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Gencon 2011 Championship Battle Report

... or, "sure, you can look at Tor-Kul-Na’s card".

The reverse the whip format is really a brilliant format on R˙chean’s part. It doesn’t work quite as well for shorter events, but the idea of making someone prove the worth of their army for 5 full games and THEN try to beat that army is a great self-correcting mechanism.

My plan was to try to dial in the weakest army that I thought I could make day 2 with. The way I figured it, it was easier to sneak in at 4-1 on day 1 playing weaker armies than your opponent than it is to sneak in at 4-0 on day 2 playing weaker armies than your opponent. Obviously, it was also going to help to play an army that you think you know how to play better than other people. The army I settled on (pretty much right away, and I never changed my mind) was:

220 Tor-Kul-Na
90 Marrden Nagrubs x3
80 Raelin RotV
100 Krav Maga Agents
10 Otonashi
500, 16 spaces

Taking that piece by piece:

Tor-Kul-Na and the grubs: First, he’s not as bad as people seem to think he is. Jexik has it right when he puts TKN&grubs at B+. But if you went by how often he gets played (particularly given that this is a figure that nearly everybody has) you would think he’s a B- or a C+. TKN has a great attack, he’s brutally tough if you can manage to heal and/or back him with Raelin, and he just wrecks medium to expensive squads on flat ground.

Another big factor that let to me choosing him is that he’s pretty tricky to play with and to play against. Trample denial is really important when playing against TKN, but it requires being able to project TKN moves, and if you’re not used to the mechanics of trample stomp, that can be tricky. People also have a tendency to gun at TKN when he has adjacent nagrubs, which is a bad idea unless you have a really high attack. It's not quite as big a mistake as shooting Q9 before killing Raelin, but it's the same sort of thing.

The TKN/grub combo has long been a favorite of mine. I considered playing some of my other favorite armies, like zombies and the firestorm, both of which are pretty tricky in their own right. I ruled out firestorm because it's too strong in some matchups while being relatively weak in others, and after you've invested a minimum of 400 in Kurrok and the FEs, there isn't room in the build to pick figures that smooth out the matchups. I ruled out zombies because I didn't think I could make day 2 with them without also playing Q9, and I didn't want to have to kill Q9 four times on day 2. Q9's gonna get lucky and refuse to die at least once.

I was pretty comfortable with the decision to build my army around TKN, but it ended up being a better decision than I had appreciated before the event. Most players are much less familiar with him than I realized. I think every one of my day 1 opponents asked to look at either TKN's card or the nagrub's card or both, and my day 2 opponents all struggled to varying degrees to use the combo effectively.

Raelin: Obviously, I don't have to justify Raelin in principle. In this army, she has her powerful KMA synergy, she has great value turning 2-defense grubs into viable screening figures, and TKN becomes absurdly hard to kill in her aura (he never died within Raelin's aura in 9 games). This army really needed Raelin to get to the level where it could consistently compete with the more squad-heavy builds. Of course, I could just play a stronger army that doesn't need Raelin to get to that level, but I didn't really like any TKN armies without Raelin for 500 points. Moreover, I like adding Raelin to the army, because it adds complexity to playing the army.

Krav Maga Agents: The Krav are in the army to deal with the worst situation for TKN+grubs: ranged figures (or any squad figures, really) on irregular terrain. With a few rare exceptions (Q9 being the obvious one) the Krav win just about every range versus range showdown – particularly when backed by Raelin. By having the Krav in the army, I gain the ability to dictate the location of the battle, and force my opponent to put figures within reach of TKN. I've filled this role in the TKN army with Phantom Knights in the past, but the points didn't work out right to do that here unless I went with only two squads of grubs and PKs, which I didn't want to do.

Otonashi: Setting aside that Isamu is one of my least favorite figures, I had reasons to not pick him. First, games often go to time on day 1, but essentially never on day 2. This means that if Isamu is in my army on day 1, I could lose on points before I get a chance to do anything with him, but he will always get his chance on day 2. I didn't want to lose due to an Isamu dance (and I actually think I would have lost to Isamu in one game on day 2 if I had included him) so that was reason enough to pick Otonashi. Also, with the Krav in my army, there's a temptation to try to put OMs on Otonashi early in the game, to take advantage of her tricky speed. This is nearly always a bad idea, as it slows your army development, but I thought there was a chance someone would do this on day 2 (nobody did). I also could have just played 10 points light, but if I had lost on time by 5 or 10 points I would have felt pretty stupid. At any rate, Otonashi is just as good as Isamu at the only role I used her for, which is to take the first hit from the wound glyph.

