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Old February 7th, 2017, 07:23 PM
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Grimnak's Battle Reports

Welcome to my battle thread!

I will make a new post for each tournament I attend, as well as interesting casual games.

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Old February 7th, 2017, 11:09 PM
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Re: Grimnak's Battle Reports

~~~C2P February Tournament~~~

My first tournament! I had absolutely no idea what to expect and both @hr0372 (my father) and I expected to get crushed. Originally, I contemplated the following army:

Kaemon Awa 120
Tagawa Samurai Archers 4x 260
Hatamoto Taro (prototype) 100
Marcu Esenwein 20

However, after some playtests, I decided to bring this (arguably more complicated) army:

Kaemon Awa 120
Tagawa Samurai Archers 2x 130
Hatamoto Taro (prototype) 100
Zetacron 60
Marro Warriors 50
Eldgrim the Viking Chamption 30
Isamu 10

Game 1:
Opponent: hosey
Army: Morgoloth, Skull Demon 2x, Death Knights of Valkrill 3x, Marro Warriors
Map: Blackroot

Hosey led with the Skull Demons and Marro Warriors. He quickly acquired a treasure glyph. However, Zetacron soon eliminated them before finally falling to a lone Death Knight. Next ensued a battle of opposing Marro Warrior squads before Kaemon Awa met Morgoloth on the field. This is where the dice turned sour for hosey. Kaemon Awa's first Quick Release on the 140-point Hero resulted in 3/4 skulls, while the second Quick Release resulted in 4/4 skulls. Morgoloth died with little resistance, and Kaemon Awa quickly dispatched the remaining Death Knights to finish the game. All in all, neither side made any noticeable strategic blunders, and I felt quite worried after Zetacron got one-shot (my initial plan to take out Morgoloth). However, the turn of the dice sealed the deal and put the game in my favor with the swift death of Morgoloth. Well played, hosey!

Record: 1-0

Game 2:
Opponent: @rudyvalentine
Army: Krav Maga Agents, Minions of Utgar 2x, Taelord the Kyrie Warrior
Map: Vestige

This army scared me even with counterstrike. I won initiative and immediately popped Zetacron on height, dealing three wounds right out of the gate to Taelord. However, my luck went downhill from there. The Krav had a stellar performance, one-shotting Zetacron, and for the next few rounds, they remained nearly invincible as they proceeded to take out Kaemon Awa and Hatamoto Taro before they could even resist. I was able to get a couple Marro Warriors engaged but little occurred aside from Taelord's demise. Once the Krav finally died, I was left with three or four Archers and Isamu to dispatch a Krav and several Minions. My Archers fell with little resistance, only taking one or two Minions with them. I was all but defeated; only Isamu remained vs rudyvalentine's ~100 points of figures. In a miraculous turn of events, the impossible happened, and Isamu vanished over and over again and defied all odds as he slew Minion after Minion. With time running out, Isamu had evened the playing field with only one Krav remaining. Ever dice roll counted, and one particular turn involved Blackie Chan rolling one skull on my ninja, who'd missed his vanished with an 8. Miraculously, I rolled one shield and slew the Agent the following turn. This was hands down the closest, most intense Heroscape game I've ever played. rudyvalentine should have had the win; he played an exceptional game. I only won with the littlest ninja that could as he slew the remaining ~100 points himself to leave me undefeated on the day. A match I won't forget, rudy! Thank you so much for being such a kind and respectful opponent as Isamu stole a glorious win from your grasp.

Record: 2-0

Game 3:
Opponent: @hr0372 (my own father!)
Army: Krav Maga Agents, Major Q10, Zombies of Morindan 4x, Otonashi
Map: Vestige

The game began and ended in my favor. The first round saw the demise of Q10 at the hands of Zetacron - I rolled 3 skulls on height, which translates to six hits! A blank on Q10's part set the tone for the entire game as my dad's rolls were atrocious. The Krav managed to do some respectable damage to the Tagawa Samurai Archers, but in the end, I took the movement and initiative glyphs and closed the gap with my Marro Warriors, taking the win convincingly. This snapped my father's 2-game winstreak and extended my -amazingly- undefeated record!

Record: 3-0

Game 4:
Opponent: @hose
Army: Heavy Gruts, Ornak, Raelin the Kyrie Warrior (RotV), Fen Hydra 2x, Isamu
