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Old May 3rd, 2008, 10:14 PM
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Ulginesh - A preliminary discussion

Note: This thread was created to prevent hijacking another thread. I performed a search and could not find much.

I think uliginesh will bring more excitement to Ullar, specially if those elf wizards coming with him in wave 8 can do cool stuff, but also by himself. It is clear that his stats. are not final, but will likely be close to the picture.

1. Flying with movement of 7 is simply devastating, not even the dragons get that (it's almost unfair as height advantage is gained easily)
2. Range of 6
3. 3 defense and 5 lives are decent for a mid 100s hero that can fly and have range
4. Possibility of taking turns with up to two elf wizards in one turn (of course those elf wizards are likely to cost less so don't expect extra-extra-supernatural powers from them - it's obvious now why Sonlen is not a wizard - it simply would not be fair to take a turn with Sonlen and somebody else in the same turn as Sonlen is two in one already)

As such, Ulginesh will be sort of like a commander of elf armies, but who wants to play elf armies with 3 or 4 heroes and no risk diversification (depends also on what those other elves can do)? For these two reasons I expect the elf wizards coming in wave 8 to be valued at 100 or less on average. The first reason is none (or not many) of them can be worth more than Ulginesh (150) individually and they have to be priced affordably to allow room for a viable army. It is true that Ornak's Red Flag of Fury allows taking turn with two uniques that follow Utgar that are often worth more than Ornak's 100 but if and only if the first order marker is on Ornak and only in Ornak's first turn. Ulginesh's preliminary card does not have such a restriction although his aura is smaller than Ornak's. The second reason is that as implied by my comment above on Sonlen, taking turns with two heroes worth more than Ulginesh in each turn when applicable would be almost unfair.

Of course, this is total speculation, but more interesting to me than all the recent eternal polling going on.

I don't care about choosing my army based on strategy. I choose an army based on coolness and personal appeal... even if it means that my units will die trying. Hail to the glory of HeroScape and bravery.

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