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Old August 29th, 2019, 02:05 AM
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Post ChunkyWeebers' Sale/Trade list

Hi all, been a while since I sold on here but I have another batch of goodies for y'all. No terrain for sale but I would be willing to trade some. Figures all have cards. Everything is good condition, pictures on request.

For Sale:
Iskra Esenwien: $12
Evar Scarcarver - $4
Eltahale - $7
Seige - $10
RoTV all figures- I know everybody and their goat has a set of these so just shoot me an offer that you feel is fair
Heroes of barrenspur loose, all figures- $20, or $5 for each unit ($7 for krug)
Tornak- $5
Marcus Decimus Gallus - $5
Crixus- $5
Retiarius - $5
Spartacus - $5
Orm's Return loose-$18
Orm's Return NIB sealed - $25
Kozuke Samurai - $10
Ninjas of the Northern Wind - $11

Marro Dividers
Anything from wave 9
Any of the common marro squads (except drones, already have 5 sets of those ), including the marrden hounds and nagrubs.
Deathreavers, lots of deathreavers.
Most of the dungeons and dragons wave(s), in particular
-greenscale warriors
-mezzodemon warmongers
-deathknights of valkrill
-deathchasers of thesk
-common units/squads, I have most of the uniques except frost giant, ogre warhulk and iron golem.
Fyorlag spiders
Also, always on the lookout for more common squads from any set.
If anybody has any extra trees/shrubs from ticalla I'd be interested in those too.

For everything on my want list I'm willing to buy or trade, for trade I have a ton of stuff, nearly a complete collection, including rare units like templar cavalry, the flagbearers and the aquilla's alliance units(aquilla's alliance is currently in storage, will fetch if necessary), rare terrain like ticalla jungle, volcarren and thaelenk, and multiples of many common squads. I'm not willing to sell this stuff outright, but I will trade it for the right items.

Here's my complete inventory for trading purposes, minus some odds and ends like extra lava, ice, and other terrain, just ask if interested.

Sir Dupuis
Kato Katsuro

Templar cavalry (two have glue at base of lance, no apparent damage, seems to just add support. Third [upright lance templar] has lance broken in middle and glued together.) No card.
Dund- Chip off end of tail
Braxas - No wings
Tagawa Samurai- missing purple experience markers

-Complete set of Rise of the Valkyrie 1st edition (box and all, opened/used)
-Complete set of Swarm of the Marro (same condition as above)
-Complete set Battle for the Underdark (same as above)
-Complete set Marvel: The Conflict Begins (no box, everything else present, have a bunch of extra tiles & warehouse ruins too)
-Arrow Gruts x3
-Blade Gruts x3
-Venoc Vipers x1
-Omicron Snipers x2
-Roman archers x2
-Roman legionnaires x2
-Kelda the kyrie Warrior x2
-Marcus Decimus Gallus x2
-Taelord the kyrie warrior x1
-Venoc Warlord x1
-Tornak x2

-Minions of utgar x2
-Marro drones x5
-Swog rider x1
-Knights of Weston x1
-Anubian wolves x2
-4th Massachusetts Line x2
-Krug x2
-khosumet x2
-me-burg-sa x2
-sir Derrick x2

-marrden hounds x1
-sentinels of jandar x1
-shaolin monks x1
-james Murphy x1
-sudema x1
-morsbane x1
-parmenio x1
-valguard x1
-major x17 x1

-blastatrons x1
-deathstalkers x2
-nakita agents x2
-crixus x2
-retiarius x2
-spartacus x2
-deathreavers x2
-warriors of ashra x1
-ninjas of the northern wind x2
-kozuke samurai x2

-heavy gruts x1
-shades of bleakewoode x1
-einar imperium x1
-tagawa samurai archers x2
-zombies of morindan x2
-empress kiova x1
-kaemon awa x1
-kee-mo-shi x1
-runa x1

-templar cavalry x1
-recheta of bogdan x1
-marcu esenwein
-iskra esenwein x2
-sonya esenwein x1
-cyprien esenwein x1

-grok riders x1
-wolves of badru x2
-10th regiment on foot x1

-NIB Orm's return
-deathwalker 8000 x2
-brunak x2
-dund x1
-charos x2
-su-bak-na x2

-full road to the forgotten forest with box, no instructions
-forgotten forest NIB
-dumutef guard x2

-major q9

-full set thaelenk tundra w/o box

-full aquillas alliance (maybe w/box) in storage

-Full set of volcarren wasteland w/box

-Full set of ticalla jungle w/box

-2 full sets fortress of the archkyrie w/o box

-ornak w/box
-acolarh w/box (in storage)
-sir Gilbert w/o box
-sir Gilbert NIB

-migol ironwill x1

-mogrimm forgehammer x1
-brandis skyhunter x1
-sharwin wilborn x1
-estivara x1
-torin x1
-all from warriors of the ghost light fen in storage
-air elemental x2
-fire elemental x2
-earth elemental x2
-water elemental x1
-wyvern x1
-greater ice elemental x2

-heirloom x1
-kurrok x1
-mika connour x1
-rhogar dragonspine x1
-shurrak x1
-golem and wyrmlings in storage
-mind flayer mastermind x1
-warforged soldiers x1
-werewolf lord x1

-eltahale x1
-evar scarcarver x1
-moltenclaw x1
-seige x1

Feel free to drop me an offer!

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Old September 1st, 2019, 03:54 AM
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Re: ChunkyWeebers' Sale/Trade list

Updated with full inventory for trading!
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