Map: Sabertooth Jungle

I discovered this was the game of champions, so to speak, as hose and I were the only two left with an undefeated record at this point. Nonetheless, I feared his army immensely; I had happened to spy it in the bag before the tournament started and quickly decided hose's army was the one I did NOT want to face. Sure enough, the bracket decided I should play him.

The beginning of the game saw my Marro Warriors snag the wound glyph and take pot shots at an elevated Raelin. As two hydras quickly approached my line of Archers, they managed to get (incredibly) the Disengage and Attack treasure glyphs! Zetacron attempted to slay Raelin, and even with Shadow and Jungle on his side, died to a single attack from the first hydra. In desperation, I brought out Kaemon Awa to hopefully swing the tide of the battle. He made an amazing appearance, dealing three wounds to the first hydra during his first Quick Release! I'd rolled 3 skulls while hose actually blanked with 8 (!) defense dice! My confidence growing, I continued attacking but to no avail (I could not reach Raelin). To my horror, hose spotted the Kelda glyph and proceeded to burn it - healing the hydra back to full! This was the turning point as I now had two full-life and buffed hydras (defense from Raelin and one treasure glyph each) bearing down on my army. They decimated everything in their path, and due to hose's smart positioning, negated counterstrike altogether. Kaemon Awa did manage to kill Raelin and deal two wounds to a hydra, but by then the game was lost. Time was called just as Isamu finished off the wounded hydra, giving hose a respectable win and breaking my perfect record! He was incredibly cordial during the course of the game, and even reminded me of a jungle bush bonus in the later stages.

Record: 3-1

Game 5:
Opponent: @TrollBrute
Army: Nilfheim, Bahadur, Varkaanian Swiftfangs, Varkaanian Greyspears
Map: Thy Kindness Freezes

Coming off my first defeat, my confidence was definitely shaken as I sat down to face TrollBrute's unusual army. I'm not familiar with any customs and so even after reading his cards felt very uncertain about my abilities to counter him. The game began with my Marro Warriors killing a couple Varkaanians and Eldgrim taking the Initiative Glyph. Despite relentless attacks on TrollBrute's part, he could not seemingly kill the Warriors of Eldgrim, blanking on his numerous attack rolls. Nilfheim even flew into battle and attempted a treasure glyph (which later turned out to be Defense +1). As luck would have it, TrollBrute activated the trap and took one wound. Then next round saw my luck turn around as TrollBrute's Bahadur marched up the road; I rolled for my disengage missed, allowing Bahadur's beastly six attack to menace my start zone. The next turn saw the one-shot of Kaemon Awa (and my next two turns, as it turned out). Unopposed for the next two turns, my flagbearer died without a fight, leaving only a couple of archers and Isamu. The Archers died without a fight, and I was left with Isamu... again. Incredibly, Isamu slew Nilfheim in two attacks with a series of terrible defense rolls on his part! Isamu continued dancing around the map and slew a couple more Varkaanians before finally missing his vanish. While Bahadur ensured TrollBrute's rightful win, Isamu at least made my loss respectable, killing more than the rest of my army combined at ~200 points! I have a newfound respect for Isamu, that's for sure.

Record: 3-2

After points and strength of schedule were finalized, I managed to sneak into third place! I was incredibly surprised as I had zero confidence going in and was all but certain I'd maintain a winless record. I am more than happy with the outcome and cannot wait to return again.
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Re: Grimnak's Battle Reports

Nice battle reports @Grimnak , Multiple hydras are a beast to face down. I've brought multiple hydras to a tournament before, backed by the tenth regiment. That tournament I lost the tourney winning game to @dart48 . You'll find, the more you play at these tournaments, the more fun you'll have, and the less you'll care about taking first. I only want first for the bragging rights usually.
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Re: Grimnak's Battle Reports

Well written and enjoyable. I've been on the other side of Isamu's antics and it can be rough. Fun when it works for you though.
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Re: Grimnak's Battle Reports

