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Old May 7th, 2007, 10:44 PM
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Arrival of Champions: A HS photo story {Teaser}

A teaser:
Umaril the Unfettered was the last great king of the Ayleid or Heartland Wild Elves. The Ayleid were the first variant of Elves to establish an empire on Feylund. Known for their tyranny over the other Elven Races. Umaril was worst of the Tyrant Kings and caused the end Ayleid Empire. The "lower elves" banded together and hatched a plan to destroy Umaril once and for all. They Each sent their greatest champion to the Ayleid Island City of Galas Malantar to aid in Umaril destruction. The Thilkian {Wood elves} sent their Banisher-Archer Aldreas, Helkivin {High-Elves} sent their Divine Crusader Pelinal Whitestrake, Bronkivin {Bronze Elves} sent Markul Den the Anvil of Thunder, Delkin{Dark Elves} sent Valsen Dreth Master of the Black Depths,and Mystlvin{Illusion Elves} sent Carlana: The Eye of the Mystics. Ultimately Pelinnal would engage Umaril in one on one combat. While the other champions engaged the Auron, the elite guard of Umaril, Pelinnal struck down Umaril with his Crusading Blade. The Aurons, Fettered to Umaril soul, disappeared along with their master. After Umaril's body was defeated in combat, the Island city of Galas Malantar sank beneath the waves taking with it the great champions of the Elves. Unknown Pelinnal, Umaril had made a pact with an outer being which allowed his body to be reborn in the fires of creation..... With his return will the Divine Crusader return again to save Feylund and Ultimately Valhalla.

* All Elven types mentioned may or may not be still around on the present Feylund.

"The fact is that a man who wants to act virtuously in every way necessarily comes to grief among so many who are not virtuous."- Niccolo Machiavelli

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