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Old June 15th, 2009, 10:13 PM
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MDG: Maps and Scenarios

MDG hopes to post at least a couple of the scenarios he has designed. This will take some time. Being stuck in the 1st Century, computers present a bit of a learning curve.

Scourge of the Undead

[a scenario for 2 to 4 players]

- Ruins of Bacolahr Battlefield -

A fetid swarm of undead lays hold in the ruins of Bacolarh. Fed by the succour of the Dark Stones of Morindan, their continual pestilence has plagued neighbouring settlements.

In answer: a powerful alliance of heroes. This alliance, calling themselves the AVENGERS, have divined that the only means of stopping the UNDEAD is to destroy each of the Dark Stones

But the UNDEAD do not intend to leave the Dark Stones undefended. They lay in wait amongst the fog-laden ruins. All is quiet as the AVENGERS enter the swirling mists of the bog.

Synopsis: the AVENGERS must destroy all 7 Dark Stones before the game ends. The UNDEAD use a hidden set-up system and win if any Stones remain.

Download the full scenario and set up: HERE


optional: the battlefield as shown uses 5 RTTF worth of trees, but you can substitute these for TJ, custom trees or just use 1 RTTF worth of trees

Battle for the Bridge

[a scenario for 2 players]

- Battle for the Bridge Battlefield -

The time has come for war! Crush your opponent! Drink from the sweet chalice of victory!

Synopsis: The army that has secured the most territory at the end of 12 rounds is the winner.

Download the full scenario and set up: HERE


2 ROTV [plus seven extra 1 hex tiles of any type, or a 3rd master set]
1 TT [plus 9 extra 2 hex snow tiles from boosters, or a second TT]

optional: 1 FOTA just for the battlements but the map will play fine without them

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