills. TKN and the grubs followed. I was able to cut the grubs off for the most part from Stompy, but man he was tough to take down. His stomps were probably below average, but his dice were pretty hot. His 2/2 nagrubs were killing my 3/3 orcs more often that they were killing the grubs. Nerak fell in one hit to TKN and Grimnak fell in two (I think, maybe 3). There was a pretty key initiative roll when TKN had 4 wounds and I had Grmnak and a grut on height and another on the opposite side locking him down (best I could). If I won initiative I could get 2 more guys on him and hit him with 5 attack from height, but he won initiative, disengaged (I miss), stomped the orc on height and killed Chompy. I manage to take him out a turn or 2 later but Grimnak was pretty key if I was going to kill Kaemon. I had 9 orcs left, He had Kaemon, 1 grub, Eldgrim, Isamu, and maybe that was it? I was like no problem, but boy was I wrong…. I got 4 heavies to Kaemon who all got counterstruck. The other 5 died on their way in to the battle. It was horrible. Hoju was a great opponent and played very well. Thanks for the game!


Game 4 – K-boom on some map with a hill outside each start zone and a huge hill in the middle. His army was Gilbert / Knights x 3 / 4th x 3.

Kyle committed with the knights and Gilbert first. He uncovered the defense glyph and did a pretty good job of keeping Grimnak away from it. Nerak took 2 wounds as did Grimnak before the knight threat was taken care of. The orcs disengage really helped to keep my on top of that part of the battle. After that Kyle took the kills by his start zone with his Mass while I grabbed the defense glyph and moved Nerak up. So I had 5-6 defense heavies (tree and Grimnak) and Grimnak was by a tree so he had 7. I just outlasted Kyle towards the end. I had 6 heavies left and he had 1 Mass left when time was called. Kyle is a good player and it’s always fun too put your strategies to the test against good players.


Game 5 – ET86. The rematch of the championship game from last year, this time on Ticalla Sunrise. His army was Knights x 3 / Gilbert / Braxas. Eric is a real cool guy so I knew this would be fun.

Eric mentioned how Braxas has been a waste of points for him so far. After losing to her twice in 09 in the Gen Con Main event she always makes me a tad weary. Anyway we both went after the low glyph (attack +1). I held it after I chomped the knight on the glyph. It was pretty much over after that. I rolled AT LEAST 3 skulls from there on out. I killed Braxas in 2 attacks. He tried baiting me with her, but it didn’t work. I just chomped and pretty much killed whatever I attacked. I felt pretty bad for Eric (Not really, anybody he plays redcoats in a jerk!). He only ended up killing 4 orcs.


Game 6 – Land Based AE I was excited for this match. Land Based AE posts quite a bit in the games played thread so we talked a lot about that throughout the match. He was a real cool guy and playing a cool army, Heavies x 4 / Grimnak / Tornak / Marcu on Beyond the Grave

Now he was just coming off one of the closest games of scape I had ever seen when his Marcu who had turned on him like 3 times against Stubobj’s Isamu and ended up losing. He said Marcu was bad luck all tournament.
Anyway this was a real laid back game. We did our best to keep our orcs straight. Every once in a while we tried to attack with one that wasn’t ours so we would just move up another one instead. It was all good sportsmanship. At the end I had 7? Orcs left and he had 1 and Marcu. But Marcu came through for him, taking me down to 3? before he fell. He still had one left. He took the ladder on the tower so he would have height on anybody I threw at him. Man it was some intense dice rolling, I believe he got me down to 2?, maybe 3 orcs left at the end. It was a lot of fun! Thanks for the Great Game!

5-1 (tied for 3rd)

Not bad I guess after not play-testing much at all. It was a good time. And it was an even better time seeing 3 Nebraskans in the top 3!

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