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Old January 26th, 2017, 04:42 PM
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Collection for Sale

Hey there!

I've unfortunately run on bad times and I'm looking to get rid of my whole collection. I tried showing it on the Heroscape reddit and someone on there pointed me in this direction. I would really prefer to sell it all as one lot as it would be easier shipping wise and less work, and I know that means I won't maximize the value of it, but I'm just trying to get rid of it sadly. I'll post everything I have below, it mostly consists of a RotV set, the Bridge set, various booster packs from 2-3 sets, and a Marvel set. I have used ebay to figure out low, mid, and high prices on various things sold but Feel free to shoot me an offer. If you aren't interested in the entire lot please send a message too. If it comes down to 3-4 people who can buy it all up I'd potentially do that as well. Thanks!

Figures (all in mint condition with cards in good condition):

- Kozuke Samurai
- Valguard
- Aubrien Archers
- Blastatrons
- Ninjas of the Northern Wind
- Krav Maga Agents
- Agent Carr
- Syvarris
- Sacred Band
- Gladiatrons
- Major X17
- Krug
- Deathwalker 8000
- Charos
- Sir Denrick
- Khosumet the Darklord
- Finn the Viking Champion
- Deathwalker 9000
- Mimring
- Dund
- Izumi Samurai
- Dumutef Guard
- Swog Rider
- Me-Burq-Sa
- Marro Warriors
- Deadeye Dan
- Guilty McCreech
- Deathstalkers
- Sir Gilbert (has the cool bag and dice he came with)
- Armoc Vipers
- Morsbane
- Tarn Viking Warriors
- Sgt. Drake Alexander
- Airborne Elite
- Brunak
- Knights of Weston
- Grimnak
- Thorgrim the Viking Champion
- Zettian Guards
- Ne-Gok-Sa
- Sudema
- Raelin the Kyrie Warrior
- Tagawa Samurai
- Parmenio
- James Murphy


- 6x 24-Hex Grass
- 5x 7-Hex Grass
- 5x 3-Hex Grass
- 13x 2-Hex Grass
- 18x 1-Hex Grass

- 2x 24-Hex Rock
- 3x 7-Hex Rock
- 3x 3-Hex Rock
- 9x 2-Hex Rock
- 10x 1-Hex Rock

- 2x 7-Hex Sand
- 2x 3-Hex Sand
- 6x 2-Hex Sand
- 4x 1-Hex Sand

- 4x 2-Hex Snow

- 21x 1-Hex Water

Road to the Forgotten Forest Terrain Expansion

- 1x Large Tree
- 4x Small Trees
- 1x 5-Hex Bridge Road
- 2x Bridge Stone Walls
- 8x 2-Hex Road
- 8x 1-Hex Road

Marvel Expansion - I have the box that has all of the turn markers, wounds, dice, glyphs, figures, and terrain. The terrain included is:

- 3x 7-Hex Concrete
- 7x 2-Hex Concrete
- 4x 1-Hex Concrete
- 3x 7-Hex Asphalt
- 8x 2-Hex Asphalt
- 3x 1-Hex Asphalt
- 6-Hex Piece the wall fits brick wall
- Brick wall

I also found:

- RotV Large Castle Wall Ruins
- RotV Small Castle Wall Ruins
- Booklets from the RotV kit
- All dice, wound markers, turn markers, glyphs, etc collected from boosters and the RotV core set.

Here's a photo of the figures lined up in groups, not including the Marvel figures which are still in box
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Old January 26th, 2017, 06:11 PM
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Re: Collection for Sale

Sending pm
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Old January 26th, 2017, 11:04 PM
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Re: Collection for Sale

PM sent.
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Old January 27th, 2017, 05:36 PM
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Re: Collection for Sale

PM sent
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