On to the games...

Opponent: Peterparkerh (Phantom Knights x5, Major Q10)
Map: Common Ground (Move +2, d20 on the island)

While I wasn't too afraid of Q10, five squads of phantom knights can take out my army almost singlehandedly if I don't get some good stomps in. However, Common Ground is a very stomp-friendly map with the notable exception of the two central hills. I figured that if I could take care of Q10's ranged attack, I could sit on level ground and take care of the rest with stomp.

I opened with the grubs, grabbing a treasure glyph with TKN on the way out. It turned out to be a belt of giant strength – the worst glyph in the pool, but at least I was going to make good use of it in this matchup. With 8 move, TKN quickly shot to the far side of the hills and went for the attack of 8 on Q10, yielding two wounds.

Things quickly turned against me, though, as my attacks of six on the next five order markers only yielded one more wound on Q10. I was having decent luck stomping PKs, but the turn-ending attacks on Q10 just weren't getting it done. Meanwhile, the PKs, which had been concentrating on TKN, got him all the way down to 1 life. If TKN died I could kiss this game goodbye, so I healed, stomped the nearby PKs, disengaged from Q10, and ran back to Raelin's aura.

Once inside Raelin's aura, the PKs had a much tougher time wounding TKN, and I managed to heal all the way back to 6 life. At that point, the PKs had been thinned out enough that I could safely return to finish off Q10.

Saying “this could have gone either way” barely does justice to it... I was one whiffed defense away from losing several times. I told a few folks after the round that my heart couldn't take 4 more rounds like that. Fortunately for me, I would only have three more rounds like that...

GAME 2 (1-0 vs. 1-0)
Opponent 1red2blue4 (Anubian Wolves x3, Deathreavers x2, Death Knights x2, Khosumet)
Map: Guardian

1red2blue4 had just finished defeating Matthias Maccabeus's 20 chainfighter army (yes, really) on time. This was actually the only army I faced all day (or played with the next day) that didn't have at least 12 of some common squad figure. I knew that unless he got a very hot d20 at exactly the right time, I should be in control of this match. Not only was the matchup favorable, but Guardian was probably the best map for my army, due to the turrets that make a great spot for Raelin+Krav and the large expanse of flat road for TKN to work with.

In the opening OM, I put Raelin on the turret right beside my startzone, pulled TKN+grubs out in front, and began working the krav up. 1red2blue4 put his first two OMs on the rats and clogged up the turret a bit, but with only 8 rats and an all-melee opponent, I wasn't too worried about scatter and just got to killing them.

In the second round, the Anubians came out to meet TKN. On their first engagement, 1red2blue4 dropped a natural 20, giving him 2 attacks of 9v8 on TKN, but he only got two wounds out of it. Still, that scared me enough that I took to posting grubs on all the high spots in the center, so that the rest of the wolves would get held up killing grubs and couldn't get lucky against TKN.

By round 3, I had the rats in my section of the map dead, and I was nicely podded up. The rest of the battle was fairly routine, as I shot with the Krav and stomped anything that got close.

GAME 3 (2-0 vs. 2-0)
Opponent: Arcus (Zelrig, Krav Maga Agents, Axegrinders x3)
Map: Burial Marsh (+d20)

Axegrinders are pretty scary for my army, and doubly so on Burial Marsh, which is one of the worst maps in the pool for my army. Not only does it lack a good spot for the Krav to snipe from while avoiding engagements, but it's very unfriendly to double spaced walkers in general and TKN in particular. The two high road spots are the only places on the map where it's easy to set up trample stomps.

I don't own or play against Zelrig very much, and my inexperience led to a significant error on my part. Rather than spread out my figures in all three start zone pods, I put them all in two pods (on the left side). Tom won initiative and dropped two big Z-bombs before I could engage Zelrig with TKN. Fortunately, OM3 was on the Axegrinders, and I was able to kill Zelrig before he did any more damage. When the dust had cleared, there were 5 dead grubs and 2 wounds on Raelin (and a dead Otonashi). This was very bad – it's hard enough setting up a screen on this map in general, but with only 4 grubs to work with it wasn't happening at all. I was basically going to have to fight from my quarter of the map and hope my dice held up.

