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Heroscape Chronicles CH.1

Heroscape Chronicles
Chapter one

The war-torn land of Valhalla was crumbling to rubble. Battle after battle, the fight against Utgar strained the landscape. Year after year, I was fed up with it. I left Jandar's army in seach of a way to stop Utgar.
I walked across a wasteland to find the edge of a cliff. There was no way across, except for a rickety old bridge.I peered over the cliff to see something terrible. The bottom of the trench appeared to moving and squirming. Hundreds, thousands of marro creatures were at the bottom of the drop. I knew the bridge would not hold so I turned around, hoping to find another way. I turned and found myself at the end of a dark blade, held by Ne-Gok-Sa.
I bounded back and drew Marro's Bane.
My sword was an original weapon. I forged it from the bones of
Tor-Kul-Na I have slain. It was a huge weapon, more than seven feet long.
"You!" The marro screached. He was pointing at Marro's Bane with fear. "You are the one who killed my bretheren!"
Ne-Gok-Sa has seen many of his allies fall by my hand. I only shrugged and slashed at him. He walked back and I missed him. He launched a counter attack and I flew back and landed with a thud of ground and metal. I staggered to the ground but I didn't have time to raise Marro's Bane. He attacked me and pierced my shoulder. Blood began to Stain my armour. He began to back away, I knew what he was going to do. I raised Marro's Bane and readied myself. Mindschackle was coming. I was going to be a meal for the blood thirsty marros below.

This may not be perfect. I wrote it in school on my free time. I wrote like four pages so more to come.

Hellsing obsessive.
Amutear custom custom creator.
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