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Old April 18th, 2007, 08:35 PM
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HS lot for sale

Hello all,

I am selling all my HeroScape - I just don't play enough to warrant continuing. My buddy in Indianapolis can't fund this. I'm posting here and on the trade/sell thread. PM me, if interested.

Anyway, here's the list of pieces. I will not split the lot up because I want to be done with this in one fell swoop. If no one wants it for what I'm asking (all the way at the end of this post), I'll likely try eBay.

Basically, it includes one Master set, one Elite Onyx Viper master set, one Sir Hawthorne, one of each flag-bearer, and one of every expansion set through Expansion 5 with some multiples such as two Nerak (with one home-printed battle card between the two of them), an extra Elite Onyx Viper squad, three Road sets, and two castles.



Master Set
Master Set with Elite Onyx Viper squad
Elite Onyx Viper squad
Malliddon's Prophecy (Wave 1) Grut Orcs
Malliddon's Prophecy (Wave 1) Snipers & Vipers
Malliddon's Prophecy (Wave 1) The IX Roman Legion
Malliddon's Prophecy (Wave 1) Heroes of Bleakwood

Utgar's Rage (Wave 2) Minutemen & Wolves
Utgar's Rage (Wave 2) Knights & the Swog Rider
Utgar's Rage (Wave 2) Drones & Minions
Utgar's Rage (Wave 2) Heroes of Barrenspur

Jandar's Oath (Wave 3) Kilts & Commandos
Jandar's Oath (Wave 3) Gorillas & Hounds
Jandar's Oath (Wave 3) Monks & Sentinels
Jandar's Oath (Wave 3) Heroes of Nostralund

Zanafor's Discovery (Wave 4) Greeks and Vipers
Zanafor's Discovery (Wave 4) Soulborg and Elves
Zanafor's Discovery (Wave 4) Lawmen and Samurai
Zanafor's Discovery (Wave 4) Heroes of Trollsford

Thora's Vengeance (Wave 5) Ninjas & Samurai
Thora's Vengeance (Wave 5) Soulborgs
Thora's Vengeance (Wave 5) Warriors and Soulborgs
Thora's Vengeance (Wave 5) Gladiators & Agents

Orm's Return (The Heroes of Laur) (Wave 2.5) Road to the Forgotten Forest (x3)
Orm's Return (The Heroes of Laur) (Wave 2.5) Heroes of Laur

Raknar's Vision (Wave 4.5) Braxas, Nilfheim, Jotun, Major Q9, and Theracus

Crest of the Valkyrie (Flagbearer series) (Wave 5.5) Einar - Hatamoto Taro
Crest of the Valkyrie (Flagbearer series) (Wave 5.5) Jandar - Sir Gilbert
Crest of the Valkyrie (Flagbearer series) (Wave 5.5) Vydar Laglor
Crest of the Valkyrie (Flagbearer series) (Wave 5.5) Utgar Ornak
Crest of the Valkyrie (Flagbearer series) (Wave 5.5) Ullar - Acolarh

Volcarren Wasteland (Lava) (Wave 2.5) lava field tiles, and 3 Obsidian Guards

Thaelenk Tundra (Snow/Glacier) (Wave 4.5) Ice, snow, and glacier tiles, and Dzu-Teh squad

Fortress of the Archkyrie (Castles) (x2)

Nerak's Return (GenCon 2005) Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider (x2) (Includes ONE hand-made battle card which looks and feels like the original battle card)

Sir Hawthorne's Arrival (GenCon 2006) Sir Hawthorne

I'm asking $600.00, firm. You pay shipping and insurance, if you want it insured. I'll make arrangements for payment using PayPal only.
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