As it turned out, they did. While my trample stomp rolls were horrific this game, and the remainder of the grubs fell fairly quickly to advancing dwarves, my Krav were rolling pretty hot. I was consistently able to take out one or two dwarves with each activation, and I never whiffed when Arcus shot my agents with his. When Arcus stepped up with his Krav and took out my Raelin, and I was able to kill the offending agent with one of my own at point blank range. I managed to kill the second Krav and the last of the Dwarves with TKN, but not before my agents were brought down as well.

At that point, it was just one agent against my full-health TKN. On this map, though, that can be a close game. Tom kept backing away and shooting, getting me all the way down to two life on TKN before I finally had him cornered. Fortunately, I rolled 5 skulls in my first shot, ending the game.

All in all, I got the better of the dice this game; if my Krav hadn't been able to take down most of the Axegrinders then I don't think I could have rebounded from the early Z-bombs.

GAME 4 (3-0 vs. 3-0)
Opponent: Scaper_Dude (Phantom Knights x4, Raelin, Fen Hydra)
Map: Guardian (Healer and +d20)

I had been talking to lonewolf and scaper_dude before the pairings were announced, and I said that even though I was one win away from day 2, I felt like I had done maybe a third of the work I needed to get there. This was borne out when I saw who I had to beat to qualify. This was a deeply frightening build for my army to face. The PKs are Kravkillers extrodinaire, and the Hydra can take out TKN with alarming speed. I did draw the best map for my army to play it out on, but things were still going to have to fall my way.

In the first round, I started building my Rae+Krav pod on the near turret, while Scaper Dude tried to clog it up with Phantom Knights. He did slow my progress somewhat, but I was able to get my figures mostly where I wanted them.

By the second round, I had packed Raelin and the Krav in with nagrubs, so there was only one spot where the PKs could get adjacent. Unfortunately, before I could fill that chink in my armor, Brandan dropped a PK in there and managed to take out an agent. At this point, the closest turret to mine had SD's Raelin and Fen Hydra, as well as most of his Phantom Knights.

There were a bunch of PKs sitting on level 2 ground near Brandan's turret in a spot where the Hydra wouldn't be able to get to, so I decided to take a chance and send TKN outside of Raelin's aura to stomp them. I killed a couple, but the PKs hit TKN for five wounds with 3x3v5 shots on the next OM. I spent the next two OMs furiously healing and stomping to try to wiggle my way free. I managed to withdrawl back towards the middle of the map, but I was one space short of being able to get back to Raelin's aura, and the PKs managed to finish the job. Without TKN on the scene, Scaper_Dude had little to fear from my army any more, so he advanced with full force and overwhelmed Raelin, the grubs, and the Krav without too much difficulty.

Thus ended my 12-game winning streak in the championship. I congratulated Brandan on qualifying for day 2 (for the third time!). He played a very strong game and extracted the maximum value from every mistake I made.

GAME 5 (3-1 vs. 3-1)
Opponent: Tiny Timmy (Marro Drones x6, Cyprien, Sonya)
Map: Common Ground (Healer, Initiative on the island)

TJ is a Matthias Maccabeus protege and a very strong player in his own right, with a top 8 finish last year and a 17th place result the year before, both with Heavy Grut armies. I thought his army had an edge on mine on paper, although I did draw one of the better maps in the pool for my army, at least when facing an all-melee opponent.

TJ opened with two straight 9-activation turns with the Drones, and had complete command of the central height. I knew that contesting that with TKN would be suicide, so I resolved to simply defend my end of the map. I set up a ring of nagrubs on the flat level 2 ground 4 spaces away from Raelin's position in the front of my startzone, and attempted to snipe at Drones with the Krav and stomp with TKN when possible. Timmy attempted to limit TKN's effectiveness by trying to get grubs in between TKN and the drones to limit stomps. This worked at times but TKN still got his share of stomping in. The drones did manage to punch through the screen on several occasions and get to Raelin and the Krav, resulting in one dead agent.

The real story, though, was that my 4D grubs managed to defend a ton of attacks from 3A drones. Because of this, I was able to win the war of attrition and force TJ to turn to Cyprien. Cyprien rushed in and tried to chill TKN to death, but only took two life off the Hivelord, while TKN and the grubs took four wounds in return. Cyprien ran away and killed one of his own drones to heal, but this just allowed TKN to burn the heal glyph himself. After an initiative switch, one of the remaining Krav agents (finally) took the central height and dropped Cyprien, at which point Timmy conceded.

