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Old November 14th, 2012, 10:41 PM
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The Book of Quahon

The Book of Quahon

Tyr's Advance - Heroes of Braunglayde

The figure used for this unit is a Flying Turquoise Dragon figure from Bullyland.

Character Bio:
Icaria: a beautiful world filled with majestic creatures.

Dragons fly across the land, worshipped by the native Icarians. The dragons which call Icaria their home come in every color of the rainbow and more. Some are small enough to sit in a child's lap; some are so large that trees are felled as they pass. All are majestic; all are marvels of magic and nature. All are feared, worshipped, and admired. But no dragon is as regaled as the dragon of Pataqua.

Once upon a time, the people of Pataqua were without a dragon protector; for as long as the eldest of the elders could remember, it had been so. Those elders spoke of a legend from the time before: a prophecy that, when it was needed most, when Pataqua was besieged and helpless, the most beautiful sapphire dragon would sweep down from the heavens and bring an era of peace and harmony. Enemies would be dispersed, fields would be fertile, rain would be plentiful. The cruel dragons of the outlands would not dare threaten a Pataquan under the protection of the blue goddess.

It was night, during a violent thunderstorm, when the cult of the Nhah Scrih attacked Pataqua. Enemy warriors draped in white swarmed inside, chanting a terrifying mantra. Lightning struck, illuminating the cruel faces of the invaders. Just as all seemed lost, and the natives of Pataqua were about to be slain, lightning crashed again.

The Nhah Scirh were struck down one by one by a blinding fury from the heavens. As the final interloper crumbled to ash, the Pataquans saw a silhouette framed against the black sky.

The silhouette floated to the ground, and the Pataquans immediately fell to their knees and began to pray. A mighty blue dragon stood before them.

Pataqua's dragon had saved them. Quahon had arrived.

Originally Posted by MegaSilver
Range 4+ Special. Attack 4.
Choose a figure to attack. You may also chose a second figure within 3 clear sight spaces of the targeted figure and a third figure within 2 clear sight spaces of the second figure to be affected by Lightning Breath Special Attack. Roll attack dice once for all figures. Each figure rolls defense dice seperately. Lightning Breath Special Attack does not affect destructable objects.

When counting spaces for Quahon's movement, ignore elevations. Quahon may fly over water without stopping, pass over figures without becoming engaged, and fly over obstacles such as ruins. If Quahon is engaged when she starts to fly, she will take any leaving engagement attacks.
-Rulings and Clarifications-
- N/A
-Combinations and Synergies-
Synergy Benefits Received

-FYORLAG SPIDERS: Predator Bonding
As a Predator, Quahon may benefit from the Fyorlag Spider's PREDATOR BONDING activiation bonus.

As a Unique Huge Dragon Hero, Quahon may benefit from the Greenscale Warrior's LIZARD KING BONDING activiation bonus.
Synergy Benefits Offered

-Strategy, Tactics and Tips-

Originally Posted by dok View Post
A note on mounting this figure on a base:

The figure is very well-balanced (she can stand on two feet without tipping over) and can be placed anywhere on the peanut. The key is to place her so that the tail rides mostly between her space and the space behind her on her right.

If you simply center her feet on each side of the peanut, then her tail creates serious denial issues. However, if you shift her so that she is on the front edge of the peanut, and rotate her a bit counterclockwise (looking from the top down) so that her left foot is closer to the end of the peanut than her right foot, the tail is between the spaces, and small/medium figures can fit all around her.

Some large/huge figures will still have trouble fitting next to her at certain angles, but that's true of plenty of the big dragons.
-Rebasing tip: Quahon can be tricky to move around the board due to her long tail and wide wingspan. At times she can be harder to place than Nilfheim. Before gluing her to the large peanut base, try several test positions, where you watch where her tail ends up extending out from the base, and where her wings could potentially collide with obstacles (such as trees and castle pieces) during placement. (MegaSilver)

-Don't be afraid to hit your own figures to keep the Special Attack chain going. Sometimes it's worth it to hit your own Spider or Greenscale to make that strike on Raelin. (MegaSilver)

-Got one opponent's figure within range? If the situation presents itself, and Quahon may be out of your opponent's threat range, consider letting Big Blue go in for a big crunch instead. (MegaSilver)
-Heroscapers Community Contributions-

Power Ranking
Nilfheim's toughness and maneuverability still makes him the stronger choice overall, but it's close. When you are rolling hot for LBSA, big Blue is tough to beat. A

Unit Strategy Review

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