~~~C2P August Tournament~~~

This tournament was hands down the most enjoyable part of my entire summer. Getting to play so many fast-paced, intense Heroscape matches with so many different people is more fun than anything else I can imagine. With that said, this month's format was Rolling Rumble, which included bringing two 355-point armies and choosing which to play against each opponent. After a great deal of debate, I decided to run:

Army 1 (340 points):

- Krav Maga Agents
- Agent Skahen
- Dund
- Otonashi

Army 2 (350 points):

- Marrden Hounds 2x
- Su-Bak-Na
- Isamu

The idea was that the Hounds could take squads backed by a heavy-hitter while the Agents handled the main ranged and slow-moving squads/heroes. Which, in theory, would have worked. But as we will see in the following battle reports, the Dice Gods had another idea as I proceeded to roll worse in this tournament than any other series of Heroscape games I've ever played. Enjoy the show!

Game 1 (using Army 1):
Opponent: Scott
Army: Major Q9, Raelin RotV, Deathreavers 2x, Isamu (yes, you read that correctly)
Map: Convolution

I admittedly didn't have any real hope of winning this game, but all I could do was try and at least take out as many points as possible. I opened with the KMA, and Scott led with Major Q9 and Raelin. Even as he was rolling 9 defense dice, I managed to pierce Q9's thick armor with a shot from the KMA and landed one wound. However, Q9's first round of nine attacks of one on the Krav resulted in two deaths. Skahen went out next to try and assassinate Raelin, but instead Raelin flew over and assassinated Skahen! Dund surprisingly managed to land quite a few Crippling Gazes on Q9, but that doesn't help too much when you can't do any damage in return to capitalize. Otonashi gave it one final valiant effort and charged up to Q9, rolling 2 skulls. However, a safe block of 5 shields and the following Queglix blast resulted in a toasted Otonashi and a defeated Grimnak. I'd managed to kill Raelin late-game, and finished with two wounds on Q9 and one dead Rat.

Record: 0-1

Game 2 (using Army 1):
Opponent: Quinn
Army: Death Knights of Valkrill 2x, Taelord the Kyrie Warrior, Dumutef Guard 2x
Map: Wintergreen

This matchup favored me quite a bit more than the previous game! This was a relatively quick game, as I led with the Krav and found the Unique Attack +1 glyph early on. This game me an almost unstoppable barrage of three attacks of five on Quinn's all-melee army. The entire match proved to be a cycle of the Krav raining down fire from the map's central height. However, the final Death Knight decided it wasn't his time to die, and managed to kill two of the Krav before the other could finish him off for the win. In the end, I never used anything but the KMA. Well played, my friend, but the matchup was understandably a difficult challenge for that army!

Record: 1-1

Game 3 (using Army 1):
Opponent: @southwest ninja
Army: Roman Legionnaires 2x, Marcus Decimus Gallus, Me-Burq-Sa, Ne-Gok-Sa
Map: Swamp Gas

I'd actually entered this match feeling pretty good about my chances to win! After all, I'd rolled decent in my past two games and with the exception of BBQ Sauce, I was facing another all-melee army. However, this is where the fun began...

Of course, I led with the Krav while @southwest ninja led with BBQ Sauce backed by Romans. BBQ never got a Paralyzing Stare, but he also never needed it in the first place. I shot BBQ with all three KMA for the entirety of the first round, and had only put two wounds on him. By this time, BBQ Sauce had all three Agents engaged and the Romans had the high ground. By the time BBQ fell, @southwest ninja had both glyphs (Valda and Lodin) and had surrounded Skahen. I ended up only killing one or two Romans and finishing BBQ Sauce before I fell to to the slew of angry Romans. Even with my awful dice-rolling, @southwest ninja played very well, and even though the matchup didn't favor him, he won loud and proud, handing me my second loss of the day. Great meeting you @southwest ninja ! Hope you had a blast at your first C2P Tournament, and I hope you'll return for more in the future!

Record: 1-2

Game 4 (using Army 2):
Opponent: Mike
Army: Krav Maga Agents, Phantom Knights 2x, Wyvern, Isamu
Map: Stygian Rift

This game proved to be a record-setter. I chose the Hounds for the first time after realizing that I could speed to the PKs and KMA, negating their bonuses altogether. However, my awful dice rolls continued as my first activation of the Hounds resulted in moving four spaces while my second activation resulted in moving two spaces. By the time I got to move my Hounds a third time, the PKs were on height and comfortably had board control. Throughout the entire game, my Hounds managed to block ONE attack. After a series of quick kills with Su-Bak-Na before the KMA shot him to pieces, I found myself left with Isamu versus Mike's two remaining PKs (one was still on the Defense glyph), two Krav Maga Agents, and Isamu. All I can say is, the Hounds must have used up all the bad D20 rolls for the day, because my Isamu proceeded to slaughter every last remaining figure in Mike's army, vanishing at least seven consecutive times without dying. After a final standoff between our Isamus in my already nerve-wracking comeback, Mike rolled a 1 on his Vanish to my 2 skulls, handing me the win after my Hounds forgot how to walk in the beginning of the game. I did the math later and Isamu ended up killing over 12 times his point value, and more than the Hounds did put together. I remember in the February tournament, when I faced @rudyvalentine , where I pulled a similar Isamu comeback, but even that pales in comparison to what I managed here today. Well played Mike! You proved to be a great sport even as the win slid further from your grasp with every consecutive Vanish. You definitely deserved the win, and Isamu's Vanish saved me more times than it should have that game. I was sweating more than a little bit when I stood up from that game!

