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Old September 23rd, 2018, 02:04 PM
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Re: Utah Monthlies 2018

Originally Posted by UtahScott View Post
Not attending on the 29th, it's a family birthday.

When would NHSD be in October, do you have a date yet?
We'll miss you, but family definitely comes first. October we're looking at the 27th -- we're thinking that's far enough away from Halloween that it shouldn't be a big deal. However, it's always good to know if that will affect attendance, so if you (or anyone) wouldn't be able to make that week but could the week before, let us know (sooner than later) and we'll see how big of a wave would be caused by a date shift.
Originally Posted by TREX View Post
Same reason I cant make this one. Its my kids birthday. However, Me, Biggabullfrog, True, Melodious, and 2 of my brothers had a mini tournament in Logan with this format today and it was a super good time. My one brothers firestorm with kurrock and 12 fire elementals won it. Super fun format. I sent 20 crystals with Bigga to use for the tourney next week I cant make and I want to donate 3 sets of 2 of them to your prize table. Get stoked for some fun. Thanks for hosting us Bigga. All had a good time.
It was a great time! For anyone interested, our mini-tournament listings were:

1st - Justin - Kurrok, Fire Elementals x12
2nd - TrueMurray - Havech Eradicators x6
3rd - John - Death Chasers x4, Me-Burq-Sa, Ogre Warhulk, Ogre Pulverizer, Isamu, Otonashi
4th - TREX - Major Q9, Blastatrons x2, Gladiatrons x3
5th - Lt. Col. Melodias Munches - Gorillitroopers x2, Laglor, Zaeus, Raelin
6th - BiggaBullfrog - Zombies of Morindan x7, Zombie Hulk x2

Don't worry about me underperforming here -- that was just my fun army for yesterday. I've got something even better prepared for Saturday!

Thanks for showing up with your brothers, TREX! And thanks for an awesome tourney format! I'm super excited for this Saturday and can't wait to see what other armies people bring. Are you going to go for a turn 1 win with lucky Airborne? Or play tower defense with Gorillitroopers like Munches did yesterday? I hope everyone is getting pumped!

Maps and Customs


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