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Old July 1st, 2022, 02:00 PM
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Thumbs up Wiker's GLORIOUS army card tier list!

Guess who’s back? Back again? Wiker’s back. With Arlinn. (M&M likely in tears somewhere around the world...)

Army card rankings – How useful are AotP’s figures?

Well, I’m here with Arlinn and all of the rest of the army cards in AotP. Welcome to my GLORIOUS army card tier list! If you haven’t seen my GLORIOUS spell tier list yet, go check it out! Since there are far fewer army cards compared to spell cards and IMO Planeswalker should arguably be graded a bit differently than of the rest of the creatures, I am going to use a scale of 1-5 (5 being most valuable) to rank the figures within their colors. I also list an Activation Frequency score which is how often I generally choose the army card to take a turn during my action 2 if the army card’s figures are on the battlefield, but I will sometimes add either a “descending” or a “ascending” tag to give you an idea of their general activation curve over a game. Often, squads will be tagged with descending due to their nature of reduced efficiency and reduced damage output when even 1 of them dies. Planeswalkers will generally be tagged with ascending because in most games you want them to be the last figure standing, and most Planeswalkers can have reasonably efficient turns, although rarely on the level of a fully healthy and enchanted squad. Despite whatever I may put for a Planeswalker’s activation frequency – understand that they are almost always much higher in activation frequency for the first 1-3 turns while they move and summon other creatures! My activation frequency rating is going to generally allude to how often I think they should be activated when the attack dice start rolling, but always with a caveat that a Planeswalker activation should be axiomatic when a nearly certain doom awaits them if you DON’T activate them.

Planeswalkers are always listed under the beginning of the color categories first, followed by the creatures. For entries in a given color which are consecutively listed AND they score the same, I placed ones that I believe are slightly more powerful above the entries below it. For example, Liliana Vess and Sorin each score a rank 4, but I think Liliana is slightly better than Sorin, so I put Liliana’s entry above Sorin’s. Just as with my spell tier list, the army card tier list is simply my personal opinion and based on my VAST experience with the game, and may or may not be the objective truth. Additionally, I’m mostly considering the same scope (as I did in my spell list) of general battles: 500-600 point armies on tournament-style Heroscape maps in a 1v1 (or rarely, a 2v2) battle, generally not considering wincons outside of either kill the enemy Planeswalker and/or kill the entire enemy army. A point worth reinforcing; I believe that most games, regardless of their actual wincon, are effectively won by killing the enemy Planeswalker due to how the Planeswalker is basically the “home base/command” unit. If the Planeswalker dies, the player may no longer draw in action 1, cannot play spells at all, and the player cannot summon figures from their reserve. This is very debilitating in nearly every situation, barring a really late game where players no longer have spells to play or creatures to summon. Ok, no more insistent ravings of a madman – onward with the tiers!

Spoiler Alert!


Spoiler Alert!


Spoiler Alert!


Spoiler Alert!


Spoiler Alert!


Spoiler Alert!

I welcome conversation and dissenting opinion! What do you think? Do I favor the Kessigs too much, do I rightfully hate low survivability figures? Thanks for reading my thoughts, as always!

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