Record: 2-2

Game 5 (using Army 1):
Opponent: @TrollBrute
Army: Gorillinators 3x, Raelin RotV
Map: Common Ground

I had to choose my army first, and figured my KMA had a decent chance against either one of @TrollBrute 's armies. The beginning of this game saw @TrollBrute 's Raelin fly to a beautiful perch, safely snuggled against a ruin, out of sight of my Krav. The only way I could shoot her was by moving around into the path of the Gorillinators. Sure enough, my KMA rolled very subpar again, only giving Raelin a few wounds. By the time they activated again, the Gorillas had engaged, and several untimely blanks on my part swung the game in @TrollBrute 's favor (if it ever was in my favor to begin with!). Skahen failed repeatedly to slay the Gorillas engaged to her, only rolling one skull for four consecutive attacks. The game ended with a Gorilla rolling two skulls on my wounded Skahen from three spaces out, and me blanking with four defense dice. No stealth dodge, no Skahen, no victory. With that said, @TrollBrute is an amazing player and even if I'd rolled a lot better he still could've easily pulled out the win. Always a pleasure to play you, @TrollBrute !

Record: 2-3

At this point in the tournament, I decided to eat and look at my scoresheet. I wasn't too impressed with my 2-3 showing and had mentally written myself off of any chance of having a winning record, especially with the way I'd been rolling. However, I kept playing to see if my luck would turn around.

Game 6 (using Army 1):
Opponent: Kyle
Army: Greenscale Warriors, Zelrig, Airborne Elite
Map: Sewer Labyrinth

I liked this matchup considering the face that I had no commons for Zelrig to Z-Bomb. I led with the Krav while Kyle failed his first AE roll and instead opened with Greenscales and Zelrig. After a failed Majestic Fires attempt on the KMA and a volley of shots, the three Greenscales were dead with several OMs left on them. With several free turns at my disposal, Zelrig and the Greenscales died without ever killing anything, and the AE never even got to drop! Definitely not your best matchup, Kyle, but I encourage you to keep coming because it can only get better from there! Plus, my rolls had improved and yours were not as impressive as they needed to be.

Record: 3-3

Game 7 (using Army 2):
Opponent: hosey
Army: Nicholas Esenwein, Deathstrike Thrall 2x, Bloodburst Thrall 2x, Preyblood Thrall 3x
Map: Relic

I chose to play the Hounds considering Nicholas couldn't revive any Thralls by killing Large and Huge figures, essentially negating one of his army's primary strengths. My Plague rolls were hot this game, killing either three or four of his Thralls alone. Nicholas managed to kill quite a few Hounds using his Overextend, utilizing a cycle of Overextend, Kill, and Heal. A key initiative swap resulted in Su-Bak-Na swooping next to Nicholas Esenwein in the swamp. I rolled five skulls to hosey's one shield, one-shotting the wounded Nicholas. This turned the rest of the game in my favor as I simply flew with SBN from one Thrall to the next until victory was reached. Hosey, I always wondered why you didn't choose your other army, but props to you for trying to play the customs against a superior counter.

Record: 4-3

Game 8 (using Army 2):
Opponent: Jada
Army: Marrden Hounds 2x, Su-Bak-Na, Isamu
Map: Riot

Yes, you read that correctly. We played a mirror matchup as we'd both brought the same exact army to this tournament. I wanted to use the KMA and Skahen, but I certainly didn't like their chances against the Hounds' 8 movement. This game came down to a lucky three-wound hit on Jada's SBN. We both blanked a couple of times with our Hounds (plague was useless for the most part), but the loss of her SBN gave me the firepower to finish the rest of her dogs and take the win! Well played Jada! Pleasure to play against you, and I believe that was our first match against each other! Let's hope our next game together doesn't involve two of the same exact army!

