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The Book of Frostclaw Paladins

The Book of Frostclaw Paladins
Age of Annihilation

Classic card made by @Anitar

Character Bio: “THERE IS A BEAST IN EVERYONE AND IT STIRS WHEN YOU PUT A SWORD IN THEIR HAND.” Not all that rally to the banners of the Clockwork Combine were unprepared for battle when it came. While the Vorid peacefully tended their fields in ignorance of pending doom, others sharpened steel and forged armor. They trained for a war they hoped would never arrive and organized into the knightly orders that became the immovable shield-wall of the Combine. Each Ordo specialized in different techniques of combat, training their aspirants to leverage their natural instincts into martial disciplines of warfare. When the first attack happened on Noxdorma, it was the Frostclaw Paladins that first stood in defiance of the onslaught. With teeth and claws they protected the Vorid, and in return the Vorid offered the Frostclaw their technology to augment their strength, their speed, and their skill. Now, on Valhalla, standing shoulder to shoulder with the mightiest heroes of Jandar’s legion, the Frostclaw Paladins stand in opposition to new enemies, but with the same courage and virtue that made them worthy to call themselves present in the Battle Of All Time.

Jandar / Noxdorma / Ursine / Unique Squad / Knights / Dauntless / Large 7
Life 2 / Move 3 / Range 1 / Attack 3 / Defense 4 / Points 120

Before taking a turn with the Frostclaw Paladins, you may take a turn with any Champion you control who follows Jandar or Volarak.

Before Moving a Frostclaw Paladin, you may add 3 to that figure's Move value. If you do, subtract 2 from that figure's Attack value this turn.
-Rulings and Clarifications-
How do two-life squads work?
Some squad figures, like the Dreadnauts of New Tortuga, have more than one life. If one of these figures receives a wound, use the tiny wound markers to track how many wounds each figure has. [Show the underside of the base with the tiny wound marker attached to the base] (Age of Annihilation Beta Rulebook)
-Combinations and Synergies-

Synergy Benefits Received
- CONCAN THE KYRIE WARRIOR : Knight and Sentinel Enhancement:
As Knights, Frostclaw Paladins may benefit from Concan the Kyrie Warrior’s KNIGHT AND SENTINEL ENHANCEMENT attack and defense bonus. (Classic)

- CRIMSON WIDOW : Hire Crew:
As a Unique Squad, Frostclaw Paladins may have their class changed to Pirates by Crimson Widow's HIRE CREW. (AoA)

- SIR GILBERT : Jandar’s Dispatch:
As a Squad that follows Jandar, Frostclaw Paladins may benefit from Sir Gilbert's JANDAR'S DISPATCH movement bonus. (Classic)

Synergy Benefits Offered
- NOBLE CHAMPION BONDING : Jandar and Volarak Champions:
As large figures, Frostclaw Paladins grant the Axegrinders an additional die when attacking and defending against them. (Classic)

- ISAMU : Dishonorable Attack:
As figures who follow Jandar, Frostclaw Paladins grant Isamu additional attack dice when he attacks them. (Classic)

- SIR DUPUIS : Knight's Courage:
As Knights, the Frostclaw Paladins may aid Sir Dupuis with his KNIGHT'S COURAGE attack bonus. (Classic)
C3V and SoV Custom Synergies
Spoiler Alert!

-Haslab Promotional Materials-

Spoiler Alert!

-Heroscapers Community Contributions-
Power Rankings

ryguy266: Frostclaw Paladins: The best unique squad to come out of AoA. With good stats, two lives each, and a whopping twelve bonding options, the ‘Claws are prepared for anything. A+
(Subject to change)

Master Index
AoA Proxy Model Thread
Is this design finished?
Is this compatible with C3V/SoV?
NGC Version with 3D-printable Proxies

Unit Strategy Review
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