I had gotten the better of the dice in this match (in particular, the defense dice of the nagrubs had been great) and TJ was not happy with missing day 2... or so he thought. He actually left the Heroscape area after our game, so he only found out later that he had squeaked in at 16th place on strength of schedule.

4-1, 9th place going into day 2.

I really don't think I could have played a much weaker army and had a reasonable chance of making day 2. Looking at the other armies that made it, I was pretty happy with where I was. The only army that I thought was weaker than mine, head-to-head, on paper, was Turkeyclubsamich's Raelin+Krav+Warforgedx4. So in order to win the championship, all I would probably have to do was win four straight games where I was a small favorite, all against really good players. No problem, right?

Opponent: Tiny Timmy (Marro Drones x6, Cyprien, Sonya)
Map: Crystal Watch (Initiative)

The pairings were done by R˙chean taking a stack of 16 index cards and tossing pairs of them on maps. As he got farther down the line without tossing mine out, I was more and more worried that I was going to get the rematch, and sure enough, it happened on the second to last map of the round. I had a feeling that Timmy would play my army much as I had the round before – playing it conservatively, setting up a defensive shell, and trying to snipe with Krav and stomp with TKN as I came towards him.

However, I wasn't planning on playing his army the way he did. Instead of leading out with the Drones, I started with Cyprien going on a treasure hunt. Despite one missed pickup roll, It was quite fruitful, as I got the defense and healing treasures. For his part, TKN collected the disengage treasure.

In round 3, having lost initiative, I sent Cyprien bombing into TJ's startzone. My goal was to kill the Krav, and possibly take a shot at Raelin if I had the chance. TKN got 3 wounds on me right away, but I burned the healing potion and kept going after whichever Krav I could get adjacent to. With an initiative switch helping me out, I managed to take down the third agent by the second OM of the fourth round. With the Krav-ectomy complete and a potential initiative switch back looming, I fled my (4 life) Cyprien back towards a high spot on my end of the map on the third OM of the fourth round, rather than suicide him and give up the defense treasure.

Now that I didn't have to worry about getting sniped as I advanced, I began a steady slow-roll of Drones in round 5. I split my forces up, advancing on the high ground on both sides of the map. In round 6, TJ committed TKN toward the higher side. I put a drone in a stompable spot to try to lure him a bit further in that direction. When he advanced to stomp that drone, I ran most of the rest of my drones away from that side, put a drone on the initiative glyph, and advanced towards Raelin and the grubs on the other side of the map. When the initiative switch hit in round 7, I mobbed Raelin and the grubs with drones. TKN was too far from the action to get back in time to help, so Timmy advanced him towards my startzone instead and killed Sonya.

By round 9, I had flown Cyprien in to finish off Raelin and the last grub and heal to full life again. It was just TKN against Cyprien and a bunch of Drones. I denied TKN any trample opportunities, and TKN didn't last long to repeated drone attacks.

Although this game was a grind and took a while to play out, I found it to be a really interesting game tactically. I enjoyed how I was able to take advantage of initiative switches by attacking when I was on the tail end of the turns and giving initiative back during lulls in the action. TJ took the loss relatively well. It's a sliding scale with Tiny Timmy. (I asked him at one point whether he hated me or he just had anger issues. His answer: “both”. The funny thing is that I really kinda like Timmy. It's hard for me to not appreciate someone with whom I share so much passion for the game.)

Opponent: Nicktheant (Stingersx5, Nilfheim, Isamu)
Map: Guardian (Initiative and Move)

For the third time on the weekend, I was facing Nick. (I was looking for the sweep, although his brother got me in Heat of Battle.) It was an interesting matchup. TKN is strong against Nilfheim and the Krav are strong against stingers, but stingers can pretty easily beat TKN and grubs if they get the chance.

Nick started the game with nearly all of his OMs on the Krav. I went all-stingers for the first 5 rounds. I advanced them up, trying to stay behind LoS blockers. The Krav posted themselves on the turret nearest their startzone, drawing support from Raelin in the startzone. I took the move glyph with a stinger, which let me shoot my stingers from behind cover to spots overlooking the startzone in one activation. By round 2, Raelin was dead, and I was engaging one Krav each turn while taking potshots at nagrubs with the others. The Krav kept blocking attacks of 3v4, though, and I kept losing a stinger a turn to return fire.

