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Old November 24th, 2021, 11:12 PM
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Re: 2021 C3V Playtest Tournament - Finals until 12/8

Originally Posted by dok View Post

I pulled off the win for, I believe, my third PT event win in four tries.

I opened with Altais while KoL opened with Kaemon. I declined the Byrikon-boosted initiative win so that I'd only get hit twice by Kaemon that turn. Kaemon got 4 wounds with the first quick release attacks, but Altais flew past him and killed 5 ants plus 2 wounds on Simon by bombing the queen. Kaemon remarkably failed to wound on OM3, and after taking a LEA wound Altais killed another 5 ants on OM3. I did win initiative, but Altais whiffed on her breath attack.

Kaemon ran and grabbed the defense treasure glyph but failed to damage Altais with a long range shot. The spearmen started to close in and Kaemon turned his attention there, but 5 defense with jungle bush held up pretty well, and the spearmen started grinding away with 3v6 attacks on Kaemon's perch.

Altais activated again to start round 3 and got another 5 ants, plus a wound on Marcu. This brought Altais's final tally to 15 ants, 2 wounds on Simon, and a wound on Marcu. Youch.

The rest of the game wasn't super eventful. Spears did spear things, Kaemon's 6 defense whiffed. Evasive was good against spears but not enough.

Thoughts on units:

Altais - it's funny. The Zelrig analogy is an obvious one, but it it's zelrig then KoL spends 2 OMs spreading out and he's fine. With Altais you're both less concerned (because the carnage is less guaranteed) but also less inclined to try to prevent it (because vortex breath is harder to dodge). This is probably her best haul of the entire tournament, but it's easy to see how this could have gone much worse even in this relatively favorable setup.

Queen - never got to use her frenzy powers. Evasive was nice but I still was just going to make her eat every braced spear roll.

Byrikon - never activated. The one time I could have used the init boost I didn't.
Definitely want to extend my sincere congratulations to Dok on his win!! He summed up our game very well. I took the risk on betting that kaemon could handle altias before she burned through all of my ants. Spoiler alert, he didnít. The key turn of the game was my turn three of the first round, where a double attack of 4 v 3 couldnít deal a wound. It was really great to see altias really deal damage, even if it was my army that was getting destroyed! I donít have anything to say about the units, Iíve given my two cents on all the units that I have played with or against. GG Dok, congratulations again!
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