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Official Rules and FAQs Compilation and discussion of AotP Rules and Frequently Asked Questions.

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FAQ By Chas

By Chas

This list was compiled soon after the publication of Innistrad (Set 3).

Answer Sources
Hasbro: Official answers from the publisher
Chas: Best call by the compiler (aka Jon Snow)
HS (P, C) Individual Poster or Consensus of two or more posters on www.heroscapers.com
BGG (P, C ) Individual Poster or Consensus of two or more posters on www.boardgamegeek.com

The names of specific spell cards and army card abilities are italicized.

PW: Planeswalker

Thanks to all the intrepid gamers who asked questions, answered them, and even got Hasbro to answer some.

1. Can card abilities/powers like Liliana's Snuff Out be used in addition to making a regular attack?

Yes. (HSC)

2. Is the “Reserve” different from the “Graveyard.”

Figures in the Reserve can be summoned; in the Graveyard usually not. (Hasbro rules).

3. “Misdirerction” (Blue Spell Card)

A) Can the card moved be of different colors and owners?

Yes. (Chas)

B) In a team game, can you also move an Ally's card?

Yes. (Chas)

C) Can only a flipped and revealed Spell Card be moved?

Yes. (HSC)

4. Can a two space creature be summoned so that only 1 of its spaces is wintin 5 of the PW?

Yes. (HSC)
5. an you play an enchantment on a card not yet summoned (in the Reserve)?

No. (HSC)

6. In general, can spell cards be played on those of other players, both allies and enemies?

Yes. (Chas) Also see #3 above.

7. Can you cast spells during Turn Steps 1, 3 and 6, even if you did not choose your PW as the active card this turn?

Yes. (Chas)

8. Can Restless Zombies (Black Army Card) attempt to return if the Black PW is destroyed?
No. (Chas: “At the start of a Black Pws turn.”)

9. If an Army Card is sent off table to the Reserve or the Graveyard, do you remove all wound markers and enchantment spell cards on them?

Yes. (Hasbro Core rules p. 13).

10. Path Wardens (Green Army Card) (Zendikar) Do Path Wardens protect against the Eldrazi Ruiner ability “Lay Waste” in the “Take Down” scenario?

No. (Chas)

11. Can more than one card power that activates at the same time/conditions be used on the same turn?

Yes. (Chas).

12. Does an initial Spell Deck require exactly 12 cards, or can fewer be selected?

Twelve cards only. (Hasbro game rules)

13. (Innistrad) When a Cryptolith is destroyed, are the two sand spaces to which it is attached removed as well?

No. (Chas)

14. Are cards activated at the “End of the Turn” active until the beginning of your next turn?

Yes. (HSP)

15. Psychic Rebuttal (Blue Spell Card) If used to cancel a spell, does it also cancel any ability depending on the play of the canceled spell, such as the Rebirth card power of the Flamewing Phoenixes (Red Army Card).

Yes (Hasbro).

16. To which army cards can Auras be attached?

Only to those in play on the battlefield, not in the reserve or graveyard. (Hasbro).

17. Can Rise of the Dark Realms (Black Spell Card) which brings back a squad creature from the Graveyard, also retrieve the Army Card back into the game, if all of the squad was destroyed?


18. Honor of the Pure (White Spell Card) Does it still apply if the figures are destroyed?

No, all enchantments are removed to the spell graveyard if all of the figures from the Army
C ard are destroyed. (Hasbro).

19. Exactly when can abilities such as Liliana's Snuff Out be used—anytime between Action 2 and Action 5, or only between actions when the army Cared is considered chosen?

After Action 2 and before Action 3, or after Action 4. (Hasbro).

20. Can spells be cast any time before Action 3 and after Action 4, or just immediately before and
after those actions?

21. Spells can be played from your hand anytime after Action 1, before Action 3, after Action 4, and
before Action 5. You can play up to a total of 3 spells per turn. (Hasbro).

22. For Circle of Flame (Red Spell Card), which figure is required to have the damage markers
already, the figure that is taking the damage (probably an opponent's) or the figure that you
control that is adjacent to the figure taking damage?

The figure that you control is the figure that is required to have the damage markers already.

23. Does Unsummon (Blue Spell Card) remove damage counters? How do partial squad summons work?

Page 13: Returning a Unique Squad to Owner's Reserve:
“Only figures on the battlefield are returned to an owner's reserve. Any figures in the figure graveyard stay there. All attacked enchantments are discarded to their owners' graveyards. All damage markers are removed.”