Record: 5-3

So there you have it! I came back from a 2-3 record to finish in 5th place at 5-3, and considering I tried to use Dund (he didn't do anything all day, by the way), I'm more than happy with the results! Plus, comebacks are always fun, and the comeback against Mike was the king of all comebacks. I even got an entire Icewind Scourge booster pack as a prize, which was quite an unexpected gift.

Special Thanks:

- @Hendal : Thank you very much for bringing such a plentiful selection of prizes for everyone to share! They were definitely a generous gift, and I think everyone at the tournament appreciated your donations!
- @heroscaper2010 : You organize the tournaments, and they never fail to be the most exciting events I can remember. Nothing beats hanging out with other Heroscape nerds all day and competing for prizes and bragging rights! Additionally, thank you for the deals on your collection! I grew my own collection quite a bit, and (almost) didn't break the bank doing so. It's still amazing to me that we've been to three tournaments together and still have yet to play each other! One day, @heroscaper2010 , one day...
- @flameslayer93 : Thank you so much for the free Chardris figure and card! You have no idea how long I've been lacking the figure and getting that rectified (for free!) was an amazing gift. The figure and card are both in pristine condition, which is another bonus. Again, thank you very much! We've also been to three tournaments now together and still haven't ever played each other! One day, @flameslayer93 , one day...
- @TrollBrute : This could go for several players, but in particular, thank you for being such a wonderfully skilled and yet humble opponent. We've played against one another at all three tournaments, and our games never disappoint. Even when you destroy me (like today), never once do you ever have the urge to brag; you even show genuine sympathy! I love playing against you not only for the challenge, but for the atmosphere and good vibes that I get during all of our games. I love getting paired up with you, and hopefully that streak will continue in the future! Thanks again!
- @rudyvalentine : We didn't actually play this tournament, rudy, but on behalf of my dad, @hr0372 , I'd also like to thank you especially for proving to be such a skilled and humble opponent. Even though you beat him, he remembers you showing nothing but kindness and sympathy throughout the entire game, and we always remember that! Plus, I remember during our February tournament when I pulled a ridiculous Isamu comeback on you and stole the win. Never once did you show an ounce of irritation of annoyance, and it deserves to be shared. I really hope we can play together again in the future; games with people like you and @TrollBrute are games to remember, not only for the challenge, but the relaxed atmosphere. Again, this could apply to a lot of people, but you two stand out as amazing opponents to play against, win or lose! Thanks again!

All in all, I simply had an amazing experience and even won some prizes on top! I went from a losing record to a winning record with Dund in my army, and I grew my collection significantly for amazing prices! I can't wait for October and beyond!

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Re: Grimnak's Battle Reports

great report, thanks for sharing, really looking forward to Sept. 2nd.

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Re: Grimnak's Battle Reports

I think you guys will enjoy this one. This casual garage game became one of my most memorable games, and it was so epic I even felt like I was roleplaying during the match. Without further ado....


Grimnak: Phantom Knights 2x, Deathwalker 7000, Isamu, White Wyrmling 3x, Blue Wyrmling 2x, Red Wyrmling 2x, Black Wyrmling

Ron (father): Heavy Gruts 3x, Tornak, Ornak, Warden 816

When we were drafting, we tried to draft characters that we haven't played as individuals as often. Ron hardly ever goes with the orcs, so his picks were a pleasant surprise. I was inspired to choose Deathwalker 7000 from a recent @Sir Heroscape vid, and although I face the PKs quite frequently I never play them. The Wyrmlings are something I'm not as experienced with but am fascinated by the concept. With armies placed, the battle began.

The beginning was a bloodbath. I rushed Deathwalker 7000 to a nearby Treasure Glyph and revealed a Disengage, which is extremely beneficial to the Deathwalker. My Phantom Knights moved up, taking the Initiative glyph. Meanwhile, the Heavy Gruts bonded with Tornak, who took the Move +2 glyph while the Heavies surrounded Deathwalker. The battle began, but not at all how I'd hoped. As the attacks came in and more orcs joined the fight, I found myself outnumbered and defeated as Ron's rolls were hot and mine.... were not. PKs were dropping like flies from 1 measly skull, and while Deathwalker defended valiantly, a typical roll of 3/3 skulls from a Heavy Grut ended his reign without so much as a point returned.

Seeing the opening, Ron played extremely well and kept his Tornak on the move glyph, allowing Ornak to move into position just behind his orcs and buff their attack dice. By this time, my Phantoms were slaughtered with two Heavies to show for it, and Deathwalker was scrap metal. A horde of Heavies led by Ornak was knocking at my door at round's end, where a mass of unruly wyrmlings and Isamu were perched, unmoved. Total losses at this phase of the battle were grim. I had lost 240 points to Ron's 35.

