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Old May 23rd, 2019, 01:26 AM
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Post Halo Mega Bloks Custom Figures and Cards


(IN POST) The "too long didn't read"; Basically, I'm making custom Halo Heroscape figures and want to show off and/or get some advice/ information/ opinions from my fellow Heroscapers. Keep reading for more details, or skip to the reply section...

So I have been quietly working on a little project for myself for a little while now. It's nothing big or impressive, but I figured I'd share my work and see what other people have to say. I am making custom figures for Heroscape using Halo Mega Bloks micro-figures, and custom cards for them using templates I have made myself. I love the Halo Universe, I have played all the games my whole life, and the story behind the characters and the unique attributes that individuals have in the game make for perfect candidates, IMO, to add to the game of Heroscape. I have made some very professional-looking, (Again IMO) templates for the cards which I thought look very clean and fitting for the game, and I am most of the way through adding the details of the figures' abilities and stats and integrating them into the game as it exists. I have much more work to do before I even consider play-testing what I've made, and I still have a few things I need to find solutions to, (which maybe you can help me with), but I am very excited about coming close to having something actually tangibly complete and useable by the end of this project.

I have the cardstock to print the cards already, and I was considering laminating them and possibly selling them along with the figures to my other Heroscape fans out there to use (obviously not until I get all the kinks worked out). Do you think that's a good idea? I know the figures are slightly oversized compared to Heroscape miniatures, but I think the figures can work, especially, if you know anything about the halo universe, considering the size of most of the alien creatures and even the main human characters (Spartan Supersoldiers) are supposed to be much taller than regular human beings. They still come in at a Medium 6 (Basically all of them), which is tall but not outrageous for heroscape standards. The preportions are a bit off as well *shrug* but overall I dont think my work is a complete waste of time. I dont have access to another cheap supply of Halo figures to use for this, so I'm kind of stuck with these since I already have a huge collection. Besides, the advantages of using Mega Bloks stuff is their modularity, customizeability, and durability. I have a ruleset planned out that will allow for the integration of a Weapons system into the game, so players using Halo Figures can give their Armies whatever equipment they prefer. I also have an idea for putting in vehicles (which I also have); small ones, that happen to fit into the Heroscape tiles, so as not to overcomplicate the movement system on top of everything else.

Other than that: some of the problems I have yet to solve- Pictures of the figures for their Army Cards: I am no photographer, but I am handy with computer design interfaces (slightly). I designed the cards myself, and, as much as it might not seem like it if you've seen what I've made, it took a long time and a lot of work. I think I can use photoshop to take pictures off the internet and use for the Army Cards, but I'm not really sure if there's a better way. (Ideas?) Also, I am making these for myself to play the game, but, like I said I am also considering selling what I've made for a small profit, and (hopefully) to add to enthusiasts collections with quality modules to add to their games and bring new life to it. So, in short, would you buy something like this? I know there is probably already a market out there for what I'm making, but how does the quality compare to what you've seen (If I manage to post any pictures)? Is it worth it? And do you think I should keep going with what I have (A lot of Mega Bloks figures to work with) or try to find some new sources of inspiration? Thanks for reading. Happy Heroscaping.

and on a side note... what do you think about rule modifications to the base game... I have some ideas. Is there a good forum for that topic?

P.S. I was considering posting pictures of my work, but I'm not too sure. Someone might steal the images and use them to print the cards themselves (Which I am fine with, but I dont want anyone selling them). Maybe I'm paranoid and naive, so lmk if you think I am being unreasonable and should post pictures so you guys can see what I've been making. Am I protected under any laws for my Intellectual Property without a patent or anything? ALSO how easy is it to post pictures on this forum, because the only way I see is to use a URL but my pics are not online soooo...? Am I dumb? I dont post to forums or, really use the internet as a social medium at all (I'm kind of a recluse..) so umm... HELP. Thanks again!

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Old October 17th, 2019, 01:44 PM
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Re: Halo Mega Bloks Custom Figures and Cards

Please send some pics of the halo customs. I want to get my cousin halo customs for heroscape for Christmas
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Old March 24th, 2021, 07:05 PM
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Re: Halo Mega Bloks Custom Figures and Cards

I'd love to see these. My brother has a lot of the Mega-Blox miniatures, and we've been thinking of making some customs.
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Old March 24th, 2021, 07:20 PM
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Re: Halo Mega Bloks Custom Figures and Cards

Kinda sounds like you had ideas for models, but I thought I'd let you know about a couple sources for minis if you need them. Don't know if you're in to 3d printing, but there are some incredible halo files here that you can download and print for free. I've printed a few of them myself and they look awesome.

You can also find a few old Halo Heroclix floating around on Ebay.

Good luck!

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