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Old March 19th, 2018, 06:03 PM
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Samaritan's Skirmishes

Marro VS Vipers

So over the years, every so often, I've tried Marro vs Vipers battles. I've never won as the Vipers, I've never, in person, seen a game where they beat the Marro. The lore has it that the Vipers and Marro are locked in a conflict over their planet (with the Primadons staying out of it), we got plenty of Marro over the years (I kind of think they may have been the "mascot" race for the developers), but I wish they had added a few more Vipers figures too. The poor Vipers seem so outclassed by their enemies.

So even though I've never won as the Vipers, it still always amuses me to try from time to time. So today, since my opponent was going to play an all Marro army, I decided to play an all Viper one.

We were playing on "Turret Rocks" from the Tournament Maps (including the Glyph of Astrid) and were originally going to play for 500 points, but changed it to 515 during drafting.

My opponent was originally going to play with an all squad army, but I suggested that he really might want at least one hero, just in case. So he drafted, Kee-Mo-Shi, Marro Stingers (x3), Marro Dividers (x3) and the Marro Warriors. 5 points shy, but he was confident with it.

I drafted the Venoc Warlord, the Venoc Vipers (x3), the Armoc Vipers (x2) as well as the Fen Hydra and a Sahuagin Raider. Not really Vipers I know, but we agreed they were "close enough" and figured I'd need them. However as it turned out, they were never used, never moved, never attacked, never were attacked. The most action they got to see was a X Order Marker thrown on the Fen Hydra a couple of times.

He won the first initiative and divided his moves to getting his Dividers to claim the glyph and his Stingers to claim the high ground. Maybe this is why he lost, trying to do both at once, instead of just focusing on one goal, but I doubt it.

I just moved my Venocs and went straight to capture the glyph, figuring I'd need the extra attack to deal with the Dividers, their Cell Divide would save many of them, so I didn't want to deal with their defense dice more then I had too. I forgot about the Warlord's Scout Leadership for my first move, but thanks to their speed, claimed the glyph on my second turn regardless.

Afterwards the battle boiled down to Venocs VS Dividers with me successfully rolling for Frenzy exactly once (and yes, I did remember the Warlord's Frenzy Enhancement each time). Even when I had height advantage, thanks to my Venocs' speed, I never got to roll for defense for any of them, he always rolled at least 2 Skulls in those fights. At the end, I had one Venoc left (in the mountain area) and he had all his Dividers, they divided back to full numbers no less in 5 times, may it was even more. I did managed to off a few Stingers though and deny him the high ground, but one of his Dividers claimed the glyph.

So next I went with the Venoc Warlord and a squad of Armocs, maybe most people would have gone with the Fen Hydra, I don't know; but like I said, I really wanted to play a Viper vs Marro game, the hydra was just there for when they inevitably lost. Initially he countered with Stingers and Warriors, but later switched to Dividers as I went after those primarily, in an bid to regain the glyph. I managed to kill of all his Warriors (he never attempted to Water Clone as he didn't want to give up an attack turn) and eventually eliminated all the Dividers around the glyph. In a lucky turn of the dice (for me), he never got Cell Divide for the rest of the game except once - when he was so surrounded by Vipers and terrain that while the Divider was saved, he was unable to place a new one down. Meanwhile, I had great defense dice and rarely lost a Armoc. Making up for all those poor Venoc, perhaps.

I then left an Armoc on the glyph and charged his start zone, taking out the odd Divider and, with a few lucky rolls, his Kee-Mo-Shi too. He only moved her once, primarily focusing on Squads so that he'd have more "attacks". Personally I think a few Toxic Skin rolls would have been more devastating, but it was his call.

After Kee-Mo-Shi fell, I reached his start zone and took on the remaining Squad of Stingers, the last of his Dividers having fallen with Kee-Mo-Shi after failing their Cell Divide rolls. As for this Stingers, well let's just say they justly have a low reputation for good reason and I killed all three of them without losing a Viper.

In the end I had a half dead Venoc Warlord, four Armoc Vipers and one Venoc Viper (and the Fen Hydra and Sahuagin Raider who never did anything the entire game). While strategy played its part, I think it was luck more anything else, I've never seen the Vipers so thoroughly trash another army. He didn't draft the Marro army I would have chosen (Su-Bak-Na is the only true Hivelord! lol), I still thought all the Vipers would die. For clarity, I was fine with him drafting the Marro Hive if he wanted it, but he didn't, like I said he almost went with an all squad army.

So that's the first time that I can remember I've ever beaten an all Marro Army with a Viper one.


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Old March 24th, 2018, 07:32 PM
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Re: Samaritan's Skirmishes

Go Vipers!

Thanks for the report, good Samaritan. Makes me want to dust off the Venocs. We once played a four-person capture the flag scenario . . . my son rolled 5 consecutive frenzies with the Venoc Vipers to capture all of the flags before the rest of us even got a turn. Game over. I can still hear my son giggling with delight.
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Old April 7th, 2018, 09:55 AM
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Re: Samaritan's Skirmishes

There seem to be more marro army cards, but with the vipers you got the Venoc Warlord, Venoc Vipers, Armoc Vipers, and Elite Onyx Vipers. This report shows that the vipers are outclassed by their marro counterpart. I not good at reporting, but I do know that the vipers need some love. When comes to the Frenzy special power the vipers make it look good, even though Aubrien Archers have Frenzy. All this time the vipers might need more army cards at of the marro and other species in the form of customs.
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