In round 3, Nick got tired of only killing one stinger a turn, and started moving the Krav around. I finally killed one with an engaged attack, but the other two just kept killing stingers. I wasn't allowing stealth dodge to come into play, but the freaking Krav just wouldn't die. I finally killed a second one at the end of round 4. In round 5, TKN took over, and Nick mistakenly put the OMs on TKN himself rather than the grubs. Still, despite not needing to worry about healing, I couldn't kill TKN. I was taking drain rolls when I had three shots at TKN, but I missed the first roll and backfired on the second. The stingers were pretty much spent at this point, and TKN still had most of his life left.

In round 6, Nilfheim got into the game at last, and managed to get some wounds on TKN. I danced around a bit but ended up engaged to TKN (albeit with height) at the end of the round. The grubs had finished the last stingers at this point, so it was Nilfheim and Isamu against a 2 life TKN, a lone krav, and several grubs and Otonashi. I lost the round 7 initiative, and TKN took Nilfheim down to one life with that opening turn attack before Nilfheim dropped him with an attack of 7. Nilfheim then flew across the map, blocked a 4v4 hit from the last agent to stay alive, and took him out.

At that point it was something like 5 nagrubs and Otonashi against Nilfheim and Isamu. I loaded up my OMs on Nilfheim and Ice Sharded away. It was white knuckle action, as I did have to block one elevated attack of 3v4 from a nagrub that had blocked the Ice Shard attack from the turn before, but Nilf was up to the task and I never had to go to Isamu. (Incidentally, this was the game that made me very happy I picked Otonashi and not Isamu. An opposing Isamu probably kills Nilfheim with dishonorable attack.)

Opponent: Scaper_Dude (Phantom Knights x4, Raelin, Fen Hydra)
Map: Crystal Watch (Wound)

It was a ridiculous final four – the other semifinal featured the two guys who have won more Gencon events than anyone else, in lonewolf and spider_poison. (They decided to dice off rather than play their semifinal – I guess those two really hate playing tron-on-tron games.) At this point, you have to say that Brandan is every bit the player his dad is, and they're in contention with the Schaubs for the best Heroscaping family in the land.

I definitely liked my end of the matchup here, and unlike when we played on day 1, the map wasn't going to allow scaper_dude to hide Raelin and the Krav where I couldn't reach them.

In round 1, we both moved Raelins up – me to a jungle-protected spot on the level 2 7-hexer, Brandan to the middle of the mirror 7-hexer on his side. I then started sending out the PKs to kill Raelin and the Krav. My first efforts led to no wounds, but I did claim the wound glyph.

In round 2, I managed to take out two of the Krav with PKs, and get another wannok wound (Oto and a nagrub were dead). By the end of round 3, I had put 3 wounds on Raelin, and both of us had brought most of our army forward to those 7-hexers. Scaper_Dude was getting his share of stomps on PKs which were attacking Raelin and Krav, but that was a trade I was willing to make.

In round 4, Brandan moved Raelin a second time, putting her on the higher hill where she could protect TKN as he moved towards my pod of Raelin, PKs, and the Hydra. I sent PKs up after her and got the kill, although those PKs were snuffed out by stomps and attacks from TKN. I also lost a head on my 8D hydra from a 2-attack nagrub. In rounds 5 and 6 I was using my PKs to take out the grubs and, finally, the last Krav (who had been a shield-slinger). At the start of round 7 it was TKN and a handful of grubs versus a couple PKs, Raelin, and a 3-headed Hydra. I finally moved the Hydra up, reached over, and took out TKN.

Brandan probably did a better job playing TKN+grubs than any of my other day 2 opponents. He is the only one that I allowed to get a lot of trample stomp opportunities, because he kept leading me into positions where my attack opportunities were on trample-vulnerable spots. However, the matchup just wasn't going to work for him. Knights of Weston are probably the worst matchup for my TKN army, but this army isn't much better.

Opponent: spider_poison (Gladiatrons x3, Blastarons x2, Raelin, Black Wyrmling x2)
Map: Trailblazer (Wound and Move)

After I won the semis, I said to Joe that he's a hard guy to get a game against. I had almost gotten to play him in the last round of HoB, but I had to get all the way to the finals of the main event to finally get a game against him.

