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Old July 21st, 2011, 09:30 AM
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Determining the Best Use of Units: Infantry

Determining the Best Use of Units: Infantry
For this post, I will focus on Infantry units. If you missed my post about Artillery units, go here: http://www.heroscapers.com/community...ad.php?t=36996
Infantry are the foot soldiers of an army. They are usually slow, but they’re the primary fighting force. For many generals throughout history, infantry was the force that marched straight toward the opponent and proceeded to duke it out in close quarters until one side was decimated, surrendered, or retreated. This is the most common strategy used by new players, but veterans will find that using tactics will help often overlooked units measure up.
An infantry, and the units in it, have several different tactics. First, line them up. With your best defensive melee units in a solid line, you can force your opponent to take a circular route to reach the objective. Some units, such as the Roman Legion, Knights of Weston, and Protectors of Ullar are great for this.
Next, there is the funnel method. Start with a line, but purposefully place your weaker defenses in the middle. If your opponent sees the weakness and tries to exploit it, they will attack the middle and break through. Place some artillery or heroes within reach of the new gap and spring the trap on the unsuspecting unit that breaks through.
If you would prefer to skip lining up, grab the skirmishers. Let your artillery fire a few shots, then fall back. As your opponent approaches, rush the skirmishers up and start the fisticuffs. Good skirmisher units include the MacDirk Warriors, Warriors of Ashra, and Zombies of Morindan.
The last tactic is diversion. When drafting, choose a large hero or two (ignore the height listed on the unit’s card and simply get a large sculpt) that is not essential to your battle plan. Many less-experienced players will see the large hero, single it out as the biggest threat, and divert the majority of their resources to killing it. This will leave the rest of your force with less resistance. If you use your largest character defensively, your main force should have time to circle around and fight the attackers from the rear before the hero is destroyed. Granted, distractions come at a high point value so you may want to find a strong, but cheap army. Great distractions include just about any dragon, Krug, Torin, and the ogres. I tend to lean toward Krug since he gets stronger as he is injured and Torin with his ability to regenerate health giving you an extra turn or two in case something unforeseen happens.
The lists below are composed of nearly every unit that has a range of 1. Their movement speeds are average or below average when compared to the other units in the game. On the hero side of the list, you’ll find the common heroes who don’t cost as many draft points, but trade off with a life of 1 to 3. All of the infantry units make their mark with attacks, defenses, or specials. They may reach the battle later than others, but they’ll usually all reach it at the same time and, avoiding ranged attacks, together.
This particular group of heroes and squads was chosen first for their movement from fastest to slowest with flying being a tie-breaker. Next, I ordered them by attack power once they arrived at the battle. Last, I ordered them by defense because the longer they last, the longer they can use those attacks.

Here are my picks for Infantry:
1. Blue Wyrmling
It has a move of 5, but the flying ability makes a big difference on certain maps. Its defense is a 3 which is around average, but it has the second highest attack of this list.

2. Air Elemental / Red Wyrmling
For me, this one comes down to personal choice. I like the elemental’s abilities more, but the wyrmling has the same basic stats.
As you might notice, the top three picks are flyers. Even thought infantry is not necessarily prized for speed (see Cavalry), it IS important that they be able to get to the fight quickly.

3. Iron Golem
Why is he not #1? He’s got the highest amount of attack and defense of all the heroes on this list AND he’s tied for the highest amount of life and movement. For me, there are two flaws: he can’t fly and he’s a two-tile character. Most of the maps I have played restrict his motion.

4. Fire Elemental
It can’t fly (which I think is a misprint, but oh well), but it IS stronger than the first 3 picks on the list. It almost got downgraded due to the problem of indiscriminately injuring anyone in immediate proximity.

5. Eldgrim
He is the weakest in attack and defense on the list of heroes, but he has decent speed, is tied with the Golem for highest life, and if he gets destroyed, he powers up other units in the Infantry.

6. Earth Elemental
Why is it last? It’s slowest. On the surface, the elemental is only 1 tile slower than all other heroes on the list. Now, what if you play a big map? In 4 turns, the other heroes will cover 20 tiles while the elemental covers 16. That could just be 1 turn too many to make a difference.

1. The Einar Imperium
One of the only flying armies in the list, fly them into an opponent’s force and let the double strike work its magic. Bolster them with Taelord and Empress Kiova.

2. Kozuke Samurai / Horned Skull Brutes
Nearly all of the samurai units are great when they get down-and-dirty. The kozuke make the difference with their higher attack numbers. Use Kato to boost their power and the Harquebus or the samurai archers to give them time to reach their target.
The Brutes are almost statistically even with the Kozuke, but they trade of one attack chance for one more defense.

3. Dzu-Tehs
What, the yeti unit? Sure, they’re not AS special outside of an ice-and-snow map, but their stats place them here with quick movement, good attack, and an average defense.

4. Death Chasers of Thesk
Newcomers to the battle with the same stats as the dzu-the, but one less defense.

5. Quasatch Hunters
The other bigfoot unit falls at the top of the units with an attack of 3 due to their defense of 4 (and their hate of robots).

6. Marro Dividers
From the dividers down to the gladiators, each unit is tied for movement speed, attack and defense, but the marro rank higher for me due to the flexibility of heroes they can work with and the sheer amount of support they can receive from their own kind. Support them with a variety of Marr heroes and some stingers or warriors so they can reach their target.