The beginning of the next phase of the battle began as expected. I lost initiative, and he claimed the glyph for himself. Seven move Heavy Gruts and a boost to initiative is a recipe for disaster. With this initiative win, Ron marched his hordes into my start zone, catching the rest of my army off-guard. He slaughtered the Red Wyrmlings and the Black, while Isamu rolled a 4 and fell to a Heavy's blade. At least Ron spared me the liberty of having to roll defense dice on most of his attacks. My turns come about, and I roll my measly 2 attack dice with my Ice Shards and Lightning Breath Special Attacks, killing two more Heavy Gruts over the course of the round. Meanwhile, Ron had managed to slay every last character in my army except for a getaway White Wyrmling and Blue Wyrmling.

With order markers placed, we both expected nothing more than a quick end to the match. In a surprising turn of events, I won initiative with a 16 despite his claiming of the Initiative glyph as he rolled a 6. I took this opportunity to fly my dragons away to one of the two perches in the center of the map, split by a road patrolled by hordes of Heavy Gruts and an unwounded Ornak. Tornak remained on the Move +2 glyph near the top perch. I ordered my wyrms to assault Tornak in a last ditch effort to give me the speed advantage. I gave up on my Special Attacks and engaged him face-to-face. Neither of us could believe it when I (with height advantage) rolled 5/5 skulls with the Blue Wyrmling. A terrible defense roll of 1 shield on Tornak's part resulted in a one-shot KO of the orcish leader. Despite this shocking turn of events, two complete squads of Heavy Gruts, an unwounded Ornak, and untouched Warden remained to clear out an unlikely Blue and White Wyrmling team.

Killing Tornak must have placed hope in my dragons (and my dice), as I won initiative again despite Ron owning the glyph. With this move, I placed one dragon on each perch, forcing the Gruts to come around and leave the road in order to attack. I had made a grave mistake though, and placed ALL of my movement markers on the White Wyrmling, meaning Ron only had to kill the White to rob me of my turns for the entire round. The Blue fired with Lightning and a Heavy on the road fell. The White sharded the Initiative glyph-holder to death and another approaching Heavy. Ron's next turn saw Ornak engage the perched White along with two Heavy Gruts. I figured it was my time to die, but the Wyrmling's 5 defense held through swing after swing, allowing me to use my last turn to fly the Blue to the White's perch and form a last ditch stand reminiscent of D-Day as the orcs approached from all sides and I held the two-hex mountain. Resorting to normal attacks, the Wyrmling team evaded attack after attack, slaying Grut after Grut. Ornak went down in a max-out roll, marking the second straight one-shot of the orcish leadership. All seemed lost, however, when a Heavy maxed out on attack dice on my White Wyrmling shortly after, resulting in the dragon's valiant death. By round's end, I was left with a lone Blue Wyrmling to clear out the remaining Heavies and an untouched Warden 816 in the backfield.

In an indescribable turn of events, the Blue managed to slay every last remaining Heavy Grut, turning Ron's landslide victory to a 1v1: a heroic Blue who'd just lost his comrade vs. the fresh Warden. Ron moved the Warden out and acquired the one-time use Treasure Glyph of +3 defense while the Wyrmling retreated out of range and flew for cover behind a tree. The Wyrmling denied the Warden of an attack by cleverly flying behind a ruin. The Wyrmling's subsequent turn was the final showdown as he landed directly in front of the Warden, who was standing on the road. A 4/5 skull roll followed, and using 9 defense dice, the Warden conjured up 3 shields. Half-way defeated. And then... a soul-crushing roll on the Warden's part turned up 3 skulls and the Wyrmling fell to its death after a blanked defense roll.

In the end, those two heroic dragons, totaling 75 total points of offense, slew 420 points of the opposing army, only to die by the Warden with victory so closely within reach. Perhaps another time, Blue. Perhaps another time...
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Re: Grimnak's Battle Reports

Good read. How unfortunate for those two brave wyrmlings to come within 1 wound of a miraculous comeback, only to collapse 1 foot from the finish line. Thanks for sharing!
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Old December 20th, 2017, 04:32 PM
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Re: Grimnak's Battle Reports


That was epic
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Old December 20th, 2017, 05:55 PM
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Re: Grimnak's Battle Reports

Quite the read! Sounds fun!



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