Anyway, this was a pretty good marquee matchup, and we were on map #1 in the corner of the block, so there was plenty of room for a crowd. The morning events (4x400 and Dragon's Horde) finished up just as we got going, so we had a pretty large crowd watching us play right up until just a few minutes before the end, when R˙chean called everyone to sit down for General Wars.

Outside of some proxy and test games in my basement, I've never played with the 'trons. In fact, I've never even played against them, with the notable exception of my first ever game against a Heroscaper – a game against lonewolf when he visited Denver on business a few years back. However, did remember many pearls of wisdom I've read, like lonewolf's past comments about how Raelin-backed Krav are a problem, and you sometimes need to switch to Glads to take them out, and spider_poison's own comments about how the 'trons are often at their best against the large and huge figures that they can't lock down. For his part, Joe told me that he had literally never played a game with Tor-Kul-Na in his life.

Round 1 begain with some fairly benign spooling out of armies. I put Raelin on the highest non-lava perch and started to mobilize 'trons, while spider went and grabbed a defense treasure with TKN. He had TKN on his left (my right) near the move glyph, while his Raelin and Krav were on the other side, near the wound glyph.

In round 2, I played the Black Wyrmling gambit in the hopes of taking out the Krav. They missed their d20 rolls, though, and both were brought down by the Krav. Joe just kept feeding OMs to the Krav, and just continued to rip the trons into the next round. I was taking elevated shots at Raelin and trying to keep all the figures in Raelin's aura, but the attacks of 2 just weren't getting it done, while the agents were tearing apart my 'trons.

The key moment of the game was between the third and fourth round. At that point, I had lost four Blastarons and five Gladiatrons. I knew that if I just kept trying to do what I had been doing, I would be down below a full squad of Blastarons shortly, and I wouldn't have enough firepower to win the game. So I decided to go all-in on an initiative switch. I moved several glads outside of Raelin's aura onto low ground near the Krav, and put OM1 for the next round on the Glads. I won the key initiative roll, took height on the Krav, and managed to kill two of them with elevated melee attacks. The third engaged Krav couldn't attack any Blasts, and I was able to mob Raelin with Glads and take her out on the next order marker. I killed the final agent on a 3D whiff in the next turn, and Spider lost an order marker. The tables had turned pretty dramatically, and now I just had to defeat TKN and 4 grubs with 4 blasts, 6 glads, and Raelin.

The next round was mostly maneuver, as I pulled the glads back from the corner towards the center of the map, and TKN looked for a way to outflank and pick off some figures. Eventually Joe just had to take the plunge up the middle, taking out a gladiatron but leaving him pretty vulnerable. He failed to kill the other glad that was next to him, and on the next turn I engaged with all four other surviving Gladiatrons, and took height with the four surviving Blasts. This set me up for four attacks of 7v6 against Tor-Kul-Na. Inprobably, this only resulted in two wounds, and Joe was able to kill four Glads before I had another shot. I engaged with a Blast to set up three attacks of 4 and an attack of 2, and these much lower attacks managed to do the four wounds needed to take out the big Hivelord. My army was pretty spent at that point, but the blasts had enough in them to dispose of the remaining nagrubs and complete the win for me.

For winning the championship, I once again got a bunch of swag. I got a RotV just for making day 2, and a T-shirt for making the top 8. Top 3 all got skull hologram trophies and custom dice. For placing first, I also got a champion's plaque and both a lava and tundra set.

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Re: Gencon 2011 Championship Battle Report

wrong thread (posting my ToC report)

As long as this post is here, I'll note that the TKN/grub/Raelin/Krav army was what Mattsertruckrally played against CVN in his bonus game in 2007. The only difference was that he played Isamu instead of Otonashi.

I'd also note that killercactus's "Raelin with melee" post lays out the rationale for this army pretty well.

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Re: Gencon 2011 Championship Battle Report

Did you get a chance to play against CVN this year?

Originally Posted by Craig Van Ness View Post
I highly recommend C3V and C3G customs!
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Old September 2nd, 2011, 04:25 PM
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Re: Gencon 2011 Championship Battle Report

Originally Posted by quozl View Post
Did you get a chance to play against CVN this year?
Nope; denied again. He was only at the 'con for one day, Thursday, and he spent pretty much the whole time demo'ing Battleship Galaxies. I did get to talk to him for a while, though, and he did autograph my Raelin card.

Last edited by dok; September 2nd, 2011 at 04:25 PM. Reason: "Always take Raelin in a draft". Good advice.
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