7. Warriors of Ashra
If the dividers have the most support of this mini-group, the warriors are not far behind. Use any of the elf heroes to boost their powers, then support them with the archers.

8. Heavy Gruts
The orc units are not far behind in their amount of same-kind support in the game. Use Tornak to boost them or use Grimnak if Tornak is taken. Support them with the Grut archers, but try to get in the fight fast as the archers are not very powerful in attacking.

9. Capuan Gladiators
With the same stats as the previous three choices, you’re often better off with one of those units. Oddly enough, their closest same-kind support units are the Romans.

10. Warforged Soldiers
Their defense places them here despite being tied with all of the previous units for movement and tied with the previous 4 entries for attack.

11. Gladiatrons
Even with a weaker defense than the death knights, their bonding to the Blastatrons makes them more valuable if you have both.

12. Death Knights of Valkrill
Their strong defense would move them higher if it weren’t for their weak attack.

13. MacDirk Warriors
Their Human Champion Bonding is a great advantage with a powerful human hero (and this game has no shortage of them).

14. Ashigaru Yari
A weak defense (1) places them in the bottom of the 3 attack group. Help them out with Kato and the harquebus so they don’t get shot to pieces on their way to the fight.

15. Sentinels of Jandar
This squad has a fairly slow movement speed for a flying unit. They do make up for it with their good defense. Team them up with Concan; it’s only natural.

16. Minions of Utgar
With the support of Taelord, you will have a hard time destroying these guys.

17. Obsidian Guards
Outside of the lava tiles, they lose a great deal of effectiveness. Without range attacks, they’re just middle-of-the-road.

18. Knights of Weston
Pump them up with Finn, Thorgrimm, and Eldgrim’s auras (while alive) and they are quite a tough unit. The same can be done with the vikings, so why are the knights better? The knights can receive benefits from Concan. If you can pair them with Concan, the Sentinels of Jandar, and the Viking heroes, you will have created a monster of a unit. Plus, there’s also that team-up with Sir Denrick.

19. Tarn Viking Warriors
They can receive benefits from their heroes even when the heroes are dead, but they don’t receive support from Concan and the sentinels. Their frenzy, however, can be boosted by the Valguard.

20. The Axegrinders of Burning Forge
They’re not such a bad unit, they’re just really small and otherwise average.

21. Roman Legionnaires
Historically, they were one of the first armies to realize the potential of a tight line and big shields. Ease them toward the fight while keeping the archers close behind and you will recreate the Roman “tank.”

22. Sacred Band
Good foot soldiers, but choose the Romans if you can.

23. Zombies of Morindan
Not very durable and not very quick, but they can reappear making them a nightmare for weaker units. Surround the weakest units and chomp, chomp, chomp at your foes until they all look like you. Brainssss….

24. Granite Guardians
Slow and steady, emphasis on slow.

Paul Gamble <><

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Old July 21st, 2011, 11:39 AM
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Re: Determining the Best Use of Units: Infantry

Very insightful article. It could definitely be a big help to new players and there are some interesting strategies listed. Good to see that you've started becoming active on the site gambl009.
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Old July 21st, 2011, 03:30 PM
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Re: Determining the Best Use of Units: Infantry

I like this even more than the last one. I did notice a few errors though:

11. I think it is Blastatrons who bond with Gkadiatrons, not Glads bonding w/ themselves.

16. Kiova only works with Einar Kyrie.

18. You can only put the vikings' spirits on unique cards (KoW aren't unique).

19. Tarns have Berserker Charge, not Frenzy, so VW doesn't help them, but Valguard does.

Other than those, looks great! +rep
I also had a suggestion/idea. Could you maybe link the 'Book' of the figure(s) to the name of the unit? Edit: example: for KoW, 18. KoW

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Originally Posted by Revdyer View Post
Special Attacks are severely modified by death.
Trade Thread Selling most of my collection!

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Old July 22nd, 2011, 11:55 AM
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Re: Determining the Best Use of Units: Infantry

It was a fun read, but some of the units seem to be placed to low on the list. Heavies, Capuans, Knights, and Legionnaires all have bonding and their stats can all be augmented by either the hero they best bond with or in the Capuan's case by using Spartacus.

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Old July 22nd, 2011, 01:01 PM
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Re: Determining the Best Use of Units: Infantry

In addition, I think you should factor in the point cost and figures per squad.

Yes, a double attacking, stealth flying squad of Kyrie is pretty awesome, but not when they are only 3 to a squad and cost 46.6 pts per figure.

A must read for all 'Scapers!
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Old July 22nd, 2011, 03:08 PM
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Re: Determining the Best Use of Units: Infantry

Also, you seem to have forgotten the Phantom Knights. They fly, have solid defense, and get bonus' against range. Did you not see them as a unit of infantry?

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Old July 31st, 2011, 05:33 PM
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Re: Determining the Best Use of Units: Infantry

Sorry it's been a while since a post, my "day job" has been busy lately.
To R˙chean: I know I'm going to get skewered by some players for this, but my group doesn't usually count point value. The group I play with just picks out units and heroes we like. We limit number of armies / heroes to how long we want to play. Epic battle=tons of people. Then, if one group looks heavy-handed, we look at points and give the weaker teams an extra unit or two to level everyone out. I encourage everyone to post their own top 10. I would be interested in reading the thought processes.
Now, for the Phantom Knights. They are included in the next unit: Cavalry. They are too fast (to me) to be placed with the generally slow-moving foot soldiers.

Paul Gamble <><
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