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Old November 15th, 2007, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Grungebob
I don't think I saw this discussed, but is there a chance that there was a mistake? I mean I find it hard to believe that an F came as a complete surprise to you... Usually you know when you are performing unsatisfactorily.
You're right. I had so many Fs (in college) and I always saw 'em coming. Did you disrespect your teacher, GeneralBeaner? Or did you puke on her shoes the last time you had an F (if you ever had except for this new one...but then again, would you be puking if you had it before?)?

Sorry for being late on this thread.

I kind of had this type of "F" problem back when I was in high school, only a different kind of "F". I was in section "A" in freshmen and I did a lousy job and at the end of the year I was estimating I'd end up in section "C" or "D" the next school year. The following school year, in the 1st day of class, I checked where my name is listed. I checked sections "C" and "D." I wasn't in there. I checked "B" and "A." Still I wasn't there. So I checked section "E." Nada. Then finally I found my name in section "F."

So I went home and told my parents about it. Then I said "At least I wasn't in section G or H!!!"

That was the day I realized that I wasn't the smartest peanut in the turd.

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