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Old June 21st, 2006, 03:24 PM
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HALLS OF VALHALLA (Best Of Custom Units) - Display Thread

Please - no one but HALLS OF VALHALLA judges post in this thread.

HALLS OF VALHALLA (Best Of Custom Units) - Nominate Here!

HALLS OF VALHALLA (Best Of Custom Units) - Discussion Anew!

This newest Halls of Valhalla display thread is to recognize and share the best custom unit creations by all the Heroscape contributors through the years.

There have been many great additions to the standard Heroscape units, but some stand out from the rest. Some deserve to be featured as examples of fierce creativity, fun gameplay, imaginative characters/figures, influence on the customs community, and/or beautiful cards.
There is another thread that showcases other quality customs that are great additions to Heroscape, in The Barracks.

So with no further ado, let's roll the footage to showcase the units that Heroscape fans believe should represent the best additions to the game we've seen thus far....

Grungebob and karkadinn (formerly strossners) were original judges, who also gave of their time and HS expertise to help select the best cards to represent to HS fans what custom units can do and how they can add to the game experience, enhancing official units, or making new unique abilities unseen in official units, while staying true to the imaginative and simple implementation of HS.

Thank you.

reapersaurus - Jun 04, 2005 - 04:21 AM

Here's the first well-deserved inductee into the Hall :
(Kid) Aratak's creation: Talos, the guardian of the treasures of the gods (from Jason and the Argonauts)

I believe that this one unit alone was the inspiration for many people to think about creating custom units for Heroscape.

He even gave info on what exact fig he used, and was concerned with how it would fit and play on the board, and snapped a pic to show us all.

Further, he even posted a comic-like panel which got across the fun when playing Talos.

Great job, Aratak Clan!
The Talos figure comes in an 8" figure and a 12" figure, I think. They are pretty much sold out by now, unless you can find them in some wherehouse or garage sale or EBay. Look in the Harryhausen thread for more great units inspired by the movies.

Karkadinn - 06, 2005 - 05:01 PM

Here is Akikawa. Let's just think of her as an example of how to create a unit that is similar in theme and execution as the official units yet fills a little niche. We have all wanted to see a samurai hero and more female heroes too. SilverStoner does both and in his excellent style to boot. This was one of the first cards to use scenery on the text area of the card, a technique that has become sort of a trademark of SilverStoner's work .

The miniature is a War Crow miniature.

Karkadinn - Jun 09, 2005 - 01:12 AM

By Screamingtruth, a deceptively easy to understand, straightforward hero with exceptional tactical options and a theme that fits him in quite well with the official units. This includes what some consider to be the best mechanical implementation of a 'charge' attack yet seen, as well as one of the very few well-balanced turn marker-removing abilities.

Truth's other awesome cards

grungebob - Jun 24, 2005 - 12:08 AM
Here are the Black Hand of Kyogi by JustJohn. His customs can be found here.
Reaper explains it quite well when he nominated these guys:

Originally Posted by reapersaurus
The Kyogi team was/is fascinating to me, using a mechanic that has never been done before or since (or did truth do one similar?) - 1 unmodifiable die for Attack and Defense. Unblockable, and will block all. But the trick is - he only gets 1. Can't be modified at ALL. So they are either efficient assassins, or they're nailed if they miss the defense roll. 60 points makes them an interesting unit to choose, depending on whether you feel lucky. They're best used vs squads, not heroes, I'd think.

reapersaurus - Jul 06, 2005 - 04:21 AM

Let's welcome the newest member of the Hall of Valhalla;
The terrifying, the deadly, the amazing.. whoops, that's been done before.
Let's cut to the chase - Here's JustJOHN's picture of sheer Beast-ial terror - Azuk Sharptooth!

His units were consistently of high quality, even near the beginning when unit design wasn't as widely-known as it is now.
I'ts easy to see his creativity and skill when viewing units like Old Iron Hide, Soulshredder/Solonavi Shade (with it's still-unique 2-figure mechanic that when one is killed, the other arises), and his already-inducted Black Hand of Kyogi ninja team.

