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Old November 20th, 2007, 12:58 AM
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Epic Heroscape Campaign: Mission Hammerfall Part 1

Hi Heroscapers,

I put together a quick Heroscape campaign for my gaming buddies. To share the wealth, I've posted the scenario details here.

I've borrowed ch1can0's great road to combat map as the first map. I've also mixed in elements of "HeroSkirmish" rules that someone posted on this site or the old heroscape.net site. I can't remember the original poster. Thanks for these ideas. This campaign was also inspired by the great design post by Craig Van Ness.

Thank you ch1can0 for your great map.

Comments are welcome

I had road to combat up. Its not the best for 6 player but I don't have time to take it apart and rebuild.

The armies were built using my collection. Its a little wierd but it forces players to try out new units.

Epic Heroscape Campaign Winter 2007: Mission Hammerfall Part 1(Thanksgiving 2007)

Utgar's armies have grown too strong too quickly. His horde of Orcs and Marro threaten to conquer all the wellsprings and control Valhalla. In an effort to stem the tide of darkness sweeping the land, the other Valkyrie generals form an alliance to stand against Utgar.

Each general contributes a small squad to undertake a deep raid into Utgar's lands. Scouts have discovered a lightly defended bridge as the a possible entry point into Utgar's land.

Mission Hammerfall: Sigvatr's Bridge has begun!

Game Rules
This is a simple two part Heroscape Campaign that has been building in my mind over the past two years. I finally need to do it before there is never enough time to play the big epic game again.

Mission Hammerfall is simple two part campaign. The first battle is the Alliance's assault upon Sigvatr's bridge. The winners of that battle will lay siege to the loser's outpost in the second battle( Mission Hammerfall: Siege Christmas 2007).

There are minor campaign rules that link the two battles.

Death & Reinforcements: To keep with a campaign format, any Unique Troops that fall in battle are permanently removed from the game for the remainder of the Game. So it is important to protect those Uniques! Unique Heroes that have any wounds on them at the end of the game are restored to full health before the next battle. In the case of Unique Squads, all members of the squad must be killed to be removed from the Campaign or they may be used in the next game at full strength. Any Unique Troops that fall in battle are permanently removed from the game for the remainder of the Campaign.

Strategic Battlefield Points: On the first map, there are 3 strategic battlefield glyphs. These glyphs represent Strategic Battlefield Locations. At the end of each match any team who has a figure on a Strategic Glyph will receive 50 reinforcement points for each glyph to be used in the next battle.

Reinforcements: For the second battle, each team will receive an additional Legions to assault/defend the castle. Reinforcements points can be used to draft additional figures from their respective pools.

Scenario Rules

Each player will join 1 of 2 teams - Utgar or the Free Alliance.

The Free Alliance's goal is to control all 3 Strategic Battlefield glyph locations at the end of 8 rounds. Utgar's goal is to prevent the Free Alliance from taking control of the bridge via conquest of the 3 Strategic glyphs.

Road to Combat Map. The 3 strategic glyphs are the glyphs on the bridge and 2 hills. The other 2 glyphs are the enhancement glyphs( Attack+1/Defense+1)

Each team has preset Legions. Each player will control 1 Legion. The 4th Legion is the Reinforcement Legion.

Utgar team will start with 1 Legion in control of the Bridge.

The Free Alliance Reinforcement Legion can start to come into play on round 2. Roll a d20. If 12+, Legion is in play under player of choice.
The Utgar Reinforcement Legion can start to come into play on round 2. Roll a d20. If 15+, Legion is in play under player of choice.

Free Alliance Order of Battle:

Drake's Squad - 330
Airborne Elite
Sgt. Drake Alexander V2
Tarn Viking Warriors

Einar's Samurai - 345
Kozuke Samurai
Kaemon Awa
Tagawa Samurai Archers
Izumi Samurai

Elven Special Forces - 360
Carr's Assassins - 200
Agent Carr
Krav Maga Agents

Utgar's Horde Order of Battle:
Kee Mo Shi Strikers - 330
Marro Warriors
Marro Drudge

Su Bak Na Stingers- 310
Marro Stingers
Marro Stingers
Marrden Nagrubs
Grimnak's Raiders- 300
Blade Gruts
Blade Gruts

Soulborg Assault -300
Deathwalker 8000
Zettian Guards
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Old November 20th, 2007, 01:48 PM
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Sounds like a lot of fun. Could you take pictures and post a battle report when you're done?
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