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Old May 8th, 2018, 02:10 AM
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Orc's Power Rankings

For a better understanding of these Power Rankings, please read my State of the Meta Address companion piece that largely deals with the shifts in the Meta.

For terminology that I use in the descriptions, please read my Terminology Guide.

These Power Rankings are meant to be a modern look at the Competitive HeroScape scene and the value each unit has within an army in a variety of formats.

Thanks to spider-poison and Jexik for creating and maintaining the older rankings, and dok for creating the VC-inclusive rankings.

Unlike those, this list will only include Classic HeroScape: no customs of any kind and no Marvel.

What to expect in the future: brief blurbs to describe the changes as well as a collaborative set of ratings put out by the Knights of Matthias.

Thanks as well to DragonRuler for helping refine these ratings.

Units in Red were moved down from their place in the official rankings, and vice-versa for units in Green. In parenthesis is the “old” rank; the rank they were in the official rankings.

Raelin the Kyrie Warrior-ROTV (80, A+)


Deathreavers (40*)
Hatamoto Taro (130, F)

Major Q9 (180)
Marro Warriors (50, A)


4th Mass. Line (70*)
10th Regiment of Foot (75*, A-)

Blastatrons (60*)

Fen Hydra (120+)

Gladiatrons (80*)

Grimnak (120)

Heavy Gruts (70*)
Isamu (10)

Knights of Weston (70*)

Krav Maga Agents (100)

Marcu Esenwein (20, A-)
Marro Stingers (60*)
Me-Burq-Sa (50, A-)
Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider (50, A-)

Nilfheim (185, A-)

Sir Gilbert (105)


Agent Skahen (120)

Airborne Elite (110)

Alastair MacDirk (110)

The Axegrinders of Burning Forge (70*)
Blade Gruts (40*, B)
Braxas (210)
Cyprien Esenwein (150)

Darrak Ambershard (60)

Death Chasers of Thesk (55*)
Eltahale (140, B+)

Greenscale Warriors (60*)
Kaemon Awa (120)
Major Q10 (150)

Marcus Decimus Gallus (100)
Mezzodemon Warmongers (65*, B+)

Mogrimm Forgehammer (120)
Phantom Knights (70*)
Roman Legionnaires (50*, B+)

Zelrig (185)

Arkmer (50, B)

Arrow Gruts (40*, B)
Ashigaru Harquebus (60*, B-)

Atlaga (90, A-)

Black Wyrmling (30*)

Brave Arrow (50)

Charos (210)
Concan the Kyrie Warrior (80, B)
Eldgrim the Viking Champion (30, A-)

Finn the Viking Champion (80)
Fire Elemental (35*, A-)
Frost Giant of Morh (140+, C+)

Goblin Cutters (50*)

Heirloom (90)

Horned Skull Brutes (75*)

Krug (120)

Kurrok the Elementalist (120)
MacDirk Warriors (80*, C+)
Marrden Hounds (90*, B)

Marrden Nagrubs (30*)
Marro Dividers (50*, A-)

Migol Ironwill (110)
Minions of Utgar (110*, A-)

Mohican River Tribe (70*)
Moltenclaw (170)
Ne-Gok-Sa (90)
Ogre Pulverizer (100+)
Raelin the Kyrie Warrior-SOTM (120, B)

Red Wyrmling (30*)

Sacred Band (50*)

Samuel Brown (60)
Sentinels of Jandar (110*, A-)
Sgt. Drake Alexander-SOTM (170, A-)
Sonya Esenwein (45, A-)

Swog Rider (25*, B)
Tarn Viking Warriors (50, C+)

Theracus (40)

Torin (120)

Tor-Kul-Na (220)

Venoc Vipers (40*)

Venoc Warlord (120)

Water Elemental (30*)

Zetacron (60)

Zombies of Morindan (60*)


Ana Karithon (100)

Aubrien Archers (70*)

Brunak (110)
Capuan Gladiators (70*, B+)
Crixus (90, B+)
Drow Chainfighter (25*, B-)
Emirroon (80, B-)

Fyorlag Spiders (40*, C+)

Guilty McCreech (30)

Ice Troll Berserker (85+)

Iron Golem (100+)

Izumi Samurai (60)
Jorhdawn (100, B-)
Kozuke Samurai (100, B-)
Kyntela Gwyn (20, B-)

Laglor (110, A)

Marro Drones (50*)

Marro Hive (160)

Microcorp Agents (100*)
Nakita Agents (120)

Ogre Warhulk (150+)

Omnicron Repulsors (40*)

Omnicron Snipers (100*)
Ornak (100, B-)
Othkurik the Black Dragon (140, B+)
Otonashi (10, C+)
Parmenio (90, C)

Protectors of Ullar (110*)
Sgt. Drake Alexander-ROTV (110, B+)
Sir Denrick (100, B-)
Sir Hawthorne (90, B+)
Sonlen (160, B-)
Spartacus (200, B+)

Syvarris (100)

Tagawa Samurai (120)

Tandros Kreel (120)
Thorgrim the Viking Champion (80, B-)
Tornak (100, C+)

Ulginesh (150)
Valguard (110, C+)
Warforged Soldiers (80*, B+)
Warriors of Ashra (50*)

White Wyrmling (30*)
Wyvern (100+, B-)


Air Elemental (30*)

Anubian Wolves (75*)