But his Azuk Sharptooth, with its use of multiple abilities that intertwine to make it very dangerous to use stands out from the rest for a few reasons.
1) It defines barely-harnessed fury. Primal Fury is a wonderfully wicked way to motivate his handler to keep an orc nearby. If he has to roll (because there's no handler), and rolls bad, he not only loses the turn but gives his opponent control of a very powerful figure who is likely right in the midst of his army. I still have not seen that big of a drawback on any card. That penalty buffers the power of the unit.
2) If you keep a handler orc nearby to control/placate Azuk, he'll likely bite and maybe kill the handler. This balance/requirement of keeping him under control to prevent the opponent getting a free turn and you losing one, and the requirement that he might Bite whoever's close makes him VERY hard to control.
3) It's a Fiendish T-rex. Come on - that's just cool. Plus, it's a damn good looking figure. It's easily attainable, and cheap for its size (<$3), and impressive on the table.

reapersaurus - Jun 24, 2005 - 02:57 AM

The Hall welcomes their latest inductee to ascend into the Company:
chinaboy's Grut Witch (nominated by screamingtruth)

As screamingtruth says, "Here is Chinaboy's first magic caster it represents everything I love to see in a custom unit: Innovation, quality presentation, good game mechanics, fits the theme of the game, well costed. "

chinaboy's Grut Witch created out of wholecloth a balanced ability for Heroscape units to use magic.
This is revolutionary, and is so well done I wouldn't be surprised if the designers of the game borrowed the idea for a later expansion.
Other custom creators have since utilized this Gift of Magic system for other custom units - it allows for so many flavorful abilities to be made!
It really is a shame that only custom units get to play with spells Wink *taunting wink at the designers, in good jest*

grungebob - Jul 08, 2005 - 04:33 PM

Though no more diminutive than any orc, many might take him for much smaller than the average member of his species, due to his habitual skulking posture and subdued clothing. Though Tark performs reasonably well on the offense, defensively he is such an abject weakling that many first laughed when Utgar first sent him on the battlefield. Such scorn was quickly silenced as they watched foe after foe fall before his stealthy bow, their enemies unable to so much as spot Tark's deft form as it darted to and fro like liquid shadow.
Tark remains unsurpassed amongst his race in the art of stealth, and serves proudly as right hand assassin to the mighty Grimnak. The only hope his enemies have of surviving his sneaky tactics is to close in as best they may while employing a variety of troops, for the more kinds of creatures there are to sense Tark, the greater trouble he has in remaining hidden.

Figure: Mage Knight - Orc Tracker Figure Cost: $1

The bio is thanks to the wonderous talent of Karkadinn.
Truth's other awesome cards

grungebob - Jul 08, 2005 - 04:37 PM

Shrouded in ambiguity, this silent assassin was summoned from parts unknown to take out the most dangerous of Utgar's foes. Shade is almost impossible to pin down if even the slightest cover is given to him, as his form (if he is, in fact, a he) seems to blur and meld into nearby surroundings, chameleon-like. Totally mute, only communicating by way of the briefest of gestures, he intimidates many by his mere presence, but doesn't hesitate to flee when necessary, and is even so quick at it that none can get a blow in when he deems it necessary to move away. His curved blade seems to have a will of its own, seeking out the most vulnerable parts of any enemy's anatomy to deal a death blow with hardly any effort expended on Shade's part. The supernatural skill at hiding and slaying make Shade a force to reckon with, and the only way to strike at him safely is to deny him any cover, a difficult task at best. But even doing that won't keep you safe from his sword... for that, you can only hope for luck, and try to swarm him with meat fodder rather than sending your more powerful troops against him, for his strike can cut through the sharpest armor and anticipate the most adept attempts at dodging.