Yes, when creatures are returned to a player's reserve, all damage markers on those creatures are removed. The same rules would apply for summoning a partial squad as for summoning a full squad. You wold take any creatures on that army card and place them onto the battlefield on an empty space within 5 clear sight spaces away form the planeswalker that is summoning them. If there are any squad creatures on that army card that are already in the graveyard, they are still destroyed and cannot be summoned. (Hasbro).

24. Does a creature under the effects of Mind Control (Blue Spell Card) act as a creature you control or your opponent controls for disengagements and moving through friendly creatures?

If you play Mind Control and target a squad creature your opponent controls, you control that
creature while you are moving and attacking with the target creature. You cannot use activated
abilities. An example of an activated abilityh is Liliana's Snuff Out. Currently, no squad
creatures in Arena of the Planeswalkers have activated abilities.

A Mind Controlled creature would take a leaving engagement attack from your opponent's
figure, not uyour own,. However, the opponent who controls the figure who would make the
leaving-engagement attack can choose to not take the attack. (Hasbro).

25. When you summon the Blazing Firecats or the Mad Prophet (Red Army Cards with the Haste ability) must you immediately attack with one if you wish, without playing any spells first?

Yes. (Chas)

26. Duel Casting (Red Spell Card) If this card is repeated, how does it count?

If repeated, it counts as the third spell card played for the turn. ( ).

27. (Zendikar) What is the proper timing for the two powers of the Eldrazi Ruiner, Relentless and Lay Waste, in the four player scenario?

Lay Waste trigger's at the end of the Eldrazi Ruiner's turn, not at the end of its attack. (Hasbro).

28. Is a Planeswalker considered a “Creature.”

No. Spells that affect “Creatures” do not affect a PW. (HSC).

29. Can a Planeswalker summon a creature onto a Glyph, or on elevated terrain higher than his height?

Summoning can only take place on an empty space, so not on a Glyph (Hasbro rules), and onto
height within 5 clear sight spaces. (HSC).

30. When Elf Rangers use Squad Sprint, is it 3 movement spaces or three spaces (ignoring height costs)?

Three movement spaces (HSP).

31. What is the difference between the use of the words “target” and “choose?”

Following standard MTG usage, 'Target' refers to the figure or enchantment being affected by
an action. The less fequently used term 'choose' is employed when targeting is not an issue in
an action. (HSC)

32. Can a spell be cast outside the PW's usual Range?

Yes, unless a limit is specified on the spell card (HSC)

33. In the Core Game's first scenario, do you have line of sight betwseen the two cardboad ruins?

No, because the battlefield diagram shows a single solid line between them. (HSC)

34. Call To Heel (Blue Spell Card) Does it remove the attacker before his attack is made, or after?

Before. (HSC)

35. Must a spell deck include exactly 12 cards, or up to 12.

Exactly 12. (Hasbro rules).

36. Must you summon all of the remaining figures of a squad, or can you summon on one or some of them?

All of them must be summoned. (Chas)

37. Does Green PW Nissa count as an Elf for Elven Blade Finesse?

No, because her card has the subtype Nissa, rather than Elf. (HSC)
Yes, because she's an elf! (Chas)

38. Swift Justice (White Spell Card) Can the user get as many points back as he can take, or only those put on the target (that it has left to take)?

As many as he can take. (Hasbro 1). Only those the target has left (Hasbro 2).
The latter. (Chas)

39. Twisted Image (Blue Spell Card) Are a target's hidden enchants effective?

Yes, if triggered before TI is used, no if after. (HSC)

40. Can PW Nahiri using Lithomancy add a hex under or on top of a Cyrptolith?

No. (Hasbro).

41. Can Angel's Mercy (White Spell Card) be used to have a hero creature heal itself?

Yes. Friendly figures are your own and those of your teammates. (Hasbro)

42. How is Ever After (Black Spell Card) used?

Immediately. The revived figure's card abilities can be used if they happen only during the
figure's next movement and combat before they are returned to the Graveyard. Not. For
example, The Kessign Rangers' Hunt At Dawn. (Hasbro).

43. How is the Transformation ability used?

It occurs at the end of the turn. You cannot use any of the new card's abilities until the next
turn. (Hasbro)

44. Can the new 600 Point army total be used for all scenarios instead of 500 Points?

Yes. (Hasbro).
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Re: FAQ By Chas

Thanks for compiling this. I was surprised to see Hasbro rules moving and attacking with a figure as controlling the figure. Why didn't they just say that in the text?

Heroscape had some ambiguous power texts, but AotP seems to have a far greater ratio of them.

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