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Old November 10th, 2020, 09:21 AM
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Re: Curry_Noodles's Customs Thread

Azunak (Orc #5/7 D&D Icons of the Realms Monster Pack: Village Raiders) Found on https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk72929.html)

NOTE: I don't have a formal card made as I wanted to make something more polished before making a card


Life: 4
Range: 1
Attack: 3
Defense: 3

Unique Hero
Medium 5




If an opponent's figure that is adjacent to Azunak attacks with a normal or special attack onto an Orc Common Squad figure also adjacent to Azunak, it must attack Azunak.

(Basically Combat Challenge from Tandros Kreel but only for Orc Squads)


When conceptualizing, I think the hardest thing outside of curving my ambitions was figuring out the name for this guy. Right away I knew this Orc looked to be the sort of guy that liked to get his hands dirty and loved a good fight so I knew he had to be one of those kinds of figures but how to go about balancing that compared to other orc heroes?

Tornak - Highest Stats, Orc Warrior Boosts
Ornak - Move 2 Heros, Blanks = Skulls Aura
Nerak - Orc Specific Raelin
Grimank - Squad figure killer, Orc Warrior Boosts

Looking at the list of figures above, it seemed really redundant not to mention role stealing from the other orc heroes if I just slapped on a similarly worded Orc Warrior Attack Aura or whatever. Additionally, each figure played a certain type of way and also supported their Orc Army in a unique way which allowed for different play styles. So for this figure, I decided to be supportive and work within the Orc Army but function in a very different thematic way - Orc Combat Challenge! Tandros Kreel is a very underrated and unique figure within the game and I especially love the Combat Challenge ability on his army card. While yes this is essentially Tandros's role, the friend that will willingly take on your bullies as they go to beat you up but Tadnros also is stronger, more durable, and has range which make him much better at this role than Azunak. Simply, Azunak will provide this similar role in an army where this kind of interaction takes place often and because it takes place so often it will require us to have to sacrifice any dreams of giving him an aura ability to boost his orc friends. But no matter and fear not! This mighty champion needs no aura to be at service to his orc comrades! Just charge into battle and challenge your opponent's mightiest heroes man to man!

In all the games played, he has been really durable (now this is not me saying he is a tank I remind you all his stats are 4 Life 3 Defense) and helped sustain the orc onslaught by protecting orcs at crucial choke points on the maps tested on (Broken Skyline, Above the Mire, Esenwein Manor)

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