Figure: Mage Knight - Seeker Azruk Figure Cost: $ 9.99

The bio is again thanks to the talanted Karkadinn!
Truth's other awesome cards

Bodvar the Bold comes from the mind of DOC SAVAGE one of our community members. This unit happens to come from a story which he had written. Here's an excerpt from the story:

The young Tarn warrior, Hjalti, burst into the darkened chamber. “Bodvär, the beasts have returned!” he cried. The scarred and weary King of Tarn stirred, then hearing the distant cries of battle, sat bolt upright. The young warrior assisted Bodvär the Bold don his massive battle armor. The King was a giant among men, eight feet tall and wider than most doorframes.

The King, clad in brass and steel, kneeled before a small shrine to his ancestors. “May Wodin protect us,” he whispered. Hjalti slid the King’s Shield on his arm. Bodvär reached onto an oaken rack for the war hammer that was handed down through the generations of his family. The hammer called Bjärkamal; but better known as The Hammer of the Gods. They did not know it would be the last time the hammer rested in Tarn. Bodvär and the young warrior rushed out of the bed-chamber and into chaos.

The Throne room was on fire. The yule trappings burned with a rage only half that of the King. Monstrous creatures, part beast, part bear, were tearing his Viking Warriors to pieces. The King rallied them, and for a time they held their ground. The Hammer of God spoke many times that day and each time the answer was death. Then the very walls turned on them, collapsing from the weight of the army of invading creatures.

As the hewn beams and quarried stone fell, Jandar intervened and at that moment pulled Bodvär to Valhalla to join his champions in the unending war against Utgar

The figure is Aspect of Moradin from D&D wardrums.

Check out Doc Savage's Customs:

S.A.S {special air service} commandos is the British equivalant to the US Special Forces. The unit was created by Euryon one of our community members from London. The card was nominated and placed in the halls for it unique abilities of Surpressing Fire and Who Dares Win

The Brothers Tor was a Minotaur Team created by InfinityMax. (Click for Gallery) The unit feature an unique ability, Symbiotic Fraternity, which can give the squad of 2 three hits. The unit also features unique team-work abilities giving the unit a different strategic twist to Unique Squads:

Manalishi was created by Atmospro. (click for his Gallery)
This unit, besides its great playability, has one of the most beautiful cards in the Halls.

Standard Bearer of Weston was created by sydcomeback. This unit is first modded figure to enter the Halls. Besides being the first modded figure SBOW was also the first complete support unit to enter the halls

The Anubian Watchdog, was one of our contest entries by Common Hero, and explores some new bonding concepts as well as augmenting a unit that is rarely drafted. The card is polished and very thematic. The miniature is from Confrontation.

ShieldWalker 7000, is a new support unit that introduces the concept of "Special Defense" He is designed to simply support your forces through his defense augment. The card is by Netherspirit.

InfinityMax - June 27

Blix is a custom by Grungebob that combines some very cool and playable abilities with a freakishly cool theme. If you ever hated clowns, Blix might be why.

The figure is a Yu-Gi-Oh toy.
There is an alternate Blix card here, using a HorrorClix figure.
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Old November 6th, 2006, 07:25 PM
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I guess its my turn to handle some of the inductions so here we go...

Monday Nov 6 2006: Capricorn Slingers

The latest inductee to the Halls is the excellent Capricorn Slingers by Netherspirit (Click here for other cards by Nether) which introduces a fine mechanic for limited but replenishible ammunition dependent on the map's terrain. In addition the Capricorn Slingers add a lot of flavor to the game: Their Mountain Legs power reflects their inherent Mountain Goat biology while their Goliath Slayers ability recalls the titanic Biblical battle between David and Goliath:

Figure information coming soon!

EDIT: The figures used are called Khemru Slingers from the Crocodile line of miniatures: Crocodile Online
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Old November 27th, 2010, 10:19 AM
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Re: HALLS OF VALHALLA (Best Of Custom Units) - Display Threa

Talos would be always in figures clear sight, heh heh. I like all of these inductees. Great job on the choosing.

My customs HERE.
With Two Es
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Old December 31st, 2010, 04:03 PM
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Re: HALLS OF VALHALLA (Best Of Custom Units) - Display Threa

Dang. Those are seriously impressive. I loved the Talos fig.
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