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Old September 4th, 2008, 06:34 PM
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Need help with name and specials

Well Here are the figures that I want you guys to take a look at. I Went through my closet and found these from years ago... I have no clue what they are

I was thinking maybe an undead hero...
This ones name is Summoned Skull I think

I was thinking an electrical attack, and an undead enhancement plus flying
worth 150

Beast of some sort maybe

Frenzy would probably fit this one and mind shackle!
worth 90

This is the Gate Guardian I believe..

I think a blast like mimrings fire line would be good,
and maybe a guard enhancement ( ZG,DW)
worth 200

Dont have a name for this one

He would probably get bite and double attack
worth 100

This one will be a kyrie

I was thinking of some sort of energy blast and an attack aura and flying
worth 90

Hercules Beetle

He should get + 2 defence against normal attacks and
+ one against specials, and a iron grip special.
worth 90

Evil Rabbit of Death
Chain gun special (something like Q10)
worth 110

One man Army

bullet attack and a missle attack, plus flying
worth 150

Another evil Rabbit of death

360 degrees of fire special and a machine gun special
worth 120

Star Dude

This guys awesome!!!

4 attacks maybe and flying
worth 200

Please give me info, suggestions,specials,names and more Oh and when I get the cards done I'll show you guys the effects of the specials I made up. Thank you for your time

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Old September 18th, 2008, 02:17 PM
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Re: Need help with name and specials

The Summoned Skull and Gate Guardian are Yu-Gi-Oh minis, and most if not all of the rest are from Digimon. All interesting figures for HS, if a bit cartoony, and the powers and abilities sound good. I can't help with point costs since I'm new to the game myself, but would love to see some cards for these...

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