Armoc Vipers (65*)

Blue Wyrmling (35*)

Chardris (90, C+)

Death Knights of Valkrill (60*)

Deepwyrm Drow (70*)

Earth Elemental (35*)

Estivara (80)

Feral Troll (90+)

Granite Guardians (100*)
James Murphy (75, B)

Johnny "Shotgun" Sullivan (65)

Kato Katsuro (200)

Kelda the Kyrie Warrior (80)

Mimring (150)

Morsbane (100, C+)

Quasatch Hunters (100*)

Retiarius (90)

Rhogar Dragonspine (110)
Shurrak (160, B)
Siege (120, B)

Su-Bak-Na (160)

Taelord the Kyrie Warrior (180)

Tagawa Samurai Archers (65*)

Werewolf Lord (140+)
Wolves of Badru (80*, C+)

Wo-Sa-Ga (135)

Zettian Guards (70)


Agent Carr (100)

Ashigaru Yari (40*)

Brandis Skyhunter (90)

Deathstalkers (100*)
Dumutef Guard (25*)

Erevan Sunshadow (80)

Evar Scarcarver (110)

Greater Ice Elemental (130+)

Gurei-Oni (100)

Kumiko (80)

Master of the Hunt (140+)

Master Win Chiu Woo (140)

Mika Connour (110)
Mind Flayer Mastermind (100+, C)
Ninjas of the Northern Wind (110)

Sharwin Wildborn (110)

Sir Dupuis (150)

Sujoah (185)

Tul-Bak-Ra (130)


Elite Onyx Vipers (100)

Gorillinators (90*)

Iskra Esenwein (50)

Jotun (225)

Kee-Mo-Shi (130)
Khosumet (75)

Pelloth (100)

Rechets of Bogdan (50)

Saylind the Kyrie Warrior (80)

Shaolin Monks (80*)

Sudema (140)
Templar Cavalry (120*, C-)

Warden 816 (90, C-)


Acolarh (110)

Dzu-Teh (75*)

Deathwalker 8000 (130)

Deathwalker 9000 (140)

DŁnd (110)

The Einar Imperium (140*)

Empress Kiova (90)

Grok Riders (130*)

Runa (120)

Sahuagin Raider (25*)

Shades of Bleakewoode (100*)
Sudema (140, C)


Deadeye Dan (60)

Major X17 (100)

Marro Drudge (50*)

Moriko (110)

Obsidian Guards (100*)
Roman Archers (55*, C-)

Shiori (60)


Deathwalker 7000 (100)

Unit Descriptions:
10th Regiment of Foot: Almost as good as 4th Mass when you add Raelin. Marcus synergy is a nice way to consistently (yet predictably) get 4x4s. Vulnerable to range if they don't have Raelin... which they will. A
4th Massachusetts Line: The gold standard for a ranged squad, 4th Mass excel at throwing 4 attacks of 3 into targets at 6 range. A
Acolarh: Almost more useful for the additional two move he grants than for his statistically poor chance of saving an Elf at 22.48% of the time. Really doesn't have a whole lot going for him. C-
Agent Carr: Nice for his ability to create action and draw the opponent in to set up his 6-die melee attack. Not the tankiest figure so he should be used opportunistically. If you jam him in the middle, he's going to die. Kite from range and poke the edges of your opponent's army. C+
Agent Skahen: Actually better against melee than against range. Very solid ranged hero: 2x3s at 7 range is solid, and 6 move with 7 range is stupid good for kiting. Otonashi with her Cover Fire is hilariously good for the 10 points. Unfortunately, Skahen suffers from whiffs more than even Krav, as a single whiff can easily spell 2 wounds or death. A-
Airborne Elite: 4x4 at 8 after a first round Drop is crazy ridiculous. Avoid using grenades other than in a very specific few circumstances as they are a trap. Inconsistent in that they can fail to drop or just not drop when you need them to, and 2 defense is bad. A-
Air Elemental: A decent figure who is often stronger on paper than in gameplay. The problem is that he does not really help the two armies that synergies with him: Death Knights and Elementals. Death Knights already are fine vs melee, they don't want to invest points into figures that aren't helping their atrocious range matchups. Elementals outside Fire Elementals aren't really viable, and while splashing one of these in alongside Water and Earth Elementals is... ok, it's not good. B-
Alastair MacDirk: The best bruiser in the game, 2x5 in one Order Marker is fantastic. Even one squad of Knights of Weston alongside him creates great board control, staying power, and offensive potential. Works well solo or with MacDirks or Knights. Can fall fast if he's alone, but you should have Knights or Raelin with him in just about any situation anyways. A-
Ana Karithon: One of my favorite figures in the game. I spent years trying to perfect a hero podge with Tandros Kreel and Ana. Off-turn healing is fantastic, and her anti-Utgar aura is useful in a surprising percentage of games. Unfortunately, she's just a tad to pricey for what she brings to the table. At 80 points, I'd be totally in. B
Anubian Wolves: The Anubians are cool. 6 move, 4 defense is great. The problem obviously lies in their special ability. It's very swingy, but a smart player will make sure to set up each turn as if they'll hit a nice roll the next turn. Unfortunately, the same can be said for the opponent; they can make sure that even if you hit that great roll, you can't decimate their army (generally through protecting their key figures and setting up tethers). B-

Feedback welcomed! Happy ‘Scaping!

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