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Old August 8th, 2018, 02:15 PM
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AotP Power Rankings: Draft

Straight up stealing from this thread, read the basic idea there:

Heroscape Power Rankings

A few differences/things to note.

1. This is just one guy’s opinion. If it generates chatter I have no problem updating this with a consensus. And hopefully it does, I’m a big fan of this game.
2. I thought it made more sense to organize the list by card color rather than by rank. You’re more limited in your squad choices based on the PW you choose compared to Heroscape.
3. The scale is slightly different than the scale in the Heroscape ranking thread. It’s curved to give PWs higher rankings since picking one is mandatory. No PW is less than a B-, and no creature is higher than A-. The idea is that even the worst PW has value because they allow you to pick those stronger units in the first place. I’m open to suggestion with the ranking scale too.
4. I’m also going to attempt to incorporate the What’s in an order marker? color code. It doesn’t apply 100% simply because there are no order markers in AotP. But you still have to choose a card at the beginning of your turn and this could help with the choice. And like the above, input will be appreciated and incorporated.
5. Rankings are not taking spells into consideration, this is just ranking the army cards. You could easily take a group like the Phoenix...es(how do you pluralize that?) and turn them into an endless wave of 5 dice attacks, but you can boost every team in various ways with spells. I’m just talking about base value.

I think that’s it. Without further ado, and because my wife and kids are out of town and I have more free time than I know what to do with, here are my rankings.

Liliana Vess, Necromancer (325): A. With range 6, it’ll be tough to get past her boosted wall of zombies before you get snuffed out
Ob Nixilis, Demon of Spite (385): B-. High cost and no range
Blighted Reavers (115): A-. Necrotic stench is awesome
Malakir Bloodchasers (100): B+. 2 great powers
Ghoul Vanguard (100): B. Bring a reaver around with his power and take advantage of the -2
Restless Zombies (60): B-. Get a boost because they can keep coming back
Skirsdag Cultists (50): C-. Glass cannons

Jace Beleren, Mindmage (340): A. Mind stealer is bad ass
Jace, Investigator (345): B-. The only plus is 25 more points for spells. Use the other one
Necro-Alchemist (125): B+. He can hit HARD
Leyline Phantoms (95): B. Excellent mobile blockers
Lantern Geists (30): B-. Discount Leyline Phantoms
Merfolk Roilmage (100): C+. +2 def in water is nice, but it’s also +1 off for the attacker (unless they’re in the water too)
Illusionary Projections (65): C-. Lackluster stats and powers. Basically “get out of jail free” cards for Jace

Eldrazi Ruiner (150): B-. Only 3 def and high cost hurt a bit. The ruiner goes from dominating to overwhelmed quickly
Eldrazi Scions (55): C+. No powers, but when paired with a Ruiner the continuous swarm can be useful

Arlinn Kord, Goldnight Outcast/Moon-Blessed (340): A+. Can do it all, and howl is a solid power
Sorin of the Eternal Thirst (350): A. Close range powerhouse that can hit multiple targets and heal
Kiora, the Rising Tide (345): B. Decent enough. Meh
Nahiri, Fury in Stone (345): B-. She can put together some decent squads, but you won’t be taking many turns with her army card active

Nissa Revane, Animist (330): B+. Queen of the hit and run, and the range boost for her elves is nice
Kessig Rangers/Kessig Ravagers (90): B+. Close combat or ranged, 3 attacks for the price of 2
Path Wardens (100): B. They pair very nicely with the Pummelroot Elementals. Good defense too
Pummelroot Elementals (90): B-. It’s rare to see Trample kick in, but these guys still pack a punch
Elf Rangers (80): C+. Fragile. Get a slight boost because they can keep their distance

Chandra Nalaar, Pyromancer (365): A+. She’s capable of ending games herself
Mad Prophet (70): A-. Durable hero killer with haste, and cheap to boot
Blazing Firecats (100): B+. If you can get a few more attack dice for these cats they can do serious damage. Even without, they have very useful powers
Goblin Javelineers (100): B-. Not too durable, but they do hit hard and have an unblockable ranged attack
Flamewing Phoenixes (35): C. Rebirth keeps them somewhat useable
Bloodline Nobles (70): D. I cant figure out how to use these guys effectively. Maybe to run in and do as much damage as they can before inevitably being wiped out in 2 turns?

Gideon Jura, Combat Mage (350): B-. Along the same lines as Nahiri, but Gideon can hit back on defense. His squads usually aren’t as good though
Kor Aeronaut Captain (100): B-. Hits hard, but it doesn’t take too long to chip away his life. The power to move another unit is nice to have
Avacynian Inquisitors (85): B-. Top notch powers, but can’t take too much punishment
Avacyn, On Bloodied Wings (100): C+. The stats are not great. Her power is her saving grace
Rhox Veterans (90): C. Less effective when there are less than 3
Kor Hookmasters (60): C-. Pretty much just useful the first time they’re summoned. After that they have to keep their distance to stay alive, but a range of only 3 makes that tough

I think I got every army card in the game, but let me know if I missed any. And let me know what you think, maybe some of the **** I threw at the wall sticks for you.

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