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Old February 7th, 2022, 04:09 PM
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Warhammer Bladeborn/Warcry/Underworlds

For sometime now I have gotten in to Warhammer Age of Sigmar (AoS). Although I enjoy it a lot I still enjoy smaller scale skirmish games. In addition AoS can be quite the money sync. Due to wanting to get in to smaller scale battles and shorter game times I was fortunate that Games Workshop came out with Warcry. Initial starter set was still high on the cost point, but adding new warbands was not to hard on the wallet. Warcry is a great game that gave me the skirmish level size game and game time frame that really hit a great point for me. Models are excellent, combat mechanics are excellent, the characters also have great abilities that keeps the game fresh, and the tactical/strategic aspects of the game makes me want to play it again and again. Recently Games Workshop released a new box game called Bladeborn. You can find out what it is all about at this link:


Games Workshop has collaborated with Barnes and Noble for the sale of Bladeborn and you can purchase it at this link:


The price point is great for what you get at only $49.99. This is a smaller version of Warcry and instead of needing to measure for movement or ranged attacks its all based on a hex system. The hex system is one of the greatest things that made me enjoy Heroscape so much. Because of Heroscape the hexed based system is my favorite for any type of tabletop miniature wargame. The warbands you use are slightly smaller than what you use in Warcry. A third game that Games Workshop has from the AoS universe is Underworlds. Starter sets priced around $60. This also is a small skirmish based boxed game, but also has a card deck building aspect to it and also utilizes a hexed based game system. The great thing about Bladeborn is you can utilize certain Warbands from Underworlds and the figures for both Bladeborn and Underworlds can be used in Warcry and also AoS. Bladeborn and Warcry also have a campaign mode, which just enriches your gaming experience.

In addition to all of this the figures from Warcry, Bladeborn, and Underworlds would be great figures to make Heroscape customs out of. They are readily available and the cost for them is not too steep. Lastly the hex size is just about the same size as the Heroscape hexes so if you wanted to have a more three dimensional battlefield simply add in your Heroscape hexes. In Bladeborn you do not have height advantage game mechanics in the rules, but I have modified the Bladeborn rule set slightly to accommodate height advantage. It seems to add some additional strategy to the game play and does not seem to impact the Bladeborn game itself. There is a large upside in my opinion with getting in to any of these games.

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