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Old October 14th, 2009, 03:02 AM
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Your REPUTATION and You (Pt.2)

Reputation is a measure of each member's general merit, esteem, trustworthyness, character, respect, and level of contribution to the site. Reputation is given to each HSers member by other HSers members. It is a 'community-mediated' system for helping to recognize and reward the members of our community that contribute the most to making it strong.

All new members start from the same 'baseline', so to speak, of 0 (zero) reputation. As members receive positive feedback, or rep boons, from other members, their Reputation will increase. As Reputation rises, the little 'order markers' in the member's titlebar will become brighter green or even yellow, or more cards will be added, making it easy to spot community members with high Rep. When Reputation reaches certain benchmark levels (see below), those members will be given new Reputation Titles, which display when the mouse is rolled over the reputation markers in the member's titlebar.

If warranted, members can also receive negative feedback, or rep docks, for unhelpful posts, harrassing comments, spam, troll-feeding, flaming, violating forum policy, etc., which will reduce that member's Reputation and remove markers accordingly. Members with a negative total reputation will display rep markers that are red instead of green. These members should take red markers as a friendly warning that they should improve their behavior before they end up being ignored, ...or even banned.

So how exactly does it work? Easy - see that little 'scale' icon near the top-right of each post? ( ) That's the Reputation button. When you see a post that deserves positive recognition (helping out a newbie, solid contribution to the site, clever, insightful, heartfelt, upstanding, etc.), just click that button. The default "I approve" button will be highlighted, and you can add a comment (if desired) and click "Add to Reputation" to give that member a rep boon and increase their Reputation. It's that easy.

If a post is worthy of negative feedback (spam, flaming, unwarranted rudeness, etc.), Administrators and Site Supporters can also click the Reputation button, then select "I disapprove" before clicking "Add to reputation" to REDUCE that member's Reputation with a rep dock. (Note that this 'negative' option is only available to Site Supporters and Administrators.)

The 'fine print' details of the system:
  • Members may decide to show or hide their Reputation by toggling the "Show My Reputation Level" checkbox in the "Edit Options" section of thier "User CP". If members decide to hide their reputation, it will still be tracked by the system, and others may still make rep hits to that member, but only a single black marker and "This User's reputation is disabled" will show in the titlebar of their posts. If a member's Reputation total is negative, it cannot be hidden.
  • Users may only hit (boon or dock) 5 other members in a 24-hour period. This means that rep hits should be used sparingly, and only when warranted. If you logon and rep boon the first 5 posts you view, then you won't be able boon something really stellar when you find it later. Each member has only five hits a day - use them wisely. (Administrators are exempt from this restriction.)
  • Users must hit 15 different members before they may hit the same member again. That means that if you hit 'InfinityMax' with a boon for a fine game review this week, you won't be able to boon or dock IMax again until you have hit (booned or docked) 14 other members first. This prevents small circles of members from abusing the system, and encourages us all to 'spread the love'. ^_^
  • Users must have a minimum of 30 posts AND 20 reputation before their hits 'count' toward other member's totals. If you have less than these minimums, you can still give rep hits, but they won't actually count toward member totals (they add or subtract "0" points). You have to make your presence known here and gain a little respect before you can start molding the reputation of others.
  • The default Reputation level for every member at registration is zero (0). Site Supporters are given a one-time double-boon of 20 points the first time they become Site Supporters. Everybody starts from ground zero, ...unless you're willing to help pay the bills a little. ^_~
  • The Reputation Display Titles are just another measure of recognition. They do not confer any additional privilages or rewards (at the moment). The Titles are as follows (subject to change):
    • < -200 = Hammertime!
    • -200 = costs too much!
    • -10 = *glass shatters*
    • 0 = is a puppet of Ne-Gok-Sa
    • 10 = Woo who?
    • 50 = is surprisingly tart
    • 200 = knows what's in an order marker
    • 600 = rolls all skulls baby!
    • 1200 = wears ripped pants of awesomeness
    • 2400 = is inducted into the Halls of Valhalla
    • 4000 = is a penguin with a machine gun
    • 6000 = is hot lava death!
    • 8000 = is a man of the cloth
    • (Admin) = is a wielder of the Ban Hammer
  • The number of 'order markers' displayed by each member is also an indicator of their current Rep total, on the following scale:
    • = -200 (or less) Rep
    • = -199 to -1 Rep
    • = 0 Rep
    • = 1 to 199 Rep
    • = 200 to 399 Rep
    • = 400 to 599 Rep
    • = 600 to 799 Rep
    • = 800 to 999 Rep
    • = 1000 to 1599 Rep
    • = 1600 to 2199 Rep
    • = 2200 to 2799 Rep
    • = 2800 to 3399 Rep
    • = 3400 to 3999 Rep
    • = 4000 to 4999 Rep
    • = 5000 to 5999 Rep
    • = 6000 to 6999 Rep
    • = 7000 to 7999 Rep
    • = 8000 (or more) Rep
  • The amount of points that each member adds (or subtracts) from another member's Reputation with each boon (or dock) varies, based on a number of factors. This is a reflection of each member's general 'standing' in the community, and is refered to as a member's Reputation Power. Each boon increases the recipient's Rep by an amount equal to the giver's Power. A dock decreases the recipient's Rep by half of the giver's Power. Reputation Power is a base of 1 as soon as a member reaches the minimum use restrictions of 30 posts and 20 Reputation Points total. This base is further modified by the following bonuses:
    • for every 6 months since their registration, users gain 1 additional Power
    • for every 1600 posts made, users gain 1 additional Power
    • for every 400 Reputation Points a user has, he or she gains 1 additional Power
    Thus, a "hypothetical" user who has been here for 10 months (6x1), with 1900 posts (1600x1) and 60 rep of his own (400x0) will have a power of 3 (1+1+1+0). This user will add 3 points (or subtract 1 point) from other members' reputations with each hit. A stronger community member who has been here for 23 months (6x3), with 7697 posts (1600x4) and 30 rep of his own (400x0) will have a Power of 8 (1+3+4+0). He will add 8 (or subtract 4) points from other members' reputations with each hit. Administrators always have a Power of 10, with none of the above bonuses or restrictions.
  • The easiest way to see your own reputation, ...OR see all the docks or boons one of your own posts has received, ...is to click the Rep Button ( ) on one of your own posts. ...Your current Reputation Total, and all of your boons and docks for that post will be conveniently displayed.
That's it - everything you ever wanted to know about how our "Reputation System" works. That's not all there is to it, however. There is also a "Code of Conduct" governing the proper use of the Rep system, which is found in the next post...

...Experience the Curse... (Click for Details)
[Don't Have 'Permission'? Click Here to Give Yourself Access...]

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